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Page 11 of 365 … The Snarfle Edition

tumblr_mkqylgl0zC1rsam5qo1_500 iheefz

Courtesy: Iheefz (Chicago Photography)

I am snarfling, sniffling, sneezing and feeling all kinds of woozy !

All they have been talking about on the news is flu. And I don’t recall being near anyone who was sniffling. I went to bed last night medicated and I slept most of today away.

It is miserable and raining today. The iced over snow is melting, but I’d rather it snow than rain. But we are on a warming trend here after days and days of bitter cold. I heard something mentioned on tv that Spring was only some 70 days away ???

I kind of like this sleeve, I wish I could see more of it, it looks very whimsical and fun. Not that I am in the market for a sleeve, just yet, I would have to really sit down and draw one up. Then find the money to fund it.

Today’s topic is The 100% Step …

We are amid the month of January and we are still focusing on Step one this month. We revisit this step every day of our lives, it is the only step that we must do 100%. That admission is total and honest.

I skipped the meeting last night, because I wasn’t feeling up to traveling and doing set up, It was just not moving me. So instead I napped during the evening.

Hopefully we will be back to writing something more substantial tomorrow.

More to come, stay tuned …


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