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Harry Potter

October 31 – R.I.P Lily and James Potter

tumblr_lb4ve0DuAg1qacnrho1_500Thirty four years ago tonight, Lily and James Potter gave their lives to save their son, Harry Potter. We remember them and say “long live Harry Potter.”

The Last enemy that shall be destroyed is death ,,,

Religion Fiction … A Continuation …

robin_shoots_with_sir_guy_by_louis_rhead_1912Lifted From: Sects and Violence in the Ancient World

Children brought up in a religious environment, according to a recent BBC story, are more prone to believe in fictional characters. The story, based on research from my alma mater, Boston University, suggests that if children are taught to believe miraculous stories at a young age, they will more likely believe that fictional figures are based in reality too.

Undoubtedly this will be seen as yet another brick in Montresor’s wall by those who can find no good in religion. The reasoning will go something like this: believing in no religion is the “neutral” position. If we raise children in a religious context, we are inclining them toward a fictional belief system and making them less likely to reason their way out of it. Therefore, we should raise children secular.

Even in the BBC story there are dissenting voices. Perhaps children who learn about Jesus find Thor a more compelling character. Perhaps they are open to possibilities that logic shuts out. Our brains have two hemispheres for a reason. I often wonder whether it is possible to be fully human while ignoring about half of what evolution gave us to work with.

Logic tells me that religious belief serves a survival function. And my creative side still appreciates the possibilities that my Manhattan brain is forced to shut down every day when I punch the clock. If there’s nothing more than work, perhaps believing in fiction serves a valuable function after all. But I suspect this is playing right into the rationalists’ hand. Pass me another brick, will you, Fortunato?

The jury, however, is still out on the nature of reality. Even for materialists. Gods of the gaps tend not to survive very well. The question is actually much larger than that. We don’t know the nature of ultimate reality. We’re not even sure what reality is yet.

Can a parent who believes in God, after the experience of growing to maturity in a heartless universe, be blamed for teaching their children the same? No humane parent raises their child purposefully teaching them falsehoods. Yes, some children are damaged by religious upbringings. Some are damaged by materialist upbringings as well.

What seems to have shifted, in my humble opinion, is the popular perceptions of religion. What used to be understood as the foundation of a civil society is now challenged as a harmful fantasy that encourages children to grow up into terrorists or non-functioning adults.

The belief that we can raise children with no biases, however, is clearly fiction. Until we have the full truth, there should be room for both Gilligan and the Professor on this island. But then again, I was raised to believe in the divine world, so what do I know?

*** *** *** ***

I am a child of the 1970’s,80’s and beyond. Now in my late 40’s I can reflect on what I have learned so far, and be able to look back on what I learned early on. If you grew up in this period of time, then you will get all these references that I am about to write about.

I come from a Catholic background. And back in the day there was much family and prayer, saints and church. But aside from all of that there were many outings and adventures.

The first movies I remember were Old Yeller, Bambi, and the much anticipated Star Wars. We went to see the very first installment at Twin City Theatres in New Britain Ct. I’d never seen anything like it. Nobody had.

And as I look back on 47 years of life. we can safely say that George Lucas gave the world something to believe in. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away …


CUE Music ….

I never thought about religion or God when viewing these movies. Fictional characters were larger than life. Luke, Leia, Obi Wan and of course Yoda. Then you had the dark side represented by Darth Vader. Those movies were stories for the ages.

Faith – Power – Good – Evil – The Light – and The Darkness – Family Etc …

I would not realize what that meant for a very long time. And cannot be seen unless in retrospect. From this side of the story and not the earlier. As the next two motion pictures came out, the story filled out and we got a few steps closer to the depth and gravity of the story.

I remember sitting in the Falls Theatre, I was a teen ager by now, watching Return of the Jedi and I had a spiritual experience watching Luke being tortured by the Sith Lord. And Darth coming to his rescue. I felt emotions that I could not name, however they were occurring at that time.

That whole series of movies were existential and spiritual for me. There are no two ways about it. They certainly made an impact in my life and the way I chose to live it after all these years.

