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Sunday Sundries (10/4)


It is a bit damp outside and it rained a bit earlier on the way out to the gym. I got out today to the gym for the first time in a few days.

I have been taking this new drug called Januvia for my diabetes and my blood sugar levels have been a bit on the low side for the past few days, so I spoke to a friend who is a medical professional and he told me that I should keep an eye on the numbers and to make sure that I eat before I go to the gym because exercise uses up sugar from the body and I should be careful that I don’t bottom out at the gym.

I have to talk to my doc tomorrow to check and see if he should tweak the other drugs I am on so that the numbers won’t be so wonky.

The weekend has been quiet so far, and it is almost over now. We did all the shopping for the house now and so I don’t have to worry about that any longer. The temps in the city will be dropping into low numbers by the end of the week, fall has come in a big way and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, then the mad count to the holidays begin.

The shops in this neighborhood jump right from Halloween to Christmas. We will see who puts up the first decorations. The dollar store right around the corner is the first place one will see decorations for sale in the coming weeks.

It is getting dark earlier and earlier by the day. And there has been snow in the Western provinces over the past few days, which means that that weather will be marching Eastwards as well.

That’s about it from here at the moment.

More to come, stay tuned …

Sunday Sundries …


It’s raining in Montreal tonight. The clouds rolled over the city quite early today and it was drizzly all day. I got up with not much in mind to do but the universe had other plans for me.

I’ve been working on my paper for Gnosticism over the weekend, reserving books at the library through the wonder of electronic gadgetry I was able to do all my hunting online from home yesterday. One of my books came in and I had to go pick it up. I now have a copy of the Coptic Gnostic Library to start reading on my topic which is: The Role of Sophia in Gnostic Cosmonogy. Sounds deep doesn’t it? I’m rather a bit intimidated by the whole task.

I had to gather 20 sources for my paper which is difficult because our library is not so up to date on its books on the whole for Theology. They are still collecting books from other places and libraries. I did at least find ten books that I imagine will be useful to me in my topic study. The other ten sources are coming from articles from the vast electronic library Data Base. We have the ability to access sources from a wide assortment of articles from all over the world from the best learning institutions. I still have to write up my bibliography that’s due in a weeks time. I have them on file on my desktop all I have to do is get hubby to sort them out for me since he is the bibliophile in the family.

After I hit the library, I decided to go to the gym, since it has been a few days since I have put in a workout. It was blessedly calm which was nice for a change. I got a full workout and lift in because the weight side of the room was quiet today. I am thinking that I should hit the gym a little earlier than usual to get around the crowds that are there between 3 and 6 in the evening.

I have been doing a lot of writing to my friends as of late. The boys have been keeping me on my toes on a number of topics. I guess I can share with you some of what I have been writing to one of my boys far far away. He writes on his blog and I get snippets of what is going on in his head at any given moment from his sentences on Face Book. He wrote one last night that said:

deepest scars2_web copy

The scars you can’t see are the hardest to heal.

With that in mind, before I went to bed last night I wrote him. We have been talking a lot over the past few months and I usually nail him with my emails when he most needs them. Ministry takes many forms with this electronic format. So here is what I had to say about scars …

Scars are testaments to what we have seen in our lives. Some wear them like badges of courage, others to warn new comers that pain is part of the past. I have found some things out over the past 42 years. I have some pretty deep scars. I know that in the past it took me years nursing them back to life, took up a lot of my time and energy. And it disabled me as well.

We all have scars. They are part of life. Here is where we practice the art of letting go once again. The longer we lick our wounds, the more time they will take to disappear. Nursing an open wound does no good in the long run. You have to let it scab over and heal of itself. Which means we have to let the scar go physically and emotionally, but for some, that is a tall order. Some people like to hang on till the bitter end. And that turns them bitter and catty.

There is an unspoken time frame that we should employ for getting past things. One day at a time. We cannot rush a healing because the universe heals on its time not ours.

