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Stopped in Our Tracks … Day 35 of 365

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Another day, another train stoppage.

Prior to leaving I checked twitter and the Blue line was down across the city, so when it was time to leave, I headed for the Metro. I got on the Green line headed to Lionel Groulx to swap over to the Orange line.

Someone up there was taking the piss …

We were all standing there waiting, and no train. Then I noticed, (standing at the end of the platform because The end of the Orange line train sets me at the staircase at my next station… ) that someone had turned all the lights on overhead in the tunnel behind us.

And then the tones of death sounded …

The Orange line would be down until after six, (we learned after the meeting that someone had been hit by a train) I don’t know how you get hit by a train, unless you are standing on the tracks themselves, because there is plenty of room on the platform to stand. I don’t know.

There were a ton of people waiting on the platform. Thinking quickly on my feet, because I have the only keys to the church, and I was late, I went upstairs and got on the inbound Green line back to Atwater from where I had just come.

I got out of the station and walked up to Sherbrooke to catch a bus. Well, the bus was PACKED !!! And I was the last person to be able to get on the bus. The bus was so packed that we could not take on any more passengers for the entire route. People were pissed !!!

I met a friend in Westmount who had a car – so I was able to get off the bus early and ride up to the church. Several folks were stuck at various stations until the after the six p.m. restart, so they were late.

We sat a fair number of folks tonight. I was very happy to see our newbies show up again, and we had a newbie in the chair.

I noticed YOU were not there. You must be really pissed or upset that I called you out because YOU missed two meetings. Well, Thursday is coming, you will eventually have to face me at some point …

Anyways, where was I … oh, yes, the meeting.

We read from the Big Book. And the Appendix “A Spiritual Experience.”

I have said before that the second time I got sober, I did things very differently. The situation was lighter the second time around. Mortality was not an issue, to a certain extent, but I knew coming to my last drink that I could not drink any longer.

I said those One, Two, Three Prayers … that came to pass.

I was having spiritual experiences well before I set foot in the room the second time. But in retrospect, the Stick and Stay was so very important.

Having homed in a certain group, and having spent years in that particular room, I watched other people begin to find their power greater than themselves, and eventually, have their own spiritual experiences.

Watching other people get sober IS a spiritual experience, that lasts for as long as you invest in a particular group over a long time.

One day, you may be sitting in your chair, that I’ve said before, you need to find your chair and sit in that chair, and stick and stay in that chair. And eventually, one day, something you might say, from your chair, may impact someone, and they might “get it” right then and there.

You watch people … And one day … the elevator will go to the top of the tower … and the light will go on … And someone will see God for the first time, or have their first spiritual experience.

Seeing someone “come to” is a spiritual experience.

I’ve seen it happen numerous times over the years.

And tonight, one of our girls told us a story about something that happened to her on the Metro the other night.

On any given day we see various drunks on the trains and on the platform, no matter where you go.

On this particular night, she was on the platform waiting for a train, and a man sat next to her, with a bag of drink, and a can in one hand. And he was in a bad way. And she knew it.

An overwhelming feeling came over her, to actually open a conversation with this man, drink in hand. They got on the connecting train and got to their stop and got off. Where she opened conversation.

The man had been in the program, but faced a difficulty, and he went back out and his life went down the tubes … She was there, speaking words of comfort and of guidance.

We don’t usually engage drunks on our journeys. People usually avoid or ignore them at any cost. I’ve done that myself. But I digress…

She traded numbers with him and got him hooked up to hit a meeting soon and she left him. They corresponded but she got no reply, she even went as far as to give some guys his number so that the men could follow up for her.

She had a spiritual experience in the Metro, and she showed up tonight because of that experience.

She cited the book …


Many of us do not believe in coincidences. Things happen for a reason, if we are attuned to paying attention to the universe.

I got to see my friends. One is leaving for South Korea on Thursday afternoon for two weeks. I got to have lunch with him yesterday, that was a good day.

Thankfully the trains were running on the way home and it was an uneventful train ride back.

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned …


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