The whole cosmic universe of Star Wars was a teaching in religion and faith from a distant galaxy. I know that now, having studied the worlds greatest religions in university and spent 47 years getting to know God myself.

Over the decades we played with toys, you know we all had them. We built legos and star fighters. We had the figurines. And we believed that those people were indeed real because George Lucas brought them to our collective consciousnesses. Amid all that was going on in the world, we could escape into the universe of Star Wars when ever we wanted to.

I know we have all seen the Star Wars Trilogy and the subsequent prequels several times over, I know I have. What was more important was that in the 70’s and 80’s we got to live on Tatooine, and live the life of Luke and his family, like they were our family.

We learned all the teachings of Yoda. And I am sure we can all quote word for word every sentence he spoke from every movie he was in. I know for myself that I still cling to those words and I have applied them to my life and I use them in the work that I do today with others.

Do or Do Not … There is No Try !!!

Yoda, you seek Yoda, Take you to him …

Yoda was a teacher, and I am positive that the world is a better place because of him and the other teachers of the stories. Escapism, either good or bad, can lead to spiritual awakening or another. And I believe that my horizons were broadened in the experience of these stories.

God or the universe, what ever you called it then, existed. I believe that those movies fueled the hearts and minds of millions over the decades. I think it was a bit special to be of the generation to have experienced Star Wars in Theatre as they were released.

Today’s generation, only get them on dvd. They did not get to see the movies on Big Screens. When they did the digital reload of the films, I got to see them on DVD, I own the collection today.

I don’t know if the impact of these films were or are as great as when they were first released. Times were different. We did not have the internet or social media, and today’s kids are too engrossed with technology to sit for a long period of time and concentrate on anything that isn’t connected to Twitter, Facebook or a Cell Phone.

I know that my love of music, from the 70’s onwards was part of my lexicon. The movies were as well. And when finally cable tv came to Florida when I was a teen ager, we got to see much more film and programming.

Things were much simpler in those days. We had each other. We had family, we had friends, whom we shared our greatest treasures with. Music, Film and TV.

In the last fifteen years, Peter Jackson gave us the Hobbit and all those stories. I read them in school, and I have the books in my library, but I did not take to them like I took to Star Wars and other stories.

We had the Tween movies of late.


And then there is Harry Potter.

Harry Potter. Do you dig him like I do?

I fell into Harry Potter because of my therapist who’s office was decorated in Harry Potter Sheik. When we were talking I gravitated towards him, because I felt like an orphan and I was alone in my life and I really needed certain direction.

When I learned that Harry and I shared a birthday in common, I was hooked. It is also J.K. Rowling’s Birthday as well. I have every book and related story that was published. All the monster books, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, and of course all of the books, and every dvd that was produced.

I remember the day the first Harry Potter movie came out, I was living on South Beach and I bought two tickets and I had to watch the first one by myself, however hard a good friend tried to go with me, I insisted we take in the second showing together.

I think I had the first three books by the time I moved here to Montreal in 2002. And Montreal does books very well. Each subsequent release was an event to partake. The book stores were decorated, the employees dressed up and there were hundreds of people who would come to partake and be sorted into houses and then wait for hours until the midnight release time to get your next book.

Harry Potter is another Story for the Ages. No matter where you live, or who you are, unless of course you derided magic and everything to do with Harry, you got hooked, at least I did.

I got to grow up all over again.

I even have my own wand that my therapist gave me when I moved here. Harry Potter fandom is not isolated. The world was taken by him and the story.

I loved reading. And if you search Harry on my blog here you will find hundreds of entries about him. When each book came out I would sit a read through the entire book in one fell swoop. I did that for all of the books.

And to this day, I have several Harry Potter books along side my bed at arms reach so that I can read certain chapters over and over again. I loved Harry, but silently I always rooted for Ron Weasley. The stalwart sidekick who always got second billing.

Hogwarts was a place we could all believe in.

The battle for Good over Evil.

The importance of Family and of Memory.

The value of Friendship and Honor.

The incalculable potency of certain magic.

If you’ve read the Deathly Hallows, then you understand these things.

Like Star Wars, for the older set of folks who are reading, Harry Potter was of this age, something to cling to, to honor, to love and to cherish. We all know what house we belong to.

