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Saturday … 3 Months and Counting

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Half the weekend is gone. And they called for some massive rain, but we skated over the past two days without a drop. However, outside the city, they got it in buckets.

I spent a great deal of time this week with my guys. It was a week full of meetings and comings and goings. Strange that a particular meeting I hit twice this week was missing a good number of faces who usually come. It was an off week.

The Friday meeting was sparse. Again, more missing folks. We are playing Hot potato with the cd’s from the roundup, we are passing them around the circle. One of my girlfriends is off to Kuwait this weekend and wanted to take them with her for the folks there. We decided to bring along last years cd’s. It seems that the more folks I speak to about the weekend, the same review comes up.

People were not as impressed as last year.

The topic last night spoke about “inventory” and gathering all the data we can about ourselves in order to be more available to interpersonal communication, (read: Friendships).

I am amid my 4th step inventory, and I am waiting for my sponsor to move me ahead, and every time I hear the word inventory, more gets added to my diary review. I have spent a great deal of time looking at areas of my life that I have skated over in the past.

Attending M.A. meetings with my guys, I have, for the first time, began to pick apart my relapse. And along with my diary inventory, we are working to find patterns and behaviors that contribute to poor behavior and decisions.

Tonight they called for rain, that didn’t materialize. I headed off to the Saturday M.A. meeting because one of my guys was taking his three month chip. I am very proud of him because he has worked very hard over the past few months and tomorrow we will go over his 3rd Step.

My sponsor believes that the 3rd step is a biggie…

Thursday night we read from the appendix and Spiritual Experience. It seemed the weeks readings have been in sync with where my guys are amid their steps.

It has been a good, full week.

Lots of Gratitude, Pride and Honor.

More to come, stay tuned …


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