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Daily Reflections

Physical Sobriety …

Courtesy: Spoonsdammit

With a change in routine, I now get the opportunity to try and write something every day, since I joined the morning meeting. It was/is a beautiful morning in the neighborhood. Lots of sunshine and cool enough for a hoodie, me loves my hoodies.

I went to bed a little later than I had hoped and so 6:15 came every quickly. It seemed to me that as soon as I shut my eyes, that damned alarm clock started ringing !!!

I was up and out the door by 6:30. I arrived at Wood to find that someone had come in overnight and unplugged our coffee pot, so I had to replug and perk a whole pot first thing. Thankfully that urn perks quite quickly so we had coffee for our guests.

I am opening and chairing tomorrow, and it seems I am getting there before anyone else because I live so close, I can get set up finished before anyone shows up, ONLY to FIND that grasshopper has to go behind me and correct things that are not to his liking … he is a little control freak …

September is month 9 and with that the monthly reflections all deal with the ninth step. “Made direct amends to such people where ever possible except when to do so would injure them or others.”

Today’s reflection dealt with the term “physical sobriety.” The book read that when we reflect on step nine, we see that physical sobriety must be enough for us.

Many of the folks around the circle latched on to that th0ught and each had a different take on just “physical sobriety.”

One can’t just put the plug in the jug and stay sober. We call that abstinence. Attempting to stay sober by yourself is fraught with possible problems, we cannot do this on our own. Just quitting the drink is not enough. You put the plug in the jug and you dry out and you abstain. But if you don’t learn about the disease of alcoholism, surely you will drink again eventually …

That is not sobriety. One has to find out the root of why we drink the way we do and find that in the book IS the solution to all my problems.

Our minds can take us places and into bad thoughts, but in the end it is our feet that take us to a meeting. I think, for me, that physical sobriety is the act of doing. Going to a meeting, setting up chairs, making coffee and greeting. Participating in the meeting by reading or sharing and most importantly active listening. You learn a lot more by listening than you do speaking.

I can just be physically sober. We must also be emotionally, and mentally sober and to achieve that we need the fellowship and the people in the fellowship to support us and to share in our sober journeys. For me physical sobriety is just not enough.

I heard a woman share at a meeting some time ago that the longer she is sober that the more inward the journey gets. We’ve dealt with the shell and our egos and feelings, the longer we are sober we begin the deal with the inside of us, our emotions and inclinations and foibles.

That is why we read the book, again and again. And we read the steps and we go to meetings and we hear the same readings over and over because it is in the repetition that we learn.

With the acts of physical sobriety, the carrying myself to a meeting and doing service and participation, the doing brings dividends. When I put out in a meeting, the meeting gives back in what I hear and who shares what. I freely give away what I have been given and I get multitudes of gifts back, but first I must be physically present to attain emotional and mental sobriety. You can’t have one without the other.

We learn these lessons over time, and time again.

10 a.m. and I am pooped. Maybe Subway will be open soon. Let us pray !!!

More to come, stay tuned…