I am a Gryffindor… I was sorted a long time ago.

And I think we all strive to be a little like our counterparts from the stories. And I think we carry a little of each character/person into our daily lives.

So what does God have to do with any of this?

Do you believe in God? Did you believe in the Star Wars Universe? Were you a Trekkie? Are you a Potter Head? Do you have a favorite story or set of books you would carry with you to your grave and believe strongly in the story, its characters and the words on the page?

Does your faith in God battle with the Gods and Characters of Fiction?

I say that if you have a solid faith in God, or in the faith you practice, then none of this should shake that foundation. That has been the battle for the last ten years for some, people get all in arms over religion and faith, that any little chink in the chain rattles them to high heaven. God forbid …

Can you find or did you find room in your religious/spiritual lexicon to include all those favorite characters you have read in your lifetime as a belief system?

And does the fictional world augment or detract from your religious/spiritual life?

Can both exist in the same space/mind? And if it can how has it impacted the life you live and the way you work with and or relate to others?

I just thought that this was an interesting post, originally found on his blog. I said as much, in fewer words there the other night.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you like it, give it a thumbs up.

More to come, stay tuned …

Happy Birthday Harry Potter

tumblr_mqrucpPYsl1ro4l1eo3_500tumblr_mqrucpPYsl1ro4l1eo1_500tumblr_mqrucpPYsl1ro4l1eo2_500July 31 … A very Auspicious Day. We share a birthday today.

Happy Birthday Lily Potter … Jan 30 1960


James Potter, born 27 March 1960, died 21 October 1981
Lily Potter, born 30 January 1960, died 31 October 1981

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

Happy Birthday Lily !!!

A very Potter Birthday July 31


Happy Birthday Harry …

Happy Birthday to me …

July 31 …

Lily and James Potter …

James Potter, born 27 March 1960, died 31 October 1981

Lily Potter, born 30 January 1960, died 31 October 1981

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

Page … 268

Happiest of birthdays to Hermione Granger!

Today is Hermione’s Birthday. Happy Birthday. I always wondered when her birthday was. It was never mentioned in any of the books, that I remember.

Ron is March 1st
Harry is July 31st – My birthday as well.

Just some Harry Potter trivia for you.

Toodles …

July 31 in the Harry Potter World … Happy Birthday Harry Potter

July 31st In the World of Harry Potter …

Harry Would Be 32 today. And as it is my birthday as well, there will be festive cake and fun later on tomorrow evening.

Happy Birthday Ron Weasley !!!

Today is March 1st. It’s Ron’s Birthday. Let us celebrate … I forget where it is mentioned, his birthday, I was going to go look it up for a quote but that would take too long to go thumbing through the books, although I have it high-lit …

Happy Birthday Ron !!!

I found the reference : Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince pg. 365

‘ Happy Birthday, Ron,’ said Harry, when they were woken on the first of March by Seamus and Dean leaving noisily for breakfast. ‘Have a present.’


Happy Birthday Harry …

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

It’s my birthday today. And it’s Harry’s birthday as well.

My new high dunks are on their way here in the mail.

It was a good day. I got the next installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1 for my birthday from hubby, so we will be watching that this evening while chowing down on KFC !!!

Loves me some KFC.

I got out to Sunday Nighter’s tonight for a meeting. Since it is the last Sunday of the month, we were reading from the 12 and 12 and since it is the seventh month, we read the Seventh Tradition.

“Every AA group ought to be fully self supporting declining outside contributions.”

The room was full and the discussion went the entire period. I didn’t stay for the second speaker meeting as we are going to start the party here shortly, that is after Big Brother is over with.

That’s all for right now.

More to come, stay tuned …

The Neville Connection …

Courtesy: Matthew Lewis Fans

Otherwise known as Neville Longbottom

And as soon as I hit publish and got up from my chair I saw lightening flash in the sky and the rain began to fall…

*** *** *** ***

If you are a Harry Potter head like me, you have read all the books and now, probably seen all the movies and then some.

Over the last few months I have read and re-read book seven enough that I had to re-glue the book back together because my copy is all bent backwards and forwards.

