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Tuesday Tottling …

folsom street fair 2009 ruler

Photo Credit: Bill German, Walking on Scorpions

There is no better example of a man, than this. Bill took a series of photos from the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco not so long ago. He is just beautiful.

I got my shot yesterday, and I have to say that by the end of the night, my arm was hurting me so badly, I had to lay down and sleep. I was kinda fuzzy and feeling very exhausted since I did not nap yesterday as usual. I went to bed early and missed my late night radio and I did not read one word for school either. I guess I should do that this afternoon before class tonight.

I got up this morning without a problem. I don’t feel anything strange. Maybe my body is doing what it is supposed to be doing, building immunity… I had to make a trip into the core to visit Fedex for a client. I HATE using Fedex, it is just a nightmare. I had to fill out all these forms just to ship a simple pair of shoes to the U.S. I don’t usually do this for clients but I wanted to make a sale and hopefully I did what was necessary. It’s not like Canada Post, one form does it all and no brokers, shipping info, shoe maker info and a questionaire about how the shoes were made and where they were made and why I am shipping them!!! Just take the god damned box and be done with it already.

I won’t be doing this again…



One of my friends is in med school. (Jason Booy – Check up) He is participating in a course on Gross Anatomy and they have been working on a man that Jason wrote about yesterday. I thought that his post was insightful and soulful.

“The hand is distinctly human. A thorax is just a thorax, and a shoulder is just a shoulder. In contrast, like the heart, brain, or face, a hand is not just a hand. It’s somebody’s hand.

When prosecting the hand tissue, as we did today, it’s troublingly difficult to dissociate yourself from the gruesome reality of the task – cutting apart a person’s dead body. I felt again deeply accusing guilt of invasion, and violation.

What work did he use his hands for? Perhaps he played an instrument with them. Perhaps he penned words that have out-lasted the hands that formed that. Whose hands did he lovingly hold in his?

Now his final handshake: … me, with my stinging scalpel. I greet him again in those hands, human even in death. I’m sorry for putting you through this. I’m sorry for keeping you here. Thank you, for this last meaningful action of your – always your – hands.”


Lots going on with my kids as of late. I had a long conversation with one of my boys last night, and taking care of ailing parents is a teachable experience. We are learning how to navigate the medical system and the government. Hopefully we will be able to succeed in what we need to do in the coming weeks.

Another of my friends is battling the alcohol demon half way around the world in Amsterdam. Trying to stay sober on ones own is a futile effort. And I think that’s the road he was taking, after a hard slip after a long period of sobriety, you can’t do it alone. So I did some research for him in finding him a contact in Amsterdam to call the AA  hot line there and he did connect, he sent me an email just a short while ago letting me know he made contact with someone in the program there and that he would be making a meeting in the coming days.

So that’s all good…

I am going to go and do some reading then maybe a nap before class.

More to come, stay tuned …

H1N1 Vaccine: I got mine. Get yours.


Lifted from: CheckUp – Jason’s Blog…

UPDATE: Montreal.

The H1N1 website was updated I guess over the last 48 hours and they upped the classification of persons who should get the vaccine, as the numbers at the clinics were low over the weekend here in Montreal.Since I am immunocompromised (HIV +) and I am also diabetic, I was pushed further up the line today on the website.

So I got ready and walked up to Alexis Nihon Plaza and got in line. I did not wait more than ten minutes at most to get all the way through to vaccination. They have a triage area outside screening people, and I did see them turn elderly people away – a woman who was in her sixties and was diabetic was turned away. They are pretty strict when it comes to the most important.

After getting through triage, they checked me into the system with my medicare card and I had to fill out a short form – they had people there to assist you if you needed it, and then they signed off on our forms, then it was to the vaccine stop. I got the vaccine with the adjuvant included.

There was an area outside the vaccine stop where nurses were monitoring people for side effects, so you aren’t alone during the process. They were very efficient and the line moved rather quickly. By the time I got out of the clinic there was a huge line – the lunch hour crowd I guess…

Get Yourself Vaccinated !!!

There’s no question about it; H1N1 is sweeping through Quebec, and has been for a few weeks now. You’ve probably already heard that Quebec government has released the vaccine, and is dispensing it across the province. I would strongly encourage you to consider getting yourself vaccinated.

Most of my readers are young, and mostly healthy. As such, the need to protect yourself from flu is not pressing. If you contracted H1N1 today, it would likely only mean missing a few days of school or work. So why get vaccinated? Because the flu pandemic is spread by droplet contact from person-to-person. Vaccinate yourself so that you’re not just another person in the long line of transmission. Because that line ends with people who are more susceptible, and who are going to die from it. Vaccinate yourself on behalf of Quebec’s elderly, the immunosuppressed patient who uses the pay-phone after you, the pregnant woman next to you on the bus, and the cancer patient. Getting the H1N1 vaccine is the socially responsible thing to do.