The longer we hold on to the past, the longer it holds us back from moving forwards. With one foot in the future and one foot in the past, we are vividly pissing on the present.

Every time you mention the scar – you dig at it with your fingers and your brain. This then engages your emotions and they get caught up in the rut. Then you go back through the whole cycle again. Reliving, Refeeling, and paining yourself.

I know, for me, that it took years to get over some of my pain. And I had to relearn how to engage in society through some really painful therapy over months and months. Eventually, I got bold, and I got angry, and I got up off the floor and stopped licking that wound. I sat in my shit for a long time before I was angry enough to say, “I have had enough.”

That was the last time I was pained so bad it stunted me in the year 2000. It took me over a year to get through it. Because it nearly killed me and I was scarred for life. But once I decided to get up and get angry, I turned that negative scar energy into positive healing energy.

This was  HUGE lesson for me … I will share it with you.

You know, when we hurt, we generate energy. When we are happy we generate energy. The energy that is produced when we are in negative space is greater than the energy that we produce when we are in positive space. Because when we are happy, we don’t have to expend a lot of energy to smile. But it takes a whole hell of a lot of energy to nurse negativity. And that zaps us of positive energy.

Living with Aids brings with it lessons for life. At one time I was sad and suicidal. Then I was taught this lesson. If I pointed that negative energy (inwards) and turned it around, that I could boost my energy production well past what was needed. If you point negative energy in a positive direction it would change you physiologically.

Well Pointed Energy is 200% pure healing energy.

Scars and old emotional baggage are rife with energy. Negative energy. The trick is, is to harness that negative energy and point it in the direction you really need it. It works.

You can imagine, how much energy it takes to keep me going on a daily basis, pills, work, school and all… It takes a lot of energy I can’t produce on my own. Today I have learned how to harness energy. We can take from the universe what we can, we add it to what we have, and we take the past, scars and all and we focus supercharged energy with pin point precision.

Voila … pure healing energy… Stuff you can’t buy in a store.

I encourage you to NOT wear your scars on your sleeve. They are unsightly. You know they are there, and with careful care and attention (not too much attention) you can let them rest even while you are going on with your life. The longer you let them rest, the more often you will forget about them and one day you won’t feel them at all. That takes time I know. But every day we must live. If we choose to live in the past we will be stuck in the past, until we let it go.

I learned another lesson in recovery that I am going to share with you here.

I go to the same meeting every week, every month and all year long. People come down a staircase into the room where we meet. And wouldn’t you know it – everybody walks around with a NEON SIGN lit over their heads, that everybody can see but themselves. It took me years to learn this. We all have our signs that we carry over our heads, which tells the world what kind of mood we are in and what we are feeling. It’s there – people may not know about the sign, but I do.

I’ve watched the same people coming and going for years and I’ve watched their signs change over time. Miserable and sad people really like to project misery. And you know that misery loves company. I stay away from those people. I let them heal – and the sign changes.

Now that I have made you aware of the sign, you know about it now. The one over your head. Unbeknowst to you, that sign has been showing all this time. I wonder what it has been showing the world?

Makes you a little self conscious doesn’t it???

That sign tells us what you fail to mention. What you are feeling deep inside. What is eating at you at that very moment. Now that will change. Because I’ve made you aware of the sign. That sign is directly attached to our emotional center. What are you going to do about that now???

Food for thought my young friend… food for thought.

Wounds must heal on their own, We should stay away from licking them. Scars heal over time – they always do. Move On – Let it Go – this seems to be a recurring theme here. You have a neon sign over your head, what does it say today? Look for other’s signs and see if you can detect them. That may take some time to practice. The past is the past… we don’t have to carry it forwards. unless you are a masochistic person who likes pain.

These are some really good lessons to learn for all of us. You could not read this information in a self help book or magazine. Life experience is the best teacher – you can’t buy it – you have to live it. So now I guess I have to go find something to eat for dinner and sit down with my book and do some reading.
More to come, stay tuned …

Friday …


The week comes to an end. My textbooks came today for my Gnosticism class. We are reading: Ancient Gnosticism Traditions and Literature by Birger A. Pearson and The Nag Hammadi Library by James M. Robinson. I have my work cut out for me over the weekend.


