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Some People Make me Sick …

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Like I said a few days earlier, the approach to March is COLD !

There is snow in the forecast, and night time lows range from the minus teens to minus twenties, ugh !!!

I was up early today because I needed to run some errands into Westmount to pay rent for the Thursday meeting, and to figure out who was in the chair on Thursday. Which left me the whole day to fill with activity.

I usually do laundry on Thursday, but it has been creeping up on Wednesday’s and today it crept up even further. I stopped at the store for some goodies, soap and coin on the way home, because going back to bed sounded nice, but I was rather up for the day it seemed.

I did laundry …

It is good to do laundry during the day when a good chunk of residents are either at work or at school. I had free machines. That ate up a couple hours.

Meanwhile I did some stuff around the apartment, and farted around on the internet. I can only take this box a few hours at a time during the day. After you read email, Tumble, Facebook, blog surf and all those assorted things you do, what’s left?

What do you do when you are done?

I usually turn the box off and nap or something. The tv pickings during the day are usually thin, unless of course you want to watch U.S. politics all day long ……………….. NOT !

After all the work was done, I did indeed go back to bed for an hour or so before I needed to get up and ready to go.

I departed on time, and was rewarded with full Metro operations.

Our room was a mess once again, and I had to clean up after whomever used it before us. There was garbage all over the floor piled up under the sink that needed to go out.

And I noticed on the front stoop someone had quite a party sometime. I found an empty liter of Bacardi Rum and an empty bottle of wine just outside the front doors. Not wanting to trigger our kids, I took the bottles and put them in the parish trash.

They are still working on the windows in the bell tower now. It took them more than 6 months to take out, rework, and replace the windows in our small hall, so I imagine that the entire bell tower should be finished sometime during the summer.

We had a good turn out. Baby mama was there. I had a gift for her, and she had more information for us. Nobody asked but we were rather put to tears after hearing today’s story. She indeed told the baby daddy about the baby, to which he replied …”Get an Abortion or put it up for adoption!”

You can’t really abort a 5 month old baby (20 weeks plus) in Quebec. I am sure there is some back door doctor who would do the deed, if you went looking hard enough, but you can’t do it legally.

She won’t abort, or adopt the baby out.

So we are keeping it.

There is a list of things we need to get her before the birth, like baby clothing and all that goes with it, a legal, up to date car seat, because she does not drive, but needs a car seat to transport from the hospital. Car seats expire here in Quebec. So it has to be “street” legal.

I am going to my gaggle of girls with pleas for help, donation or advice, since we had a new birth at T.B.’s about 18 months ago.

We had a bunch of newbies tonight that stayed and joined the group for the business meeting, so of course we gave them all jobs for the next month.

A hopeful incentive to return/stay sober/ and to become part of.

I was told that in looking for a new sponsor, that in fact when I did find one, he would help me terminate my old sponsor. I really haven’t spoken to him in months and months. And on Thursday I have a lunch date with a friend with considerable sober time, I asked to work with me, so we are having lunch to discuss.

All the bills are paid, there is money in the kitty and all the jobs have been taken for March. On April 1st, is out Two Year anniversary. I have been tapped to plan the festivities, since I have everyone’s phone numbers in my phone as of tonight.

It was a good night. The push to baby is on.

I get the feeling really, that it will be a boy. Baby mama didn’t ask on the first ultrasound, she was too much in shock to ask. But more folks say the same thing … that it’s a Boy … We shall see.

More to come, stay tuned …


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