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Facing Down Ones Demons

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Courtesy: Korybalski

The week comes to a close. It is warming up, well, warmer than it has been in as many days. Looks like we may get some snow in the coming days as well. But nightly lows are warmer than they have been.

Last night I spent a good three hours reading “Innocent Blood,” Writers take artistic license with story telling, I believe it is a stretch for one of the story arcs but we will see where that goes tonight.

I was up and ready to go for an early departure. I usually get to the hall early, and it was a very tense situation when I got there tonight. I spoke some time ago about toxic people and the fact that one is present in the meeting on Friday nights. He had the key and for a bit we were alone in the hall, and so I bit the bullet and approached and just extended my hand to him and he shook it, and it seemed that what was done was done and that was then and this is now.

I feel relieved…

It was a full group that split into two for discussion and the topic from A.B.S.I was about anonymity.

They say that “if what you hear here can help someone in their sobriety, then by all means use it, but leave the names and personal details here.”

I don’t have a problem with folks knowing especially on my personal social media locations. All of mine are interlinked so if I say something one place, it appears on several sites at the same time.

The friends I have on Facebook, many of them are sober. It is an understanding we have with each other that we support and encourage each other on special days and on difficult days.

As long as I keep certain details out of my posts, I am not breaking anyone’s anonymity. You get the story about the day and that particular meeting. Because you never know when you might share something that might make a difference in someone’s day.

I claim my seat at a meeting and I maintain that seat. I have one at several meetings. And it is from that seat that I might share on any given  night, and one day, some one might need to hear what I have to say, which is why I stress the importance of finding a seat and learning to love it, because from there you could do great things.

Just as well, this is my space, my seat, so to speak. These words appear several places once I push the publish button. So my friends know who I am and what I am about.

I support my friends and my community. It’s no big secret.

I do what I can for the greater good.

It was a good night. I am much calmer now that I’ve broken the ice.

More to come, stay tuned …


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