I had ordered some new gym duds this past week and they came yesterday and today I got a visit in to the gym. This is a great singlet, very comfy and beautifully screened. Canada across the front and the Canadian Parliament Coat of Arms on the left thigh. The back of the singlet is screened with other images. It’s really beautiful. I have this patch sewn on my backpack as well. I bought it at Parliament Hill when I visited Ottawa some years ago.


The gym wasn’t as packed as it was yesterday. I did get there a little later than I usually do. I saw the group of summer boys today which was fun. The gym seems busy because there was, once again, a line out the door for term memberships. I think that exercise science students have to work at the gym, because I saw a bunch of orange shirts standing around the kiosk downstairs. All the staff wears these very stylish orange leopard spotted shirts. There were five or six of them on staff this afternoon.

I had lunch with a friend today, which was really nice. They did some work on the diner – new tiling and paint on the walls. It looked really good. On the way to the diner at lunch my watch fell off my arm, and I almost lost it because at first I didn’t feel it fall. Well down the street I had to backtrack a bit to find where it fell off and pick it up. The watchband has seen better days, I have had it forever. After lunch I went to look for a new band and found one that I liked down at Zeller’s. That was a $16.00 expense. I was thinking about just buying a whole new watch, but I nixed that idea.

So that’s what I did today.

More to come, stay tuned …

Money makes the world go round …


Today’s adventure is brought to you by the letter “M” for Money!!!

I’ve been playing a game of chicken with the Quebec government as of late and I dropped by financial aid yesterday and the room was mobbed. So I just went to the gym instead. Today, I decided on the way to the gym, to try my chances of getting in and not waiting for an hour in a queue.

I took a number, there were 15 people ahead of me. Thank god for people who take numbers and then leave before being served. The government tells me on their website that my check is going to be run tomorrow (the 3rd.) BUT since that check has to come to Montreal because I got a deferral for my Summer fees, it doesn’t go direct deposit as usual. I’ve been getting story after story about where the check will go and how long it will take to get where it needs to go.

I sat with an adviser and he did some checking with his supervisor and came back with an amenable offer. They would give me $650.00 of the $1861 that the government owes me in an advance… I maxed out as much as possible every penny I could negotiate. So now I have to pay my summer fees which are around $700.00 plus the advance when the check comes then I get the difference – when we calculated it all out, I will get another $511.00 in a couple of weeks.

WHO KNEW it would take up to ten days to send a god forsasken check  from Quebec City to Montreal. Fuck you very much. I could drive there in 3 hours and get the check myself. Bastards… I know Canada Post, offers express mail to the every day joe on the street. It seems that the government cannot afford express mail envelopes… Who The Fuck Knew !!!

That took me almost an hour to take care of. Now I can pay my bills and afford food and books next week. Thank God for the kindness of the men and women who work at the University Financial Aid office… They are a godsend.

Then I went to the gym. It was frenetic… Lots of people and really I was pooped when I got on the treadmill but I toughed out a mile and a half, thanks to Madonna. Did you know that if you start the Confessions tour from the beginning – You’d have to collect all the MP3’s and put them in order – because they are all NOT on the cd, that you can walk at 3.1 for 45 minutes and not break a sweat. Our treadmills have fans on them.

I saw the boys. And lots more people that have not been around during the month of August. I dropped off the treadmill and went over to the weights and got on Atlantis and I pumped 90 kg for a hundred reps and decided that I did not feel like waiting for a bench because the weights were PACKED. I decided to come home instead of waiting. I did not want to bottom out. I needed some food. And I took a nap shortly after getting home.

Hubby is cooking dinner and Rachel is on tv.

