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Canada Olympic News

Canada’s Men’s Hockey Team is GOLDEN !!!

canda gold

And the final GOLD goes to … CANADA !!!

The early morning game went off and Team Canada brought home the Gold once again besting Sweden 3 to 0 …

Well Done Team Canada.

Canadian Women’s Hockey Team is GOLD !!!

womens hockey gold medal

Feb 20, 2014; Sochi, RUSSIA; Team Canada celebrates winning the gold medal as team USA (who won silver) skates by in the background in the women’s ice hockey gold medal game during the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games at Bolshoy Ice Dome. Canada won 3-2 in overtime.

Courtesy:Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Silver in men’s 1,000M speed skating

denny morrison

SOCHI, Russia — Long-track speed skater Denny Morrison has won a silver medal in the men’s 1,000 metres at the Sochi Olympics.

The native of Fort St. John, B.C., finished in one minute 8.43 seconds, just four one-hundredths of a second behind winner Stefan Groothuis of the Netherlands.

Michel Mulder, also of the powerful Dutch team, finished third.

Tuesday Gold and Silver Women’s freestlye slopestyle

medal-ceremony-winter-olympics-day-20140211-165447-604 kim lamarre bronze wom freestlye slopestyle

Kim Lamarre Bronze-women’s Freestlye-slopestyle

medal-ceremony-winter-olympics-day-20140211-170152-150 dara howell gold kim lamarre bronze freestyleski and slopestyle

Dara Howell Gold and Kim Lamarre Bronze Freestyleski-and-slopestyle

medal-ceremony-winter-olympics-day-20140211-170347-385 dara howell gold wom freestyle ski slopestyle

Dara Howell Gold women’s Freestyle-ski-slopestyle


Courtesy:Getty Images

Monday Medal Haul …

freestyle-skiing-winter-olympics-day-20140210-202248-596 alex bilodeau Gold mens moguls


40112_G08_W01 alex frederic

Alexandre and Frederic Bilodeau Celebrate Gold at Sochi


medal-ceremony-winter-olympics-day-20140211-165813-089 alexandre mikael gikd silver mens moguls

Canada’s Alex-Bilodeau- Gold Men’s Moguls


freestyle-skiing-winter-olympics-day-20140210-193248-091 mikael kingsbury silver

Canada’s Mikael Kingsbury Silver Medalist Men’s Moguls

20140210_jla_am8_251-89c01974c9f444a4f99db86c39ee0283 charles hemailn gold mes short track speedskating 1500 m

Canada’s Charles Hamelin – Gold Men’s short-track-speedskating-1500-m


Silver medalists Kaetlyn Osmond, Patrick Chan, Kevin Reynolds, Meagan Duhamel, Eric Radford, Kirsten Moore-Towers, Dylan Moscovitch, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada celebrate during the medal ceremony for the Team Figure Skating Overall on day 3 of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics at Medals Plaza in the Olympic Park on February 10, 2014 in Sochi, Russia.

All images Courtesy: Getty Images

1st Gold for Canada … London Paralympic Games …

Courtesy: Oh Canada

Congrats to Montreal’s Benoit Huot, who nabbed Canada’s first medal of the Paralympic games in swimming – and a gold no less!

Medal Count: 1

Join the Tribe …

Courtesy: Wrestlingisbest

Well, it’s over. And Canada came in 13th place with 18 medals. 1 Gold, 5 Silver and 12 bronze. I guess you could say that the Olympic Theme this year was the 3rd Place Games. There were plenty of mistakes on many fronts. Disqualifications, losses, cheaters and a few fuck ups.

Canada does not excel at Summer Games. Our forte lies in our Winter capabilities. Own the Podium will have to work real hard for Sochi in 2014. We just could not get out of that 3rd place funk. We fell seriously short on Own the Podium. At least one athlete won Gold.

You learn a lot about other countries and how they groom their athletes. You also see how countries differ in their treatment of male and female athletes. It is quite shameful how some Middle Eastern Countries scorned their competing women. Just shameful.

Great Britain came in 4th place with 29 Gold, 17 Silver, and 19 Bronze for a total of 65 medals for the Host Country. As the host country, there were many flaws in the games when it came to refs, timers, rules and infractions. Some teams really got screwed over rules enforced and rules that were overlooked for others. Canada got screwed several times over. You live and you learn.

So that’s my take on the Olympics …

*** *** *** ***

It was an uneventful weekend. It rained here and there. They say that rain is in the forecast for the next few days so I packed an umbrella in my bag tonight before leaving the house for the meeting. It rained during the meeting and then the skies cleared for the walk home.

We continued reading from Experience, Strength and Hope and the story called “Join the Tribe” about an Indian who is lost in the thick of alcoholism and how he finds his way into the rooms. This story is written in simple lay man’s terms quite a departure from how we read English.

“Miracles happen all time in A.A. Two years later, my brother take Tall Man to first A.A. Meeting. Tall Man was blind, but soon he see. He stay sober. Start group on reservation and carry message, help start groups all over Maritimes and New England. He was old, but now he grow young with new life in A.A. and travel all the time.

When he speak from heart, big men cry. Words of truth and love are strong medicine. Tall man die five years ago, a sober, peaceful, happy man…

To find work, I have travel much. At every place, I find A.A. group first. I keep it simple; go to many meetings; carry message to those who listen. To me, program is spiritual. I feel Great Spirit at all meetings and when talk to A.A. friends. I know peace. “How?” they ask me

I say, “Just let it happen.” This sober Indian say to sick, red eyed alcoholic who want good medicine: “Put cork in bottle. No drunk hopeless if he want to follow guide along right trail. Go to A.A. meetings. Listen, not just hear noise. Get sponsor and phone numbers. Call friends in A.A. when bad thoughts come. Let group spirit of love and understanding protect you. Take my hand. Walk with me up Twelve Steps of A.A. to peace.

To Indians, I say: “Don’t be afraid to join A.A. I once hear people say only Indians crazy when drunk. If so, A.A. full of Indians. Join the tribe!”

I’ve been in this mode of just letting things happen. I don’t know, I just feel like I am supposed to be somewhere other than where I am at the moment, and I have asked some friends to weigh in on this dilemma that I find myself in.

But keep it simple stupid. Let it happen. And life will take its course as it always does.

More to come, stay tuned…

“Inspire a Generation” London 2012 …

As you can see, I’ve done a bit of remodeling for the Olympics in London 2012. It is time to cheer for the home team and await that first gold medal where we will hear our National Anthem played for the Gold Medal Winner.

It always makes me cry when I hear it played at an Olympic Competition.

We will be going to full time Live Blogging as much Olympic coverage as I can keep up with over the span of the games. So if you aren’t sporty – you will learn to love sport as I love sport. And there is no greater pride than for ones country.

Since I hold dual citizenship, I cheer on both the Americans and the Canadians. But my heart is firmly ensconced in Canada and always will be. But in any case we will cheer on ALL the athletes just the same for the sheer fact that they worked so hard to get here and they deserve all of our pride and love.

The Opening Ceremonies begin here in Canada at 4 p.m. EST in Montreal. We will have full pictorial coverage of the ceremony courtesy of CTV the national network bringing the games home to Canada.

So stay tuned. It will be exciting.