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R.I.P Farmville …

Courtesy: Flickr EvanMischelle

A few weeks ago I had to write a reflection on my gaming life. That life consisted of Farmville on Facebook. I don’t own any video game consoles. Haven’t been near one since I was a kid. So anyways, I wrote it.

Over the last 3 years, I have played this little Zynga game and had fun for a while playing. I quickly moved from level to level. It was a great fun for a while. Then to sweeten the pot they added the English Country Side, which we all with bated breaths waited for with great excitement to get our invitations.

I consolidated my home farm, where I had amassed millions of coin and over the years paid out handsomely for Farm Cash every so often. There are times when you have to buy in to move forwards in the game. During this time I began a foray into CityVille. An energy based game of the same sort but more on city building and maintaining a farm onsite as well. I overgrew my city, I could not provide for my city very well, and my citizens were not very happy with me. So I ended my relationship with City Ville.

All the while I was farming madly in the English Countryside. I played the game all the way to the end of the series of quests and achieved my Castle at the end of the game. You could play both farms at the same time. Many of the quests were set so that you would utilize both farms to complete missions across the platform.

Then in August, the English Countryside was retired. And they decided to change our settings where our farms were to these plain Jane backgrounds, and the little English Countryside farm was gone. I was not pleased with this change. So I stopped farming all together only harvesting my animals, trees and my livestock pens.

Once again, I figured they wanted to sweeten the pot again and opened Lighthouse Cove. That would be three farms now we would be farming, playing and questing. I had timed my farms all to harvest at the same time every night. Because I wasn’t farming, just harvesting, the 24 hour cycle was the same for all three farms.

When playing a game becomes a chore, you know you’ve come to the end of your playing days. So with a full heart tonight, I logged into Facebook and calmly deleted all traces of any links to my farms, Farmville or Zynga. After years of faithful play, I was finished.

I put an RIP message into my status and was done with it.

I think I am gravitating away from Facebook. It has become a depository of posters, rude signs and all this political shit that doesn’t concern me since I live in Canada. I mean we watch U.S. television here and we know what’s going on, I just find all this stuff pointless and not worth my while. Now I don’t have a reason to even log into Facebook any longer. I mean I will – but the why has changed.

We are all changing as we grow up. All of our lives are changing and priorities are changing as well. I still do my fair share of internet reading, Tumbling, You Tube and Ebay. But I’ve noticed that today I am not spending as much time online as I used to. I can run my reads and tumble and watch videos in smaller intervals during my day.

I check my mail in the mornings. I go about my day, school, shopping, meetings, and so forth. In the evenings I run my reads because by nightfall everyone has posted on their respective blogs, most do, but a good number don’t post every day and I don’t even post every day. I Tumble for a good hour and keep up on the rotation over night until I go to bed.

But I am not attached to the computer with the chain like I used to be. I still love my blog and all my reads. It keeps me in touch with the wider world out there. And I write for my friends who read whenever I post.

So a change has happened. I bid it goodbye. It was fun for a while.

Tomorrow is Friday. I have to get my hair cut, Finally, I have to go buy a textbook and then put tickets on my Opus card and my meeting Friday night. Which means a 6:45 departure from home for set up and a business meeting at 8 before the main meeting.

Hubby informed me tonight that I owed him $500.00 to pay bills and take care of sundry needs of the house. And here I had already budgeted out all the money to pay bills and take care of some of my own needs this time around, but that isn’t going to happen, Again!!! Fuck My Life !!!

I have an Ebay bill to pay, a book to buy and  haircut on the list … Everything else will have to wait until he gets paid again next week.

God Grant me Serenity …

More to come tomorrow, definitely. See you then…

Farmville Madness …

Continuing from Vincent’s post [Here]. Here is a screen grab of my farm. I currently own the largest farm in the market, a 24 x 24 farm called a MIGHTY PLANTATION.

The property is ringed with assorted trees and barns, (which you can’t see in this pic) My farm is so big that you can’t see it all in the screen at the same time.

It’s just a game… but it is an addictive game, nonetheless.

I have on the farm:

  • 4 Dairy Farms (with 20 count cows, and bulls)
  • a 60 count chicken coop
  • a 20 count horse stable
  • a 20 count baby nursery
  • an assortment of animals: pigs, goats, ducks, geese, reindeer (a hold over from Christmas), cats, rabbits, sheep, seagulls

Most recently Farmville introduced the baby barns, which I purchased all of my items to build it, and also the new dogs, you can barely see it sitting near my avatar. Bonkers is 15 days old and should grow up tonight.

I’ve been at this for a long time. It is an investment of time and sometimes a little cash to buy farm cash. I have a stash of farm cash to buy dog treats now, and we can gift them to each other now.

I am at level ( 37 – 109,878 )
I have in the bank 1,889,868 coins …

It costs coins to plow and plant, according to the price of the seed. Each seed harvests in a certain amount of time and each pays out when harvested. Some crops are more financially better to grow because they give you lots of coin.

I have a little town on my farm, with a farmhouse, some cottages, a green house, a red school house and a library, a general store and a Post Office.

Like I said you can’t see the other corner but there are 4 red barns, 3 tool sheds, a harvester, plow and seeder. I have 12 neighbors at the moment. Some of them are slackers, and there are 2 neighbors ahead of me in the game.

There are several kinds of trees on the farm:

  • Bananas
  • Pomegranate
  • Oranges
  • Peaches
  • Grapefruit
  • Dates
  • Plumbs
  • Cherry Trees
  • Evergreens
  • Durian Trees
  • Breadfruit Trees
  • Olive trees
  • Passion Fruit
  • Apricots
  • Starfruit
  • Gulmohar Trees
  • Maple Trees
  • Mandarin Trees
  • Cashew, Walnut and Almond Trees
  • Apple Trees
  • Magnolia Trees

So that is my obsession right now.