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Chem Trails

Strange Occurrences …

Courtesy: Cordisre

It was a very hot day today, unseasonably warm. That made it very sticky out all day into the night. Around 9 p.m. I was standing on my balcony and looking out over the land I survey, and it was dark over the mountain, to the north and the west, it looked as if the sun had set.

At that same moment I looked to the south and there was a sunlit sky. It was dark on the right side of the sky, yet it was sunny (on the left) where it should have been much darker. I am looking Left to Right from my balcony. We face West and have a view across an expansive sky from the height in our building.

When the Sun drops below the horizon of the mountain, the entire sky darkens as one. Well. Looking to the south, the sun was still up, and I walked back inside and said to hubby that it was sunny on the wrong side of the sky. And he said it must be a trick of light because there was slight cloud cover and that maybe the sun was peeking out over the clouds in the south sky!

That maybe the sun had not set as I expected.

Then it got really strange.

The area over which there was ample sunlight a few minutes before got dark eventually. And the clouds were split, some were dark and some were blue. I know clouds don’t turn blue, but that’s the way it looked overhead. And a storm was brewing right over our heads. Coming from the south.

The sky began to roil. We could see from our vantage point that there was lightening in the sky. But no thunder yet. And it seemed that the lightening was stuck in that one patch of sky. It was stationary in the sky. And we watched for some time, the lightening streaking from cloud to cloud across the sky in a really great light show. It must have lasted an hour. The sky roiling and gaining steam.

At one point we were watching tv and a great clatter of thunder peaked across the sky, it was unusual thunder in that it went on and on. As if it was moving across the sky. Eventually the storm gained enough energy and a microburst sent pouring rain down over the city.Where did the rain clouds come from? Because before the sun set there were light clouds over the city, not really dark storm/rain clouds…

We hadn’t seen storm clouds over our section of the city, but several of my friends commented on facebook what they were seeing in other parts of the city from where they lived. The sky was in fact roiling.

I have noticed over the last two weeks that the chem trails have been appearing over the city on a daily basis. Two jets flying at high altitude, like they were coming from someplace else, and not from our city airport on the west island.

The jets were flying too high to have come from just over the mountain. And there are always two jets who follow each other on the same trajectory from west to east over the island.

Two of the jets flew from farther south and west than from over the mountain. A second set of jets on another day fly over the mountain from the north and west to the south and east. Following each other quite closely as the chem sprays from behind them in the sky.

It makes for fantastic weather over the mountain and over the city. We get amazing sunsets and roiling storms that pop up seemingly out of nowhere right on top of the city.

Weather manipulation???

Jet liners don’t usually fly over the city. They keep to a circle path around/over to the west island where the airport is. They track around the island and not across it. When you fly into Montreal, you track around the island for a landing in the West. You don’t usually see landing aircraft track over the city at all. They usually keep to the other side of the mountain.

Then you have these high altitude passes by aircraft trailing what must be chem trails over the city. I wonder where those planes originate to get as high as they do – it must be far away to able a plane to reach altitudes like I have been seeing, You can’t take off from our airport and reach those altitudes right over the city, it is just impossible.

It was a wet end to the day, a fantastic storm that popped up right on top of the city. Kinda freaky, weather usually moves from one section of the sky to another and storms roll in as the winds would carry them. Tonight, not so much. That storm parked itself right over the city and grew in the sky as if it was feeding off the surrounding sky.

You can’t help but notice when strange things happen in the night sky.

Someone is playing with mother nature …

Time for bed …