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Page 7 of 365 … Turning Points / First Things First


It is another bitter night out there tonight. People who don’t know what real cold is, are being fired in the furnace of


We are sitting at (-15c/-26c w.c.). It is also quite blustery out there, which makes the cold even worse. Everything is iced over, but there is grit in certain places but not over most. All my friends (all points South) are feeling the cold, with ice, no power, frozen/bursting pipes and things aren’t getting better.

We can’t change the weather. It is Winter in Canada. We should expect this. I am getting tired of listening to people caterwauling over the cold.

Oh it’s cold, Oh there’s ice, Oh there is snow all over the place.

Alright Already !!!

Today’s theme is Turning Points, as in, “we stood at the turning point, we asked His protection and care with complete abandon …”

Today’s reading came from Living Sober and First Things First.

People are pissing and moaning about attendance. Oh, let’s put candles out, and let’s change the lamp and turn the overhead lights off. Yeah, that is going to attract folks to come to “THE LOCATION.”

Since we moved, if you can’t get here, you don’t come here. Not that it is so damned difficult to find the place, we are on a major train line and one bus line so getting here should not be a problem. People have made their winter choices as to where they are going right now, and we just have to deal with that for now. No amount of pretty will get people in the door.

UGH !!! God give me strength…

Slippers, and newbies, and old timers, Oh My !!!

A young man came in, he was distraught. Another friend o.d.’d and died in recent days, and it seems like all his friends are o.d.’ing or are dead. yet he is still alive, and we celebrated his 1 year tonight. The chair had a token for him and he was grateful to mark the occasion and so were we.

It is very sad. We are loosing young people to addiction and alcoholism.

How do you follow that story? Compassion.

It was a good thing that in the beginning I was surrounded by the slogans. At Five o’clock shadows we spoke about them often. I heard them, I saw them and I listened to them being spoken about.

Whatever tool it took to stay sober, I used it. First things First was one of those slogans I learned right away. I had aftercare therapy for a year, I had meetings two and three a day in the first year. They said find a home group, I did. I joined that group and rooted.

I kept a specific schedule and I maintained that schedule all these years later. Build your life around your meetings, not your meetings around your life. If you don’t have sobriety, you can’t have anything else.

I did what I was told. I was led around by sober friends and sponsors. I became part of very early on. I was never alone on any given day.

Now, today, there is a rhyme and reason to life. There is a divine order that I follow. Over the years, one learns about all these things and hopefully over time, you can work them into your life practice and in turn these practices make your life fuller.

Those things are meetings, service, prayer, meditation, steps, books…

I have plenty of literature to read. Plenty of meetings to go to. I do tons of service in any given week. I pray every day, and I take time to meditate, and spend time listening for that still small voice.

My day has a rhythm. And I’ve learned how to manage it.

Things like “Please” and “Thank You.” “gratitude in action”

The Sacred Three … A roof over your head, food in the fridge and a warm bed to sleep in… That’s all that matters, very simply. If you have these things, you are far better off than some.

Some days suffering slaps you in the face, and all you can do is be silent. Because that is when no words are necessary until they are necessary.

Sometimes just sitting with someone and acknowledging their presence is all that matters. Sometimes shit happens. And then we get to ask why?

Then we get to But for the Grace of God, that could be us …

Pray for our young person. He is hurting but he came and for an hour, he was not alone. And that was a good thing.

Yeah, it’s cold. Get over it. I’ve heard enough. Weather is a fact of life, that we cannot control, therefore, all the complaining in the world is not gonna make it warm, right now.

Everybody is suffering this cold. All we can do is make the best of it.

One day at a time.

More to come, stay tuned …


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