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Sunday Sundries – 12 Years of Marriage


The last of the double digit temperatures for this season came and went over the weekend. And as the sun set, a chill blew in, with rain falling, it began to snow. So as it was twelve years ago, when we gathered at the Concordia Chapel for our wedding, it was snowing that night as well

It was a quiet day today, which we spent in the warmth of bed this evening for a couple of hours nap, before dinner.

Friday night, we sat an uber packed house. That bodes well for the upcoming season. It was a good night, and for the first time in a very long time, the two Jeremy’s were sitting at the same table.

There are only TWO Jeremy’s in the Montreal English Sober Community.

After the proceedings, we all went out for hot chocolate and conversation. We are winding up for my cake on December 9th. Rafa is trying to triangulate his schedule with ours, so that he can come up for my cake.

This evening, hubby and I went out for a classy dinner at Baton Rouge. It was snowing like mad, and it was cold. Dinner was great. We planned our Christmas Shopping strategy, figuring out what we were going to do for family Christmas.

This was the gang seven for the wedding party. Matt, Nate, Ryan, Hamish, hubby, myself and Clay.And the traveling Monkey made an appearance.

We have all grown up in many ways, this little intrepid group of guys. We could not ask for better friends in the world.

Tomorrow is Family Night. Hopefully the snow won’t be too deep come the morning.




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