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Page 8 of 365 … Do Something Bold

rickshaw run 2013

Let me introduce you to The Rick Shaw Run team.

Finn and Jack Harries, Louis, Harry, Ben, Will and Max pictured here at the Taj Mahal in India.

If you are not familiar with Jack’s Gap, it is a You Tube Channel run by two very ambitious you tubers Finn and Jack Harries.

They have been all over the world, they have sorted through a number of bucket list items, that most of us will never get to do unless we get off our sofas and get out there and do something bold.

Last fall, this team got together with other teams and ventured to India for a cross country drive from one side of India to the other. Last night part three was aired on You Tube which is where I screen capped this photo to show you.

At the time of the third episode they had raised over $100,000 GBP for the Children’s Cancer Trust in the U.K. We shall see just how high that number goes as the rest of the series airs on a weekly basis on You Tube.

What are you going to to this year that is Bold and out of your comfort zone? Do you have anything in mind?

Today is day 8 of 365 get out there and do it, I know you can.

More to come, stay tuned …


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