Find an Quebec vaccination clinic near you at THIS WEBSITE Vaccination schedules will vary by region, and in most regions where there are limited supplies of the vaccine, you will be prioritized according to your risk.

First to be vaccinated are those in danger themselves, and second those who have susceptible close contacts (e.g. health care workers). If neither of those are you, be prepared to wait a bit for your vaccine. Keep checking back, however, because eventually there should be enough for everyone.

There have been rumours and anxiety going around about the safety of the vaccine. As always, be discerning about where you get your information. Those organizations most-equipped to assess the quality of the H1N1 vaccine have pronounced it safe, and effective. In general, vaccines are the safest medications around.

That being said, the vaccine is likely to give you a sore muscle at the injection site, and perhaps a headache, fever, and flu-like symptoms for a day or two. This is not the flu, but rather your body’s immune system responding. Take Tylenol for your symptoms, and you shouldn’t be held back. Ultimately, a day or two of headache, and a sore shoulder are far better than having the flu itself, which can last more than a week!

Do it for your grandparents, for your nieces and nephews, and for the many Quebecers depending on you to do your part. Get your flu vaccine.

Thanks Jason …

Vaccination … Addition 11/3

H1N1 copy

I am on schedule to get my H1N1 vaccine on Saturday when they open the clinic at Alexis Nihon Plaza, just up the street from home. If you live in Quebec you can click (THIS LINK HERE) to get an updated location map for vaccinations with dates, times and rules.

Please respect the right for those who need it most to get it first. If you do not fall into a high risk group – then wait your turn. We will all get the vaccine sooner or later.

Respect the rules…

I have been advised by my doctor just now that I must bring my medication with me to prove I am immunocompromised and my health card. FYI !!!

Wednesday Wrap Up …


I’ve navigated another week of studies. Quite successfully I might add. I attended a meeting at the Multifaith Chaplaincy this afternoon and we have a plan of action set up for the university. I have a list of things to do for next week.

I went to visit one of my esteemed colleagues afterwards and we talked about life and school. Donald is studying at the Anglican College in pursuit of holy orders and is very happy with his choice to do so. We welcomed him into the Anglican Church on Holy Saturday this past spring.

I told him that maybe I have found a venue to put my Pastoral Ministry Certificate into action. And he told me that maybe “Holy Mother Church was calling me back …” I just laughed. We’ll see if that is true.

The end of the month is coming and we will be getting financial aide on Friday. That means bills and pills will be bought as well. I bid on an item on Ebay this past week, and wouldn’t you know it, I bid high enough that my bid went uncontested and I won it. And on Friday I will get to pay for my item and it will totally be mine.

Let’s try this again … I got booted off just now and it didn’t save half of the post I had written here so let’s pop the memory back in…

H1N1 — We checked the website for the island of Montreal and found out that we can get our vaccines on Monday since I am immunocompromised and I am also a diabetic, so I get to pass go, collect $200, and go to the head of the line, and so does my hubby.We’ll be traveling down to Verdun to get our vaccines, hopefully it won’t be a mad house like we have seen on tv the past few days.

Let Us Pray !!!

If you are in Montreal and need info you can CLICK HERE and find it.

So that’s that for now.

More to come Stay tuned …

Montreal unveils swine-flu vaccination plans


// ctvmontreal.ca

Montreal’s public health agency released its swine-flu vaccination plans on Friday.

The ambitious plan calls for the vaccination of more than one million people as quickly as possible.

The government hopes as many as 75 per cent of Montrealers will be inoculated between Oct. 26 and Dec. 7.

Priority will be given to health care workers and hospital staff as well as first responders, including police, ambulance techinicians and firefighters.

The following locations have been named as H1N1 vaccination sites:

Open 7 days a week, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Nov. 6 to 15

  • Former Lachine Hospital – 3320 Notre Dame Rd.
  • Carrefour Angrignon – 7077 Newman Blvd.
  • Patro Le Prévost Community Centre – 7355 Christophe-Colomb Ave.
  • St-Laurent Leisure Centre – 1375 Grenet St.
  • Southwest Physergo medical clinic – 5260 Verdun Rd.
  • CLSC Plateau-Mont-Royal – 4625 De Lorimier Ave.
  • Collège Reine-Marie – 9300 Saint-Michel Blvd.
  • Allancroft School – 265 Allancroft Rd.
  • Frédérick-Banting School – 11135 Alfred Ave.
  • Rivière-des-Prairies Hospital – 7070 Perras Blvd.
  • Cavendish Mall – 5800 Cavendish Blvd.
  • Théâtre du quartier – 3990 Notre-Dame St. W

Open Nov. 6, 7, 8 only:

  • CLSC Hochelaga-Maisonneuve – 4201 Ontario St.