More to come, stay tuned…

3 Pounds …


It is gray and rainy outside. Not so much rain, but the drizzle in between. We got some of our money from the government today to start off the semester, which means food in the cupboards, and pills in the medicine cabinet and dinner out tonight to celebrate.

I got showered and went to the Gym, as I took the last two days off I needed to get back into my routine. It was quiet today, not too many people around so I had all the time and space I needed to run. I got a 2 mile run in on the treadmill and I was able to get in all of my weights in, Abdominals on Atlantis, and my lifting as well. I’ve added some weight to my routine again this would be an addition to my workout.

I lost another 3 pounds which brings me down to 171 pounds. In total that is 13 pounds I have lost since I was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago. I am on track to loose another 7 to 10 pounds in the next month or two. That is my ideal goal. I don’t know how close I will come to loosing all that weight. If I ponder that I lost 3 pounds over the last 2 weeks, it isn’t difficult to think that I could hit my target by the end of September/beginning of October.

I’ve been tweaking my diet here and there, and I think that helps as well. Cutting out all unnecessary eating – junk food and fillers, I think is helping the weight loss. My bump is beginning to disappear, Thank the Gods. I am finally beginning to see results on the outside. I must be doing something right.

Keep up the routine, don’t eat junk food, and eat correctly, and all should be well. We have to run to the store later on when we go out to dinner, I need to pick up my scripts from the pharmacy. All those bottles at once is a bit overwhelming, add to that my testing supplies for my diabetes and I’ve probably got a $70.00 bill waiting for me there.

That’s that for now.

More to come, stay tuned…

Hump Day Thoughts …

where are you going

Do you remember the other day when I had to go to Campus to fix my financial aide file for the 4th time? Well, they sent the updated status to the government and they gave me a calculation of $12,243.00 which was correct.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, I got up this morning and checked my mail as usual and didn’t the government send me an email saying that they rescinded my last calculation because I was not registered for the fall…


So I pick up the phone and called financial aide, which they put me on hold for twenty minutes then directed me to leave a freaking message, which I did not and I got dressed and marched my happy ass down to Campus “For the FIFTH time in 2 weeks” so that I would get my calculation again for the fall.

Lets all say it together …


With 5 days to go till the end of the month – they still haven’t cut my check which is going to the school first so that they can take my tuition for the past summer, then I get what is left, so I don’t know when that check is going to come down from Quebec City. I swear, if I have to do this again, someones head is going to roll in Quebec City and I am going to go freaking POSTAL !!!

I was pooped early on this afternoon but I wanted to get to the Gym so I took a shower and got dressed and went down to Campus AGAIN – and the place was jumping. My little latin loverboy was there with his buddy, we exchanged parting glances to acknowledge each other which was a first…

I did a couple miles on the treadmill and my abdominals on the Atlantis machine. There were too many people on the weight side and all the bar bells were being used so I did not get my lifting in today. I did not feel like waiting for a bench and tools. So I came home early. Even if I can’t see results on the outside, Karl told me that I should keep going because it helps on the inside. And I guess I agree with that.

I think I am gonna go take a power nap for a bit.

More to come, stay tuned …

Food, Shelter, Bed …


All we need is three things to make us grateful.

  • Food in our bellies
  • A roof over our heads
  • And a warm bed to sleep in

It was a good day. The sun is shining and a breeze is blowing and the birds are singing in the trees. We got up this morning and set off to make the day worth while. Hubby had errands to run, as I did myself. We got emergency food cards from the Multifaith Chaplaincy on Campus today and that was a very good thing.

We went to the grocery store and stocked up on food and drink. I think we will be set for the rest of the week. Hopefully by Friday our checks should be here and we can get on with getting sorted out for school.

We had a brief lunch of BBQ’d chicken and then I headed for the Gym. It was quite frenetic today. There were people all over the place. Alas, none of the boys club were there today. I got through my workout and did my lifting, every day I utter that prayer … “Oh God make the bump go away …” I don’t know if he is listening.