I decided to go back and re-read the other books going backwards. So first was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Order of the Phoenix and lastly, The Goblet of Fire.

There is a distinct change in writing styles from Goblet into the Order and on into the Half Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows. Harry as a young teenager in the Goblet is written in such a way that they are still explaining things to him through the story and introducing new characters who will play greater roles in Harry’s life later on in the successive books.

Long Long ago if you followed along on the websites and J.K.’s notes about the characters, The Prophecy spoke about a boy born at the end of July who would battle the Dark Lord and have powers that he had not.

**** **** ****

As Snape was apprehended before the full prophecy could be made, only part of the prophecy was reported to Voldemort. Oddly enough, the prophecy could have referred to one of two people born at the end of July, later known to be Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom. Though the prophecy could have referred to either Potter, a half-blood, or Longbottom, a pure blood, Voldemort decided that it was the child of James and Lily Potter to whom the prophecy was referring. Shocked by Voldemort’s decision, Snape hastened to Dumbledore and explained that Voldemort had come to the conclusion that the Potters’ child was his would-be vanquisher, and had vowed to kill him. Snape also confessed his longtime love for Harry’s mother, Lily, and offered Dumbledore his loyalty in exchange for her protection.

**** **** ****

You would know that Neville is the other boy that could have taken his spot in the story instead of Harry, had Voldemort gone after him rather than Harry. And it comes to pass that Neville’s parents are tortured by the Lestrange’s using the cruciatus curse and driven mad in the process and that they live at St. Mungos hospital for magical maladies.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches … born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies … and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not … and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives … the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies …
—Prophecy made to Albus Dumbledore by Sybill Trelawney

It was in the Goblet that Harry learns about Neville’s parents, but not yet who their torturers were. Dumbledore tells Harry not to tell anyone, that it would be Neville’s right to tell who he needs to tell. And Harry carries this memory forwards in the story.

In The Order of the Phoenix, Harry has his vision of Mr. Weasley getting attacked by the snake and ends up in St. Mungo’s over the holidays. And on one occasion Harry, Hermione and Ron are visiting Ron’s father and they happen across the long term living floor where Gilderoy Lockheart is living, and they also happen across a young Neville visiting his parents on the ward on Christmas. It is then that we see just how terrible Neville’s suffering is having his parents alive but unable to recognize him while he is there with his grandmother.

Harry is faced with a truth that while his parents were killed by Voldemort trying to save him, Neville’s parents still live, although insane from torture. Harry learns just how much several of his friends have been impacted by Voldemort’s cruelty and evil.

Harry then shares the secret with Hermione and Ron about Neville’s parents. It is part of the story that Dumbledore tells Harry continuously that he should share what he has learned with them as the story progresses.They are always kept in Harry confidences.

There are other secrets that come to light throughout the earlier books that are finally explained in the seventh and final book. In The Half Blood Prince, Harry and Dumbledore visit the gaunt shack several times throughout Tom’s life to see several memories that have been collected.


If you read The Goblet of Fire now, after reading all the other books and you go back, the story opens with Voldemort finding himself in the old manor house where he kills his father and grandparents and also the old caretaker of the manor house who happens upon Voldemort and Wormtail. That is one piece of the story that is introduced well early of its placement later on in the time line.

This is one memory that stands alone and is never really rectified where Tom was never totally connected to the deaths of his father and grandparents, but Dumbledore suspects that it was a magical death. And here in Book four, the Goblet, the story plays out for us on the pages, directly from the memory played out in the Half Blood Prince.

At the end of the Goblet where the Dark Lord rises, you learn who the Death Eaters are that return to him after his resurrection and those death eaters later play a crucial role in the Deathly Hallows. Harry is able to name them to Dumbledore back in his office after returning from Little Hangelton.

The graveyard of Little Hangleton is where Voldemort’s father and granparents are buried near the manor house of the same name exist in the Goblet and are mentioned in the Half Blood Prince when Dumbledore introduces this memory of the killing of Tom’s father and his parents.

