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Pages 20-21 of 365 … Tuesday Thoughts

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A dome of frigid cold has descended upon our fair city, but as long as you stay out of the wind, and your outside travel is short, it isn’t so bad. We are sitting at (-22c/-25 w.c.) at this hour.

Snow may appear over the weekend as it stands right now, but it is snowing points South of here. We are safely above the Jet Stream and it is just cold.

Today’s themes : Serving my Brother … Choice … and the Solution …

I was traveling alone tonight, in both directions, so I got to take the train out and back, which was fine with me. I rather enjoy the transit because I get to listen to some tunes.

The week started off quiet. The flu is making its rounds in my circle of friends, and having survived my brush over the last couple of weeks, I have been resting and staying inside as much as possible.

I departed for the train on time and arrived at my normal call time and started sorting out the room, it was a busy day at the church with a viewing, funeral (in the church) and reception in the bell tower, so the place was alive with people when I got there.

For a room with no windows … (they are replacing them) the room was quite toasty. The windows are boarded up and plastic is over the spaces.

We sat a small group tonight. There was an anniversary in Westmount tonight, so numbers were low. But it made for a very intimate affair.

We read from There is a Solution, and the subject of choice. That is the second time in a weeks time that that subject has come up, which means I have revisited that topic in my brain several times now.

“No one likes the ego deflation and the leveling of our pride and the self confession…”

When I hit my last drink, there was no ego, nor pride, because I was not proud of being a drunk, there was nothing prideful about it. Both times I reached that last drink, I was shot from within. There was no where to go but up.

Being somewhat functional as a drunk, I put myself in the trusted hands of people who cleaned me up, sorted me out and got me help that I needed, in both instances. The first more importantly than the latter.

A lesson that keeps coming up is serving others. Which is mentioned in today’s Daily Reflections. Putting the needs of others before our own, be they spouses, partners, friends or fellows, knowing where you fit in the grand scheme of things – keeps one “right sized.”

We all put our pants on the same way, unless of course you are wearing diamond studded or gold plated pants, our clothes are the same thread.

I can be useful today. I’ve always tried to stay useful. Even when I drank. Because there was always the down days when one had to perform duties that were responsible, and I was able to do that.

It was a nice quiet evening with friends that I only get to see tonight. Which is why I am homed at this group.

After the meeting I got a drop at the Station and took the train home. I arrived at my switch platform and I was standing on the platform waiting for the train, and I noticed, off to my left, a man was laying on the station pavement just outside the bumper yellow stripe, on the train platform.

He was moving, albeit, in a “I’m laying on the ground, drunk sort of way, rolling from one side to the other” I was hoping that he wasn’t rolling in the direction of the tracks. Because it is a fall from the platform down to track level. Nobody was paying him any mind. There was no security or police on the platform, and as I pondered that fact, the train rolled into the station, and we all got on the train. I didn’t see the man get up.

Had he gotten close, there were plenty of folks to act.

A short ride later I was at my station.

They are shifting the ground floor footprint below the escalators. It seems they are putting in a second seating area in front of Target to serve two new food services opening soon on the up side of the escalator. The spaces that have been closed since the reno began are coming online in the coming weeks, so we will see action on the ground floor around the space.

Cineplex Odeon purchased the AMC theatres (At the Forum) last summer and are just now getting around to removing their branding from the Forum exterior and putting up new signage. In fact there is new signage going up across the way at Alexis Nihon as well.

The mall is slowly coming to completion.

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned …


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