Although I am feeling a little tighter than I have been as of late I guess I just have to keep doing what I am doing, I know I am helping my body from the inside out. And that will translate into good numbers, Let Us Pray …

Everything is good in my world. Everyone is happy and doing fine and that is good. I’m gonna boogie and go stretch out on the sofa.

More to come, stay tuned …

Sunday into Monday …

Do you believe in Love

Sunday has come and gone. The weekend was uneventful. Today I rested and planned with hubby what our plan of attack will be for this week. The last week of the month for the last few months have been trying on us both. Trying to live on a student budget sometimes has its pitfalls. Especially when the govt pays money out with one hand and takes it back with the other.

Hopefully our plans will take care of what needs to be taken care of and we will coast into the end of the week with the next big money dump coming at the end of the week. I still have to pay out cash for my tuition deferral first, then I get what ever is left for the month of September. I am sure that books are going to run a pretty penny this term and we still need to get supplies and maybe do a little clothes shopping too if we can swing it. First we need to stock the fridge with food, because we have run down to a bare fridge once again this month.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring news from people we know and all will be well. I will hit the Gym tomorrow afternoon. We start week 4 this week, and I am hoping somewhere along the line, my body will begin to show some signs that things are changing. I am hoping to hit my target weight by the time I hit my next doctors appointment on the 30th of September. I am also hoping that I have been able to maintain at least a 1600 t-cell count on this next round. We shall see what my body does next. My life revolves around my medicine cabinet so something good aught to come out of all that pill popping…

It’s almost 3:30 in the morning, I am off to bed.

More to come, stay tuned…

Friday Follies …


The Greatest Commandment

Matthew 22:34-40

Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together. One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question:”Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”


It was an on and off day today with not much going on. Finding things to keep me busy these days has become a chore to say the least. I got up with plenty of time to sort myself out before heading out to the Gym this afternoon.

I got there at my usual time, but none of the boys were there. It wasn’t until I finished my run did I notice a couple on the ellipticals and when I went to change out my other young squeeze was in the locker room. There weren’t many people on the floor at the 3 o’clock hour which meant that I had a direct shot at a bench on the weight side of the room. I am at the end of week 3 of my work out routines and I am hoping sometime soon that my body is going to reward me with some visible sign that what I am doing is doing some good. Until now, my body is not speaking …

Tomorrow is Saturday and I will most likely hit the Gym again. Faces change on the weekends so it will be alright. There’s not that much else going on in my world right now. Counting down the days until school starts.

My Certificate adviser comes back to Montreal next week and my final project grade will be sent in – I am hoping she is good to me, it took me a long time to write that paper for her. With that grade in I will get my Certificate from the university.

More to come, stay tuned …

Thursday Thoughts


It was a blustery day today. The clouds finally rolled in again and it was dark and dreary for a while. Having too much free time on ones hands gets boring after while. I am ready for school to begin.

I have been going to the Gym every day and today I got there mid afternoon and saw most of the boys club was present. I got my mile in on the treadmill and another mile on the elliptical. I hate that machine. I am still trying to find my rhythm on it. I don’t know whether to hold the handlebars or use the stationary bars in the middle. I am learning to “sink into” the movement of the cycle, lowering my center of gravity. I am still getting used to it.

I have bumped up my weights this week. I’ve been stepping up weight on the abdominal machine keeping to the 100 rep cycle. 100 reps at 75 pounds and 50 reps on the 30 pound bar bell.I’ve added some new arm exercises with the 12.5 bar bells.

The more often you go the the weight side of the room, the more you learn about what others are doing and how they are doing it, so I’ve been tweaking my workout routine.

On my way home I got caught in a downpour. It was raining cats, dogs and little fishes. I got soaked…

That’s about all I have today.

