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Dirt Bike

Weekend Review

It is partly cloudy with a chance of smog today, as I look out of my living room windows the haze settles over the city from end to end, as is apt to happen during the winter with heaters, fireplaces and stove pipes smoking.

The weekend was uneventful – quiet as usual. We didn’t do much, I had done a little supermarket Safari on Friday so that I didn’t have to go out to get food over the weekend. Hubby is on his Bubbles DeVeer Diet so I am eating for one these days. [You’d need to know about Little Britain to get that reference].

Today my shipment from the US came in a HUGE box …

They are sweet to say the least.

I have class tonight, my seminar on Biblical History and the book of Samuel. We are reading about YHWH and an Overview of the Old Testament’s Statements about election. I am following along quietly. We’ll see what tonight’s class will bring. I am reading the Theology of Augustine for my Hermeneutics class on Wednesday nights. I have to write my critical assessment for Wednesday night’s class just yet.

That’s all for now…

More to come, stay tuned …

I Really Must …

New Years has come and gone. We broke out the wedding goblets to toast the new year. A yearly tradition. We watched the ball drop then moved on to other television shows. It wasn’t very exciting at all. Dick Clark is getting old and the night has become like just any another night…

The past couple of days have been quiet. The world goes back into full action on Monday with the beginning of another semester in grad school. I’ve been pondering my academic future and I have even danced with the thought of dropping out of school, I don’t know if I am tired of school or that the performance anxiety I have is getting the best of me. I have to rework my papers from last term this term on top of taking two more classes this term. I can’t quit school because that is a source of income and if I quit school I’d have to find a job that would pay me what I am making in tuition.

I just don’t know what to do at this point so I guess I should talk to my mentors and advisers before I make any decisions. I must step up my game this semester if I want to remain in the graduate program. And right now I don’t know how to do that. Study more, read more ??? I need to find that critical part of my brain. And my writing needs a boost.

Today hubby is out running errands and I set about to take down the tree and put everything away which I got done quite quickly, it is quite systematic really. It is snowing in the city today, and it is cold.

I am hoping to get to the gym more often this term. I don’t have class on Tuesdays which means I am on set up for the next few months, to get back into my weekly routine.

I made a new purchase the other day, I am working on my collection for my summer trip. I am going to Texas in July for an AA convention and I am also hoping to make a trip south of the border to visit some friends in a far away country – I am hoping to go dirt biking in Venezuela – I have to talk to my friends and see if that is a possibility. I’ve been watching a set of videos from a friend down there who has been biking through the mountains of Venezuela and the videos are truly magnificent. I would really like to travel more in the new year. Go to places I’ve never been and visit friends from far away places.

I am not going to make resolutions – I am just going to live and see where the days take me.

That’s all for now.
More to come, stay tuned…