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Get Out the Vote …


The Time is Now. It is Go BLUE or go Home. Voting is a right that every American is afforded by birth. So Tomorrow, whatever you choose to do, get out there and vote. There is no more important action that we get to participate in than the presidential election.

It will be a busy day tomorrow. Home Group and meeting. I will be home around 9 p.m. I will be live blogging the results.

And I pray that President Obama receive a second mandate for another 4 years.

Get out and vote and we shall see you tomorrow.

Democrats Abroad …

The Presidential Campaign is coming to an end. It is all up to you. We’ve heard all the speeches. Listened to all the debates. Hopefully, we have all thought about what it is that we need from our candidate. And which candidate will take us into the future and not send us backwards.

That Candidate is Barack Obama …

I am a Democrat Abroad, and I vote in my home state by absentee ballot. Since I am dual citizen I still have the right to vote. And I encourage you all to get out and vote next week.

The stakes could not be higher. I am a Pro-Choice voter. I believe in a woman’s right to choose her own fate. I DO NOT agree with pro-lifers who want to take a woman’s right to decide her own fate away from her. It is not up to the government to regulate a woman’s body or her uterus. I know I am only inviting a shit storm, but it must be said.

If you vote Republican, you are voting to take away a woman’s right to choose.

If you vote Republican, the United States will be turned upside down by a man who cares not for your welfare, but for the welfare of those who sit in the 1% club and who call the shots for the rest of America. A man who will, with his Republican minions, strip women of their rights.

Mitt Romney cannot be trusted to the presidency. He has proven countless times over the past few months, just how OUT OF TOUCH he is with the common man and woman. He does not have your best interests in mind. Only for those he can hire and fire, those who can add to his pot of millions. He is NOT concerned with the 47% of Americans who won’t vote for him. That message was spoken loud and clear. He doesn’t care about you. We cannot allow this man to reach elected office. There is too much on the line to gamble with.

For my LGBTQ readers, we have come a long way in just a few years. And we MUST keep up that momentum to make sure that the Entire United States gets on board with Gay Rights across the board. Gay marriage is a right. Not just for some but for all of our LGBTQ fellows and ladies.

Republicans CANNOT be trusted with our fates either. They would want to strip away the rights that we so carefully worked, lobbied and petitioned and voted for. If you care for LGBTQ people, you will vote for the candidate who will guarantee that those rights will not be repealed or halted.

Barack Obama came into office with a huge target on his back dealing with a depression that NO president ever had to deal with before. I have shared the words spoken by former President Bill Clinton. And he made the case for WHY we need to RE-ELECT Barack Obama to a second term in office.

With all that is going on in the U.S. right now, post-Sandy, it is more important than any other time in history to make sure YOU and your NEIGHBORS get out to the polling stations next week.

This is a do or die situation.

Vote for the man who can lead us out of this disaster. The man who has shown that  he is capable of doing the right thing for our people around the nation. He stepped up and showed us just how much he cares about the nation and those who are suffering right now.

If you care about your life, Your community and Your Country, YOU WILL VOTE.

You MUST vote or you allow someone else’s desire to come to pass.

You Must Vote for President Barack Obama to be our commander in Chief once again, and keep us on the path to better things. The North East will survive. We will rebuild. Get out there and help your neighbors. Make sure they get out and cast their ballots next Tuesday Night, and let us make history once again.