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The Needs of the One …

A couple of days ago I had a conversation with my friend Tina. I have known Tina since I began Junior High School in 1979 … 1979!!!
That’s 32 years we have known each other. We have been friends for all this time. And lately my friend has found herself in dire straits after breaking up with her boyfriend who bled her dry of all her money and now she is homeless and living in her car.
That is unacceptable. We must do something.
State assistance is in the pike and may take longer than is necessary to get her out of her car. So we set up this chip in widget and are asking all of you who can to make a humble donation to help her. If this were you, what would you do? Winter is coming and being confined to a wheelchair and living out of your car is problematic. So please, give if you can, and if you are able give generously.
“When you have done this for the least of my brothers and sisters, you have done it for me.”
Click the widget to the right of the blog and follow the prompt to make a donation. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Tina needs our help!

Hopefully you have reached this site because you are a friend of Tina’s and/or know about her story and want to help her out of a bad situation. I can tell you I have known Tina since 9th grade and she is a self sufficient working type who has never let her disability hold her back (she has been in a wheelchair all her life). She has found herself, as a result of trusting the wrong person, (who took her for everything) now living in her car in the upstate NY area. It’s cold there and it is October. She is pursuing avenues to get help from the state, but that is slow. She has an application in for an apartment. Her family is in their own crisis and cannot help her. If you are able to give anything at all it will help, and she is grateful, as am I.

Blessings to you, together we can help Tina. Let’s get our friend off the street and into a warm home. Thank you!!

Love, Trish