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Sunday Sundries … Moving Forward


And the weekend comes to a close. The rains came this evening, but a couple of us missed it all and got home nice and dry.

It was a Big Day for one of my guys, but more on that later.

I headed out a bit early to make some stops on the way, and I got into the hall and chairs were already down, which made my job a bit easier. Last week we did not make enough coffee, but also, we did not expect the numbers that showed up, so we ran out.

Tonight, I made sure I filled the urn to make more coffee, not knowing, tonight, how many would show up, and I was good to think that, because we sat huge numbers again tonight. I pulled out two stacks of chairs extra, on top of what I usually put down.

We don’t usually see big numbers on Traditions weeks, still it is a good sign that lots of people like our meeting and come from all over. We had a couple from Alberta come and we welcomed them warmly.

Since it is the last Sunday of the month, we read Tradition 5.

“Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers.”

We have heard a lot about Singleness of purpose, from the weekend, and the Primary purpose tonight. The problem with singleness of purpose, is that it alienates the dual addict. Which was a comment I heard from many after the roundup. I brought my guys, and for them alcohol is not their primary. So they were kind of put off.

This is where I think we need to amend the singleness of purpose. Because many come to our meetings, where alcohol is not their primary. And that is why I work through two texts instead of one.

With a room full of people, we got a multitude of ways to carry the message, and including how the message was carried to us. The main goal of a group is to carry the message to the one who still suffers, or is brand new, or coming back.

It is a good sign that we carry good numbers because that means we are doing our jobs and people come back every week. The Sunday meeting is coming up on 52 years in a few weeks. And since its inception, has been doing this work in our community for a long time.

After getting my ass kicked a year ago at a round up, I turned up the heat on my study and my prayers, and I worked my ass off. Which lead to a new sponsor and men to work with one on one.

The most important job I have today is carrying the message and working with my guys. It is the most rewarding aspect of sobriety that we could ever have, to be able to work with others and to pass on what we know to them.

Is it ODD or is it GOD ???

A woman I know from New York coined this phrase.

It is timely because one of my guys completed his 3rd step tonight.

I gave him all the time he needed to complete his task this evening after the meeting. And it was a great discussion about spiritual experience, and his rendition of His Power greater than himself.

There is power in any given room. We go to find it, and we go to give it. We end up sharing it, and we come away with it.

But you ask, WHAT is IT???

Ask many people, you will get many answers.

In the end, it is up to each persons concept and belief system.

How do we turn it over to It and what happens to us?

We learn in recovery that it is not something we can do alone or by ourselves. But together, unified in a single purpose, we can do for each other, what we could never imagine doing ourselves.

One day at a time, with friends and fellows, what we give and what we return becomes the power that brings us salvation.

Some call it God, and some don’t. But it doesn’t make it any less powerful.

I got to share in a 3rd step.

It was good. Very Good.

The rain came and passed us by. Which was a good thing.

More to come, stay tuned …


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