You get introduced to many characters who take on greater roles in the story later on in the Goblet of Fire. Harry begins to run across Horcruxes in the Order of the Phoenix, with the help of Hermione and Mrs. Weasley and the cleaning of Number 12 Grimmauld Place. J.K. has woven all these little tidbits of secrets and mysteries within the stories as they flesh out into the Deathly Hallows.

In the Half Blood Prince, Harry gets his first taste at fighting and finding Horcruxes with Dumbledore and learns all those secrets that have been hinted at or firstly introduced in the earlier books. It must have been a long process trying to figure out how she would introduce each layer of the story with whom and by whom. Each Character she introduces in earlier stories grow into crucial characters who all play a role in Harry’s success in the final installment.

It is in the final book where Neville gets brought into the final three Horcrux secret where Harry tells him about killing Nagini when Harry is off to the forest. And in the end the boy who almost was the boy targeted by Voldemort, Neville gets to kill one of Voldem0rt’s horcruxes. The silent/other participant in the prophecy gets his moment in the light.

In the Goblet of Fire, when Wormtail takes blood from Harry to restore Voldemort’s body, when he takes the blood, he inadvertently creates another Horcrux that must be destroyed later on. Harry becomes a horcrux himself because some of the charm his mother gave him now resides in Voldemort. And while a part of Lily exists inside Voldemort, he cannot be killed. Which is why, in the Deathly Hallows, when Voldemort attempts to kill Harry in the forest, he then kills the final horcrux himself. And Dumbledore sheds light on all those things that happened throughout all the books to Harry. All those little unexplained pieces of information get explained by Dumbledore through his study of all things Voldemort. Harry was the seventh Horcrux. The one that was made inadvertently in the Goblet.

What other tidbits of information do you have from your reading of the Harry Potter stories??? Share then with us…

Not my daughter, you BITCH !!!


It’s all over. All the movies, all the books…

I’d stick with the book (s), myself.

I guess you can’t get it all right. Putting things in where there were no things to begin with, Leaving things out where there should have been things. Putting words into people’s mouths. Certain things said by certain people were changed and words came out of mouths when there shouldn’t have been.

Ollivander never knew about the Deathly Hallows …

The book was very succinct. Things happened for a reason in certain order with certain people at certain times.

Leaving out crucial aspects of the book  to make it to the film really did in some of what we saw on screen. But oh well, you win some, you loose some.

It was all very magical. In the end, the book tells the real story.

But yes you should see it.

The last few pages of the book were classic.

19 years later …

I am sure that there are still a few books to be written.

Pottermore …

Courtesy: Ieatcha

It rained today. It is still a little gray out.

I had one thing to do today and that was to hit my shift at the intergroup office this afternoon. It was a very quiet day, call wise. When the phone did ring, all the lines lit up at the same time across the board. All around the dinner hour, people feverishly looking for a meeting.

It was a good day nonetheless.

The other exciting news today was this:

With a sense of anticlimax for the day was the opening of this site: Pottermore.com

A supposed interactive site for the next generation of Potter maniacs. I signed up with my email address and the site opens on 31 July. Funny that, it is Harry’s Birthday, AND MINE AS WELL …

Not to mention that I also sorted into Gryffindor when it all started.

That’s about all for today.

Maybe more later.

Stay tuned …

Sunday Sundries …

Courtesy: Venomous-viper

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood today. The sun shone and the breeze was light, perfect weather for getting out and about. And so that’s what we did…

I finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last night before bed, this was the second time in as many weeks that I reread the book. Now I can reread book seven before the next episode of Part seven comes to theaters in the coming weeks. The final movie clip for the next film looks really good. I hope that they take more time in this episode to cover more and not be a disappointment like the first film was.

I walked out to Sunday Nighter’s this evening. There were a lot of people at the meeting. We are reading from a new book “Experience, Strength and Hope” stories from the first, second and third editions of the Big Book. It was a good meeting.

An excerpt from The Seven Month Slip…

“After a year of learning new ways of living, new attitudes and desires, I became self confident and then careless. I suppose that you would say I got to feeling too sure of myself and Zowie …”

The story goes on the tell how the writer ended back out after some time in the program. This short passage brought to mind what happened to me the first time I got sober. After four years of sobriety, I was just going through the motions, going to meetings, hanging with my friends and living life as it went along.

