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Best Personal Blogs

Nominations for Best Personal Blog – August

Here is my short list of nominees for Best Personal Blog August:

1. Cooper’s Corridor

Compelling father of two young boys from B.C. Canada

2. Wild Monkey Dance

Gay Blogger, Politics and other assorted nastiness!! Me likes !!

3. My Journey with Aids

A Friend and Fellow in the world of HIV writing – Ontario, Canada

4. Single in the City

Aussie Blogger – young new and HIP, finding his way into the world.

5. The Ministry of Pleasure

Brisbane Blogger – sexy, sleek fun and classy blog.

So these are my nominations for August. If you wish to participate you can email me or put your nomination for YOUR favorite personal blogger in the comments of this entry.

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Photo Essay #2: When the Moon is in the 7th House …

And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars…

The Moon was Full over Montreal, and I sat on my Lanai and took pictures for over an hour. This is my second photo essay of the night. These photos are colorized and just some hue and saturation adjustments to bring out the clouds in the sky were made. They aren’t the best photos – but I think they are good for a novice. It was quite a meditation as one waited for the clouds to pass by to get the right shot. Amazing… Enjoy!!!









A Beautiful Revolution …


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