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Music is life, And I have a LOT of life


This post is all about music. once can never have too much music to listen to. Music has been a constant companion throughout my life. When I was a young person, I had quite the record collection.

Record players have gone the way of the dinosaur, unless of course you find yourself in a D.J. Booth, and even there, the CD is ever present. I found it difficult to mix cd’s, I’d rather mix a record instead.

I have a phone, and I use it, but for the most part, it is my music delivery system. And an 8 gig memory card does the trick and will hold an inordinate amount of music, which means I will never go without music EVER !!!

What is on my player these days?

I am listening to PINK … The Truth about Love. A fantastic piece of music. Not to mention, if you’ve haven’t seen her in concert, she is a must see if she comes to a city near you. Hot Hot Hot !!!

For those of you who like some hard grunge music, I give you Breaking Benjamin. I kind of love their music. I was introduced to them with their hit “The Diary of Jane.” They’ve put out several albums …

Dear Agony
We Are Not Alone … and
Shallow Bay – The Best of Breaking Benjamin.

If you like a little dark and dirty, screaming and grungy, soft rock and everything in between, then this is your band.

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s with the dawn of MTV, I love that 80’s sound, and everything about it. And I return to those roots with the 80’s Diva Taylor Dayne and her greatest hits. Coming through my 20’s and clubbing throughout those years, 80’s music was a theme, in the clubs and on the radio and on cassette. Numbers like:

Prove Your Love
Don’t Rush Me
Heart of Stone
I’ll Be Your Shelter
I’ll Wait
and the great Barry White cover of Can’t Get Enough of your Love
This is a must have piece of music if you grew up in the 80’s.

It is said, for this next selection … That Katy Perry had quit drinking during the writing of PRISM, her latest offering.

I really love this album. It is poppy, carries good beats, And many of the songs carry undertones of someone who “might” understand recovery.

Several cuts I enjoy …

Spiritual, is my favorite
By the Grace of God
Choose your Battles
It Takes Two
Legendary Lovers

In fact the entire album is great. Every cut flows into the next and each song carries a message. She clearly is talking about relationships in this album, coming off one bad relationship into another, the music moves from one extreme to another.

I love an album that I can listen to straight through from beginning to end, not get bored, or have to skip one cut or another, and Katy Perry delivers that kind of listening experience.

For all you little Monsters out there, yes, I am also listening to Lady Gaga.

Some initial reviews of her latest offering were not kind. But music is subjective, and if you are loyal to a particular artist, then reviews mean nothing. You listen because you love that artist, not for the acid reviews artists can get from the press.

However … Unlike Katy Perry, Dear Momma Monster gave me skips and uncertainties.

This piece of music took some time to get into. The first few listens I was skipping all over the place, not sure if I liked the cuts or not. After seeing her on a Muppet Special over the holidays, I fell more into the album. Seeing music presented live, sung and danced out, made a difference in my listening experience.

I really like…

Do What you Want (Featuring R Kelly)
and of course Applause

I cover A LOT of music spanning the entire alphabet. Depending on what mood I am in, where I am traveling, and how much time I have to invest in a listening, there is a bevy of music on my phone to impress.

This is just the most recent collection of music I added to my library over the last month. What are your favorites? What are you listening to?

Do share …

More to come, stay tuned …