But at some point during that fourth year, I started feeling lonely for something that I felt was missing in my life, the problem was, I did not talk about this to anyone. I didn’t have a sponsor, and I was flying by the seat of my pants. I did not tell any of my friends either. I took my will back and planned my slip out the door. Which was exactly what happened. And when it was all over with 18 months later, I had lost everything that I owned and had to regroup with only what I could carry after being extricated from that situation with what little dignity and life I had left.

There were sure things that I had not learned the first time around. I should have opened my mouth at some point and admitted that I was going to make a huge BAD decision. Had I done that, I probably would not have done what I did. But things happen for a reason. I had to walk that part of my journey.

I’ve learned that lesson now, about my will and how dicey it would be to take my will back and try it on my own. Things are much different today. I share with people, when I get squirrley I talk about it. I never make decisions without passing those thoughts by people who know me.

The discussion went the whole period. I was going to come home right after the first meeting, but thought better because a young man I know from another meeting was speaking at the second meeting, and I wanted to hear what he had to say. I see him on Friday nights at The Gates of Hell on the East side.

Several people stayed on to hear him speak. And it was a great meeting. The young people in AA here in Montreal are working on a Bid committee to go to San Francisco September 2-5th 2011 for the 53rd ICYPAA convention of young people. They will be presenting a bid to bring the convention here to Montreal next. It is a big project and they have been campaigning for people to get involved here in the city. It is a huge community bringing together both the English and French sides together for this event. And The Gates of Hell is where it all starts.

We’ll see how they get along. I switch my Friday nights up, going to NDG for Friday West End speaker meeting, or I go to St. Laurent and the Gates on other Friday nights. I have been hitting more NDG meetings because my French is not up to par sitting in a bilingual meeting. I need more practice listening and understanding French.

After the second meeting I waited for Bill, one of my friends who lives a couple blocks over from our building, we walk home from meetings together. A good time was had by all.

That’s all for now.

More to come, stay tuned …

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Review/Spoiler) Be warned …

After a long wait, and multiple reads through the book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows made its debut today in Montreal, like everywhere else in the world.

I have read the book numerous times to count. And I have to say, to begin with that I was terribly disappointed in the film. Harry seemed antagonistic. Ron and Hermione were really good.

The film opened with several scenes but the continuity of the story was off. The film is a series of vignettes that come and go so quickly. The opening scene with Hermione obliviating her parents memories was discussed in the book and comes later in the story than in the opening salvo in the book, where she explains what she did to them to protect them.

Snape appears at Malfoy Manor where Voldemort is awaiting him as they discuss what is to take place with Harry’s moving and Charity Babbage and Nagini.

Fade to Black …

The Dursley’s on the one hand – in the book are escorted out of the story by Dedalus Diggle and Hestia Jones after a long conversation with Harry. In the film, Vernon and family are packing up the car and trailer with all their things and drive off into the sunset. No mention of magical help otherwise. No other wizards are in this scene they are conspicuously left out.

The Seven Potters chapter was done with some continuity. The conversation from the book is left on the cutting room floor for a more proactive Mad Eye Moody and Hermione, and Harry just relents. They could have pushed this scene a little further. But they bring everyone directly to the Burrow instead of all points from the book. I thought they could have done more with this section of the film.

You can’t put everything from the book in a two hour block of time so that is why the continuity was lacking.

George gets his scene with the “Holey geddit Fred” conversation from the book. But they mangled this part of the film it just does not flow correctly, too many misses and what they COULD have done, they chose not to do.

Harry attempts to flee the Burrow and Ron wakes up and follows him outside and they have a conversation about staying and the fact that they wouldn’t last 2 days without Hermione. Harry goes back.

No mention of Harry’s birthday at the burrow. No party, no gifts, but we do get the minister of magic coming to give them Albus’s gifts from the will. Once again, this scene from the book could have been played out in its entirety, but wasn’t. There are no words between Harry and the minister.

We jump right into the wedding scene where Harry walks up and sits down with Elphias Dodge and Auntie Muriel, she actually gets a whole scene.

