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Cornelia Marie

F/V Cornelia Marie Sets Course for Discovery’s DEADLIEST CATCH Once Again

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— Boat skippered by late Captain Phil Harris returns w/ Josh and Jake Harris on board —

October 4, 2010

Silver Spring, Md.) – Discovery Channel President and General Manager Clark Bunting announced F/V Cornelia Marie, the crab fishing vessel that late Captain Phil Harris called home, will return with deckhands Josh and Jake Harris to fish the icy Bering Sea as DEADLIEST CATCH begins filming its seventh season.

“Our Dad made a tremendous connection with so many fans and it is such a fitting tribute to his life that we, his sons, can remain fishing on the boat that he skippered for so many years” said Josh and Jake Harris.

Josh and Jake head to Dutch Harbor, Alaska for the beginning of king crab fishing series and the start of production on DEADLIEST CATCH in mid-October. Captain Derrick Ray, who stepped in as relief skipper last winter following Captain Phil’s stroke, returns as captain along with engineer Steve Ward, and deckhands Freddie Maughtai and Ryan Simpson.

“We are excited to be once again working with Discovery Channel and Original Productions.  I know Captain Phil would be happy to know the crew is back in business,” said F/V Cornelia Marie principal owner Cornelia Devlin.

DEADLIEST CATCH is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Productions. Thom Beers, Jeff Conroy, Matt Renner are executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Paul Gasek and Tracy Rudolph are executive producers.

Turning to the Bottle …

Knowing these events happened months ago, I am commenting on them as they happened tonight. I don’t know how Jake deals with this in the long run, just some reflections from one addict to another.

I am hating the U.S. networks right now. You people got the last episodes of Deadliest Catch tonight. And After the Catch. And an entire night of Deadliest Catch… BOO YAHH!!! Here in Canada, we lag one week behind you. With the Cain and Abel episode tonight on Discovery Canada.

The scene is sad. Phil is on the doorstep, and Josh is seemingly in control, and Jake has turned to his devices to cope with this tragedy. He is much older than I was when I faced the same situation with my grandmother, who had a massive stroke when I was 13 years old. My father took me out of school in Florida and flew me to Connecticut to sit shiva by her bedside hoping against hope that I could revel her out of her stupor. That did not happen, and he never forgave me for that.

They say, that you won’t find your solutions in the bottom of the bottle or at the end of a joint or a syringe. I haven’t seen the last episode, but from where I sit tonight, that scene wasn’t getting any better for him at that moment in time. I know what it is like to loose family at a young age. This will define both the boys for the rest of their lives. And how they walk away from this experience will shape the kind of men they become for the rest of time. We can only hope and pray for them now.

The Jake of Cornelia Marie and the Jake on the Northwestern, what a tragic story. I don’t know how the other Jake’s story is going to turn out, or if we get a resolution in the final episode. I pray for all of them the same. Hopefully clean Jake will stay clean and maybe help Jake Harris along the way as well. One can only hope that he did.

Stay clean and lead Jake out of his despair.

You can’t reason with someone in the depths of despair and sorrow. And Jake is caught in that vice of addiction and pain. There is only one way out, and that is UP out of the bottle and not Down into it.

Knowing that Captain Phil passed some months ago, waiting to see the last episode is gut wrenching. I grew to love the crew of the Cornelia Marie, but didn’t we all. All the crews are part of our lives, for those of us who watch the show religiously. We will have to wait until next week to see the final episode.

They had played commercials up here over the last week about a two hour finale event that was supposed to have taken place tonight, but I guess they were wrong. And yesterday I was checking the feeds and even FaceBook was showing clips and talking about online forums to chat tonight in the U.S. I was pissed when I finally confirmed that we were only getting one episode tonight.

Tonight was my home group meeting. And I was planning my early out for the night to come home and watch tv, and I began to foment a really harsh resentment on some members of the group because as of late, it has only been Rick and I carrying both meetings. Me doing set up and conversion, then chairing the late meeting, while Rick and I have been head hunting around the city for speakers week in and week out. We can’t seem the attract keepers to our meeting.

An old timer brought a few friends to the meeting tonight and at the end of the meeting as I was counting the kitty, he came up to me and asked how I was doing. They know we are busting our asses to keep that meeting afloat on our own. And I told him that as long as we can pay the rent, the meeting will continue. And he said to me, that I should keep this attitude going. To stay positive.

We have a freshie chairing the early meeting, and he is a punk ass smart ass junkie with an attitude and tonight I was in no mood to deal with his shit. It was pouring cats. dogs and little fishes. People were all late, our regulars did not show tonight. And all I wanted to do was to split as soon as I could. My watch was running fast, his Iphone was set to computer time, and I was like, any day now, when my watch said 6:35, and he smarted off “well my phone only says 6:29. I was like, give me smart mouth, bitch … I was a little testy.

After the meeting he did not hang to set up or chat. He went on his merry ass way, thank god for small miracles. We had a good crew show up for the later meeting. And we hauled a good chunk of kitty at the end of the night. At least we are paying rent and keeping our prudent reserve up.

The night was not a wasted. The speaker we heard was amazing. She had a compelling story of addiction, loss, grief and redemption. Stuff you can’t buy for free. There are some people you just have to get to know better. The longer I stay sober the more I want to get to know some people who come to visit us, that don’t get to visit us on a regular basis. So you take every good moment you can get in between break down and walk out.

Louise is on the mend. She has been out and about so the healing has begun. Hopefully she will be home in a few weeks time. Let us pray.

That is all for now, it is after midnight and time for me time.

More to come, stay tuned.

I will have a complete write up about Deadliest Catch next week when they air the final episode and After the Catch here in Canada. Until then.