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Thursday notes …

Do you believe in Love

Keeping with the theme of the week, it is Thursday February 19th.

President Barack Obama has visited Canada and the comments about the visit have all been very positive for Canada and its people. I just watched the press conference on Parliament Hill and was very impressed with what I heard.

Today I had my midterm exam on Early Christianity – Greco Roman traditions and Paul. I think I did alright. We were able to use our bibles for the exam which was a good thing. I hit 5 out of seven questions with ample information – we only had to answer 4 out of 7 questions, but I threw one in for good measure. I got a B on my biliography – well hubby made a B because he was the one who did it for me. The last time I did a bibliography I did not do so well, so I had the master of writing work on it for me.

It has been snowing, raining and pelleting all day today. There is some snow on the ground but the sidewalks are very wet because temps are a little higher than usual, the snow has melted and there are great puddles at every intersection which is messy. There was not enough accumulation in the city to warrant plows. Still the messy wet snow is a pain in the ass.

Now we are on break for the next week. Sadly we won’t be going anywhere. I have to work on my papers and get them done while I have some down time. So that is a brief look at the day from Montreal.

More to come, Stay tuned…



Today was a sad but happy day. I attended Sylvia’s funeral at St. Monica’s with about 100 or more other members, family and friends. It was a very nice liturgy of the word and testimonies from people who knew and loved her best.

Fr. Ray officiated the service. Her son spoke beautifully and even shared that he and his partner took her to the Gay Pride parade in Toronto. I chuckled to myself. Oasis was her home group which meets downstairs in the same church building. Instead of reciting prayers downstairs we said them up in the church.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things
I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the Wisdom to know the difference.

She was creamated at Mount Royal and a reception was held. All the members of Tuesday Beginner’s was present, we all sat together. A show of unity amid the darkness of death.

Eternal Rest grant her and may perpetual light shine upon her.

I may need to buy a flashlight

Randall and his family have arrived and are settling in to their new home, Here is the entry from tonight:
You can visit Randall’s Blog Here!

We arrived home tonight after supper with friends and an important shopping hour at Safeway in the big city. I was surprised at how warm it was, +10C out there tonight.

When we got home, I headed off into the darkness, to explore two flickering lights I saw the previous night in the cemetery. Unbelievable quiet, darkness, nothingness. I stood there soaking it up and it was renewing my spirit, or maybe better said, in the silence there was room for Him to renew my spirit. Either way, it was deep and true and good. I think this is going to be a good thing for us, and I am excited about it.

The cemetery lights turned out to be a clear red plastic rose that glowed with some internal light, and the other was a solar light someone else had placed near their loved ones grave.

The house continues to take shape and Lauralea is working hard at it. Occasionally someone will stop by the front door and say hi, which is nice. And today at two stores we met two different families from the church who knew us and introduced themselves to us. Also nice.

We have discovered that there are two phone lines on our house phone system. One is the church line and the other is the house line, so we need to learn when to answer which line. We are learning.

Everything out here seems designed to help us slow down. Something as simple as a 20 minute drive home from town forces us to slow down a bit. Thinking what to do with the garbage, or thinking through a need for light bulbs when you don’t live hear a store. The quiet. The walk to get the mail at the road. Its all forcing us to chill a bit, and maybe, just maybe, our souls will finally catch up to us.

But I do need a flashlight. It gets awful dark out here in the evening.