“They are coming…” made it into the film, then the three of them disapparate into London Proper. There is no mention or view/use of the invisibility cloak. Harry does not take polyjuice potion to disguise at the wedding. They do change in an alleyway from formal clothing to street clothing from Hermione’s beaded bag.

The mention of Harry’s birthday comes while they are wandering around town, trying to find a place to hide, which eventually the scene changes to Grimmauld place.

Then we move into the diner scene with them ordering coffee and get caught by death eaters and the first wand fight commences. Hermione does all the complicated spells throughout the movie, I thought she did a really great job with her part.

There is no conversation about Grimmauld place they just go there directly assuming that was the logical next stopping point. Mrs. Black is absently silent at the house. The whole hunt through Sirius’s bedroom and the finding of R.A.B. on the next door does not happen, but words are put into Ron’s mouth. When it is Harry and Hermione who realize that R.A.B. is the brother. The whole time they spend at Grimmauld place runs about 15 minutes in the film.

No Lily Letter – No scene with Hermione and Harry … They just butchered this section for a few minutes of film.

The whole running down the stairs and calling of Kreacher does not happen. We find in the film that the three of them are sitting in the kitchen when they open a cupboard door and find Kreacher there. Harry is antagonistic when he quizzes Kreacher about the missing locket, he hangs the fake locket in front of Kreacher trying to force a response from him. There is no discussion with Kreacher, no tears, no long story about R.A.B. Regulus.

Kreacher makes his short response about Mundungus Fletcher and then Harry tells Kreacher to “Find Him.” A quick fade across the land and Kreacher pops back into the kitchen with Mundungus and Dobby the elf …

Dobby appears once in the book … well later on in the story. In the dungeon of Malfoy Manner. That’s later on.

So Kreacher and Dobby are fighting with Mundungus Fletcher in the kitchen and Dobby has an entire conversation with Harry about he finding Kreacher in Diagon alley and overheard the words Harry Potter and so he just had to come and help.

Where did that story line come from???

There is no planning of the break in to the Ministry of Magic. No Kreacher with the bouncing locket on his chest. But Mundungus begins telling Harry about Delores Umbridge when in the kitchen, so handily there is a Daily Prophet with her photo on it.

Then we move right into the hunt for the locket at the ministry. The polyjuice in and this whole sequence of events are odd. The whole way that Harry finds the locket (around Delores Umbridge’s Neck) while she is in court with Mrs. Cattermole. Interrogating her about her blood status.

Harry steals back Moody’s eye off the door and they stun Deloris the get the locket from her and end up back in the Floo Network back to Grimmauld Place, where Yaxley grabs ahold of Hermione and they end up in the forest where Ron gets splinched.

Hermione is nervous over Ron’s body and she plays the scene right out of the book, right down to the dialogue with Harry. They speed through the Locket is a hot potato and there is no mention of the runaways goblins in the forest eating salmon where Ron becomes enflamed with Harry leading to them splitting up as rain fell on the tent.

The “You’re parents are Dead” line is delivered by Ron and Harry and Ron go at it, there is no shield charm and Hermione gets Ron to take off the locket and follows him out of the tent where the snap is heard outside the tent and Ron Disapparated.

The interaction between Hermione and Harry after Ron’s departure is funny. There is an entire dance sequence between the two actors that was stuck at this point in the film.Listening to pop tunes on a radio. Hello … is anybody paying attention to continuity???

There is discussion about Godric’s Hollow and the pair disapparate there in the snow. No disguises, no polyjuice potion… The totally ripped apart the visit. No war memorial, Hermione finds Ignotus’s grave with the hallow sign on it. Then the camera pans and Harry is standing in front of his parents grave, where Hermione walks up on him and produces the Christmas roses. In the book, Hermione is trudging through the graveyard and the whole Kendra and Ariana conversation happens. There is no mention of them nor do  you see their graves in the film. They just hopped skipped and jumped through this chapter in the book.

The portion of the story with Bathilda happens, with the photo and the fact that Bathilda lures Harry up stairs where the snake comes out of her body to keep Harry there. It was a dark scary scene in the movie.