More to come, stay tuned …

Oh I'm Achey …

sleeping boy

  • It is Sunday and my day off to rest. Taking the sabbath as sacred today was a pleasure. Last night I took the third of my showers before bed because it is so damned hot and muggy outside.
  • I slept in today – all day – and got up around 6 this evening. The bed is wet, the sheets are all crapped up I find it difficult to sleep in this heat, but I did happen to squeak out a dream at the end …
  • I got a comment from Frank, who is a type 2 diabetic and he suggested that I move from the treadmill over to the elliptical during my workouts – we will see how that goes tomorrow.
  • I assume my workout are starting to pay off in bodily changes especially in my arms and chest. I am sore as a *mf* today, I guess it was good that I took the day off from the Gym. We are moving into week three of my workout schedule.
  • Tomorrow is “D” day at financial aide. I am hoping that it all goes well and that I can get registered for the fall semester.
  • Theo 639M AA – Biblical Studies (Gnosticism) – Andre Gagne
  • Theo 653 AA – Christology in Early Church – Lucian Turcescu
  • Time for Cake Challenge – “Triplets” with Jason and Joshua YAY !!
  • We need seriously for it to rain and cool off here…

Oh I’m Achey …

sleeping boy

  • It is Sunday and my day off to rest. Taking the sabbath as sacred today was a pleasure. Last night I took the third of my showers before bed because it is so damned hot and muggy outside.
  • I slept in today – all day – and got up around 6 this evening. The bed is wet, the sheets are all crapped up I find it difficult to sleep in this heat, but I did happen to squeak out a dream at the end …
  • I got a comment from Frank, who is a type 2 diabetic and he suggested that I move from the treadmill over to the elliptical during my workouts – we will see how that goes tomorrow.
  • I assume my workout are starting to pay off in bodily changes especially in my arms and chest. I am sore as a *mf* today, I guess it was good that I took the day off from the Gym. We are moving into week three of my workout schedule.
  • Tomorrow is “D” day at financial aide. I am hoping that it all goes well and that I can get registered for the fall semester.
  • Theo 639M AA – Biblical Studies (Gnosticism) – Andre Gagne
  • Theo 653 AA – Christology in Early Church – Lucian Turcescu
  • Time for Cake Challenge – “Triplets” with Jason and Joshua YAY !!
  • We need seriously for it to rain and cool off here…

We should be together…

sleeping boy

“You know what? I’m in love with you. And I’m sorry if this sounds weird but if you wake up and read this message, I think we should be together, really.”

Lifted from The Ministry of Pleasure.

Can I say that it is miserably hot today. And not just hot, but muggy as all hell and not a breeze is blowing. Which makes Billy a very irritable boy. The fans are going and it’s not helping. I am still sitting here melting like a Popsicle on a sidewalk.

I went to the Gym, a little earlier today. They close earlier on weekends. There weren’t many people there and none of the ‘boys club’ were there so there really wasn’t a ‘reason to live or workout today.’ I did a mile on the treadmill and did some weights and some floor. I was in and out in 90 minutes. There was no reason to hang about and looky loo…

Just 2 more weeks of this vacation and Grad School begins in earnest. I have to be on campus bright and early on Monday morning to sort out my finances and see just how much they are going to penalize me for late payment.

That’s all for now. More to come, stay tuned…


Friday Fun Facts …

wrestling singlet

As of late Montreal has been getting a good roasting. We have seen temps in the high 20’s – it is 29c right now and a little too humid for my liking. And this weather will be hot through the weekend until Tuesday. I have been keeping to my routine daily, which is a good thing.

I went to the Gym this afternoon and I spied the same group of boys who have been coming to the gym daily like myself. Each of them has their own routine they follow. We seem to be in the same areas throughout our workouts. So here is my workout plan:


  • 2 miles on the treadmill
  • 100 crunches on the Atlantis Abdominal Machine
  • 50 bench press (lay down on the bench) 40 lb press bar
  • 50 press on the 12.5 bar bell arm work (each side)
  • 25 press on the 30 lb. press bar
  • Floor work – 100 crunches on the mat
  • 100 leg lifts on the mat
  • assorted mat stretching

I usually allow for 2 hours at the Gym. I have been working to follow the circuit around the weight room that the others are running. I am in week 3 of my workout routine. Going daily seems to be working, I am not as sore today as I have been the last few days. Since I am working more machines in the circuit I am getting a more rounded work out.

