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Christmas 2010

Thursday Thoughts …

It’s another Thursday. I got off to an early start this morning to meet a friend for coffee at the Indigo cafe at the mall. It is all so prettily decorated and people hustling and bustling about getting last minute Christmas gifts.

The extra large Christmas tree at the mall is as beautiful as ever. It has characters that move and a train encircling the base of the tree, I am not at home at the moment, so I can’t upload a photo right now.

Around 11:30 I left the mall to come up to intergroup to do my monthly phone shift and got here earlier than I expected, since there were intermittent stops on the green line. We got hung up a few times on the ride out of town.

It has been a quiet couple of days with hubby in Ottawa until tomorrow, I have to meet him at the bus station tomorrow afternoon to bring gifts home, probably by taxi.

We had a light dusting of snow last night, but there isn’t going to be snow for the weekend, maybe at the start of the week next week. That big storm they are watching in the U.S. is moving eastwards towards the weekend, so that might bring us some more snow.

Now I am sitting here at intergroup twittling my thumbs and playing on facebook. This is the first time that the computer here has been unlocked for us to use. Which is nice for a change.

That’s about it for now at the moment.

More to come, stay tuned…

Friday Flurries …

Courtesy: Morbcn

The weather channel and Environment Canada can’t seem to agree on a forecast for the next few days. There is snow in the forecast, but when and how much are up for grabs at this hour.

Today I started my Christmas shopping with a trip to my favorite store to check on some prices. I don’t think I’ll be buying from them anytime soon, because their prices have gone up too much to justify a purchase.

So I took the train all the way across the city and back for nothing and on the way back I went looking for Christmas cards that did not break my budget. Zeller’s would have been my first choice, but they only had French language cards and they were on sale. Only a handful of my friends speak the second language, so that was out.

I went into Canadian Tire to see what they had. One doesn’t imagine that you could find Christmas Cards in a Canadian Tire. But I lucked out. And they were on sale. So that was good.

Hubby was out at the gym during the afternoon so I came home and had some time to myself. The Friday night meeting did not materialize, so I took a long nap until 9, and hubby came home from a friends house and we had dinner.

Now it’s after midnight, and I am going to close for now.

Christmas Countdown …

Today is Friday November 12th 2010.

43 shopping days until Christmas …

The decorations are going up all over town, and Christmas music is playing on the Musak in the shopping malls … I’ve loaded up my phone with Jingly Music.

Bring it on !!!