Harry is seen standing outside the tent in the snow. Hermione is off on her own sitting by a tree reading a book, sitting on a blanket hiding the pieces of Harry’s broken wand. The whole dialogue between Hermione and Harry after the snake, the conversation where she says Ron’s name early on Christmas Day doesn’t happen.

But it is mentioned later on.

Continuity … Hermione is supposed to be sponging Harry’s brow as he wakes up from his whole “being in Voldemorts head” from the book doesn’t happen. Harry walks up to Hermione and asks her where his wand is … it could have been played like the book, but once again, Harry is in an antagonistic mood once again, she hands him the broken wand apologizes and he says that He will use hers in the meantime.

My favorite chapter in the book … The Silver Doe…

It’s funny that they sit outside the tent building camp fires in front of the tent several times. The silver doe comes to Harry and he follows the light into the forest where it ends up stopping OVER the forest pool where the sword of Gryffindor is waiting for Harry. Harry strips off and “diffindo’s” the pond. Wearing the horcrux as he dives, like the book, almost kills him as Harry is seen banging on the ice from underneath.

Ron appears and saves Harry, get’s the sword and “Are you mental???” is spoken. You cast that doe, no I didn’t, I thought it was yours, no my patronus is a stag. We flash to the locket on the stone as Harry tells Ron to stab it. But there is no conversation and when Ron says he can’t do it, Harry asks him “Why did you come back?” with attitude. Harry has a chip on his shoulder the whole film.

The locket opens and tortures Ron and is destroyed. There is no soft scene between Harry and Ron. No I love her like a sister, I thought you knew that? All that dialogue is left out of the film.

Harry wakes Hermione (it is light outside the tent through this whole section of the film) when it should be in the middle of the night. But Hermione is asleep when they get back to the tent and the whole scene between Hermione, Harry and Ron is mangled. You read it in the book, and she is really demented. She gets her hits in but the dialogue is all screwed up.

Hermione attacks Ron outside the tent (NOT inside) the whole story between Ron and the two is mangled to bits. Then we see Ron and Harry sitting on a bunk admiring the flames in a jar and Ron gives Harry the wand he snatched from the snachers. There is mention of that happening makes it into the movie but not where it should be.

They should have lifted the dialogue out of the book and stuck it into the film, the silver doe chapter is a pivotal chapter in the book.

The trio travel to see Xenophilis where Hermione narrates the entire story of the three brothers, this is a very inconsequential chapter in the book, but they go into detail at this point of the film. I don’t know why they chose to illuminate this section of the book, and they skimped on some of the more important points in the story line.

They disapparate from Xenophilus’s house into the forest where they happen upon snatchers. Snatchers in the forest. They don’t go back to the tent and are happened upon by death eaters who take them to Malfoy Manor.

The snatchers chase them through the forest and decide take them to the Malfoy’s where the family is along with Bellatrix Lestrange. They weren’t going to turn them in. Hermione mangles Harry’s face. They mangled this section of the book as well. It is rushed and there are missing characters from the book, intentionally left out of the story in the film.

The whole scene in the dungeon is rushed. Harry looks into the mirror shard and calls for help… no eye appears and Harry calls for help. Dobby shows up in the dungeon and takes Ollivander and Luna back to Shell Cottage in Tinworth. Dobby apparates back and tells Harry to meet him at the top of the stairs in 3 seconds, where Pettigrew is struck down and killed. Not by his own hand, and there is no interplay between Harry, Ron and Pettigrew.

The house is empty save the Malfoy’s and Bellatrix, at the point where they go to summon Voldemort, Dobby drops the chandelier on Bellatrix and they grab the wands and apparate out to shell cottage.

The scene fades in with Dobby standing on the beach swaying. And Harry happens upon him and holds him in his arms and Dobby dies, and Luna says “we should shut his eyes…” Where are the others?

Bill, Fleur, and Dean, Ollivander and Griphook?

Harry says that he wants to dig the grave. There are no other characters in the scene, Harry digs the hole, and they (Ron and Hermione) carry Dobby in a blanket and they place him in the grave and the cover him up.

Fade to Black … Voldemort violates Dumbledore’s grave, takes the wand from him and lightening streaks into the sky …

Fade to black … the credits roll…