Open Nov. 9:

  • Olympic Stadium – 4545 Pierre-de-Courbertin St.

Open 7 days a week, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., beginning Nov. 16

  • Former Lachine Hospital – 3320 Notre Dame Rd.
  • Carrefour Angrignon – 7077 Newman Blvd.
  • Patro Le Prévost Community Centre – 7355 Christophe-Colomb Ave.
  • St-Laurent Leisure Centre – 1375 Grenet St.
  • Southwest Physergo medical clinic – 5260 Verdun Rd.
  • CLSC Plateau-Mont-Royal – 4625 De Lorimier Ave.
  • Edouard-Rivet Recreation Centre – 11111 Notre-Dame St. E
  • Collège Reine-Marie – 9300 Saint-Michel Blvd.
  • Allancroft School – 265 Allancroft Rd.
  • Frédérick-Banting School – 11135 Alfred Ave.
  • Spring Garden Elementary School – 175 Sonata Ave.
  • Rivière-des-Prairies Hospital – 7070 Perras Blvd.
  • Cavendish Mall – 5800 Cavendish Blvd.
  • Palais des congrès – 1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle
  • Olympic Stadium – 4545 Pierre-de-Coubertin St.
  • Théâtre du quartier – 3990 Notre-Dame St. W

Open Saturdays and Sundays only, beginning Nov. 21

  • Collège Mont-Saint-Louis – 1700 Henri-Bourassa Blvd. E

For more information, log onto the province’s pandemic website.

Illness, H1N1 and Nightly Musings…


Today the government of Canada has approved the use of the adjuvant enhanced H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine for use across Canada and the territories. We are told at this time that in Quebec, the roll out of this vaccine will begin on Monday.

The sites for vaccination will be online as of Friday. We checked the CLSC website as of tonight and no updates were available. I was encouraged very highly by my doctor to get the vaccine. We went over contingency plans in case I get sick and I was told that if I did get sick that he would get me medication (Tamiflu) as soon as I needed it.

I usually get through the Holidays without incident – that is my yearly cycle. I don’t usually get back lashed until February or March. That has been my cycle for the last few years. I am good at staying away from people, although I still have one more doctors appointment on the 27th which means I will have to sit in a queue in the diabetes clinic on that morning. I have to go drop labs for Dr. George this week to get my diabetes panels complete.


I spoke to Karl earlier tonight when I got home from class, and he took his brother to the clinic to get checked out – and they were turned away for treatment because of lack of insurance and money. It is very difficult for him because Karl plays the role of Father to his siblings, adviser and love coach to his mother and health care worker for his father who is still in hospital because of his out of control diabetes and other medical problems.

Now Karl is sitting in the space of being powerless over people and places because they don’t have the money to pay for treatment that may be required to help his brother and they don’t have health insurance. Jacob is 19 and may fall out of the loop of the pediatric system. I have given him a number of choices to pursue in the next few days.


If I have to raise money for him I will do that. If you want to donate you can do so through this blog here – just click the piggy link and all finds received will be sent to Karl in Texas. It may come down to this if we cannot find a route to get his brother the health care that he needs. That is the state of health care in the U.S. and namely Texas. Change is coming hopefully from the government but that may be a day late and a dollar short.

If you are in Canada and you want to get more information on the H1N1 information you can click this link:


Or visit your local CLSC website or health care point of contact.

Medical Debrief …


I don’t know, I’m kinda in this mood today. Today was D-Day. I had a doctors appointment and a debrief over the H1N1 flu vaccine. He told me that I should get the vaccine since my immune system is better than most. The vaccine is getting distributed through the CLSC (clinic) system in the city. The clinic at the hospital hasn’t gotten a mandate to distribute vaccine as of yet.

I’ve gained a little weight, we don’t know if the medications I am on are contributing to it, but I hit the gym whenever I can. I am at that 10 pound point where I fluctuate in this region of 170 – to – 178 and I can’t seem to get down past 175. Who knows. I see my diabetes doctor on the 27th.

Here are the raw numbers from my last lab drop:

Viral Load: 49 copies.  Below 50 is considered undetectable…
CD 4% 41 (very good range)
CD 4 Abs. 1312
CD 3% 82

Not bad for the trend.

Metabolic stats:

  • Albumin 42
  • CH 4.4
  • Triglycerides 6.6 down from 44.7 in May 09
  • HDL 0.8
  • Glucose 7.1
  • CH/HDL 5.8

More to come, stay tuned …

Let us pray for Karl’s brother, If memory serves his name is Jake. Something serious has come up and he is in the hospital as we speak. They need our prayers right about now.