Other than that, my daily life is quite mundane. After the Gym I come home and take a cold shower and nap for a couple of hours when possible. Today I skip the power nap to write.

I have been following my diabetes diet to a “T” as of late, trying to stay away from junk food and unnecessary munching. I had a conversation with Karl last night about my numbers. Since I have the latest lab sheet of numbers I really took a look at them. Here is a short explanation of my T-Cell Progress:

  • 03 July 03 – 912 (Peak 2003)
  • 23 November 04 – 836 (Peak 2004)
  • 18 April 05 – 1040 (Peak 2005)
  • 24 August 06 – 1056 (Peak 2006)
  • 07 November 07 – 1296 (Peak 2007)
  • 29 Oct 08 – 1365 (Peak 2008)
  • 19 May 09 – 1312
  • 30 June 09 – 1638 (Most Recent Peak)

So you can see the upwards trend that I have been on for several years. I don’t know what to attribute the numbers to. Be it the drugs or my body being in good shape. I don’t have an explanation as to why the numbers are so high, I must be doing something right and the cocktail of drugs I am on seem to be working at optimal level.

  • Isentress – 400mg (1 pill twice a day)
  • Intelence – 200mg (2 pills twice a day)
  • Prezista – 600mg (2 pills twice a day)
  • Norvir – 100mg (1 pill twice a day)

Between February and June of 09 – I tried a little experiment. I shared that with you as I was doing it. I meditated on the number 1500 every day to see if I could reach that number medically. Eventually I got there. There are so many possible factors that one could attribute to the spiking of T-Cell numbers.

I usually drop labs on good days. I medicate on schedule. I pray and I meditate. I go to church. I am sober. I have a faith life. I believe that faith is a HUGE factor in the maintenance of ones body. I eat well. I rest well. And I exercise every day.

Many of these things are not aspects that science can prove or can rely on as fact, but for me they mean everything. My doctor has been learning about the power of God over the years – and he works to look at all aspects of my life plan.

Since I have added the Gym to my routine I am hoping to hit a new plateau on my next lab drop in a few weeks time. I am also hoping to drop some more weight before then as well, which would totally freak my doctor out since on my last visit I had lost 10 pounds and he was overjoyed. He does not usually set his expectations very high, and since I exceeded his expectations I am hoping that I will do it again next month.

That has been what I wanted to talk about today.

More to come, stay tuned …

Dollars for Dummies …

wrestling singlet

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold it, and let it go …

That’s what one does when you get an email from Quebec City regarding financial aide. I noted yesterday that they fucked me over once again. This afternoon, the sole thing I had to do was go to the financial aide office and get them to reinstate the correct information – so that the fuckers in Quebec City would get it right again. When I got home from the Gym – they had corrected their fuck up.

In order to pay my summer fees, I need a financial aide deferral, which we can’t do until the 17th of August. But I could not even get a deferral because Quebec City fucked my file. Now there is money coming in September that I can tap for my deferral. Let us pray that Quebec City doesn’t fuck me over yet again…

Holding steady at 174 pounds today, I went to the Gym earlier than I had planned because I had to go to financial aide and I didn’t want to make two trips into the core, so I stayed and did my workout.


I changed up my routine today so that I was able to get a press bench on the weight side. There weren’t many people at that hour so I got a good 30 minute workout in. I do weight lifting, bar bells (15 lbs/12.5 lbs.) and bench press at 40lbs.

We have a lot of different exercise machines that I started using. Like the sitting crunch machine. One can never do too many crunches. My body is feeling a little sore and I guess that means I am doing something right. I did my 1.8 miles on the treadmill and some floor exercises in.

I think I am going to take a mid day siesta. Hubby has to go write a final exam, so I have the house to myself for a few hours.

more to come, stay tuned…