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Thursday – We Cannot Live Alone ABSI and More !!!

Pope Francis buda mendes Getty

Courtesy: Buda Mendes – Getty Images

Isn’t this a great shot of Pope Francis ! He is making headlines across the board on many topics this week. It is good to see a holy man who resides “among” the people and not above or without them. The he lives humbly, wants to drive his own car and thinks openly about subjects that have been taboo for ages.

I hope for this man and his pontificate. His words, we can speculate, have shaken many across the board. This pontificate has begun to shake up the base and is giving hope to the masses. And he is only a few months in…

Faith is a recurrent theme here. I am never far from my faith. The one thing that is missing from my foundation of Christian life is participation in a home faith community on a more regular basis. One parish I would like to attend is too far for a Sunday transit across town, especially in the winter when it is (-20c) outside and the walk from the stop to the church is quite long. The parish I do attend on a semi regular basis on Sunday morning is not far, but an early call for regular Sunday attendance. But that may change now that my mentor is now a newly ordained priest serving the Christ Church Cathedral. I would make more an effort to hear him preach regularly.

*** *** *** ***

It has been a blustery couple of days. Clouds streaming across the sky from dawn to dusk, and wispy rain fell on the way home tonight. The weather is turning again with single digits coming over night for the next few days. It has been miserably hot and humid the past day or so. It is just like Summer is still hanging on for a last breath.

I made the transit on time this evening. Making stops on the way. The mall is coming along nicely. The ceiling on the mezzanine level outside Pharmaprix is close to completion. The runners are in and the duct work is almost done, which means the drop ceiling will go in soon. However the new retail spaces are not yet open.

There are a number of spaces on two floors that are still under construction. However the new Santè shop on the ground floor is now open, along side Laura Secord and the candy shop. I imagine that the push for the late fall opening of the main space is on in earnest.

*** *** *** ***

I set up – with less tables – thinking that the crowd had thinned out – outside the group members, two guests came tonight. I have made requests at inter-group to make sure we were listed in all the social media areas we use for press.

I read through As Bill Sees It earlier in the day, because I thought it would be easy to find something for tonight. A long intensive read with few guests seems like we are just talking amongst ourselves on a weekly basis. So keeping it simple is my train of thought.

The topic of We Cannot Live Alone – speaks directly of Step 5, the desire for ego deflation and how, in the end it is up to us what we do with what is in our heads and what makes it on to the 4th and what we do for our 5th.

It is a common story among many of us who have worked our steps in a 17 week step series that a normal group of folks enter the circle sometimes a dozen or more people come to do the deed. We read through steps 1 – 4 and by that time, every member of the series must have a sponsor. And we begin writing and moving into 5.

Ultimately – this is where the men separate from the boys. Because as usual, there are a handful of folks who just cannot bring themselves to see through this part of the journey.

Most of them quit outright, but a good number of them go back out and drink.

When I read through this passage the thought that ran through my head was that Once we come in – We are no longer alone. The people we were prior – over time – however hard you kick or scream – eventually accepts where we are now.

And it has been my experience that, at least, this time around, I am trying to do it right. Because if I held on to old ideas I had the last time, I would not or possibly would have gone back out. Because it was my best thinking that led to my slip. Thinking that I decided on my own, to keep to myself, to my own detriment.

My sponsor once gave me a fridge magnet that says ” I always do the right thing, after I’ve tried everything else.”

I have enlisted a handful of men and women who are my anchors in sobriety. Any thought I need counsel on “anything” I put out there. You could say that I allow some to do the thinking for me. And I just follow along …

Because sometimes I don’t have the answers I need and I must find them in other people. And that has proved to be very beneficial. Over the past almost twelve years, I’ve never had to go outside the circle for anything.

And after the discussions I overheard and was part of last week, with regarding our men and their sorrows and assorted issues, I wanted to present a united front for our men, because I care for them more than they know. And i worry for some – because aging is changing the routines of some and that isn’t a good sign.

I’ve heard it said by a good man in my life that “this is your ministry, so better do the right thing!”

Tomorrow is another day. And the end of the week. hopefully it will be a big show tomorrow night.

*** *** *** ***

On a totally different plane … Art Bell is coming back to a satellite radio near you on September 16th, on Sirius XM Radio. Art Bell is the man who launched the very popular late night radio show Coast to Coast AM. Which runs nightly from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. eastern standard time.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s Art moved from Nevada, overseas with his new wife and his now 6 year old daughter. Premier Radio piped up and brought him on board with a line into mainland radio so that he could broadcast from the Philippines for a while. But like all electronics go, issues would arise on the night of transmission and Art would go dark. Soon after Art left the airwaves and handed off Coast to Coast to George Noory and his brood of national headliner hosts.

Rumor picked up and it was announced, some time ago that Art was returning to the airwaves. You can find him “HERE – ART BELL.COM.” 

Curious that he chose 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. on satellite radio to make his comeback.

He will not be directly competing with Coast to Coast. I read an interview from George Knapp this evening from Nevada about the return. It is intimated that there is bad blood between Art and Premier, I did not go looking for proof, but the fact that he has chosen NOT to  compete directly, speaks volumes.

His chosen hours of talk, will be, to me, a great lead in to Coast to Coast.

if you choose to bounce between satellite and terrestrial radio over hours at a time. Sirius is offering 10 days free when you apply through Art’s website, and a nominal fee to recur your membership once the ten days are up.

The problem for us is this … We are still in tv mode at 10 p.m. and we don’t go to bed until 1 a.m. Which means, in any case, if we loaded up on Sirius, it would be through a dedicated line from the laptop to the speakers in the bedroom. Because we don’t own a physical satellite radio. And because the show airs outside our listening time, it is not something we will invest in. If only to sign up for 10 free days at the start of the new show.

Coast to Coast tweeted the article by Knapp, which speaks volumes. Millions of people are on that twitter feed and there is no counting what this tweet will lead to for folks who love Art. He has a base of listeners who will probably flock to satellite to listen prior to the nightly Coast to Coast broadcast.

So that’s the kind of day it’s been.

More to come, stay tuned …