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Helping Tina

Thursday … Anniversary … One Long Goodbye Begins

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Courtesy: DarkandChaos

It has been a few days of darting around raindrops. And it will be that way for a few more days. The storms that ravaged the south and mid-west moved north and lost a lot of its punch. Today it rained fat drops that fell here and there, not much of a substantial rain event. And if it does rain, it seems to rain in between and not On us…

It was a Big Day today. Changing Attitudes celebrated its One Year Anniversary this evening. All of the remaining founders were present. It has been a good run. We have new members and we have been able to pay rent and keep the doors open, which is a good thing. They say that when you open a meeting, you can do the groundwork, the rest is up to God. And if a meeting makes it and is meant to exist, God will provide. And He has over the last year.

We sat a humble crowd. And we read from the Red Book, and the chapter about learning new things, most importantly, changing the things we thought we believed, and came to realize what we really believe Now. Most importantly that we matter, and that yes, we can learn to love ourselves.

Aside from the main celebration, one of my sponsees took his 2 year medallion. A very auspicious occasion. The two year heralds the hope that one day, one day at a time, you will eventually get to Ten years.

It was a good little celebration.

That same sponsee is headed for new things in the U.S. come Fall. And we are laying the initial groundwork for his eventual move South. I have a few months to fill him with whatever he may need to get him over the border, and the rest will be up to him. It is a sad, yet exciting time for all of us.

People come and people go, and sometimes we only get a few seasons to work with someone and hopefully, something we have said or taught, may nest and take root when it is most needed.

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned…

C 2 5 K Week 2 – Run 2 (Report)

Courtesy: Flickr Chris Mitchell

It was another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Not as hot and humid as it had been over the past few days. None of the rain that was supposed to fall materialized.

I left on the run around 7 – the sun was going down and it was much cooler running today. I tracked up Tupper towards Cabot Square and up across to Alexis Nihon to De Maisonneuve West down to Greene and back to home via Ste Catherines.

I made several intervals tonight, but not all. I am having pain issues with my legs and I am not sure why they hurt so bad when I run. I am thinking that I should take some Advil before I run. I finished the 20 minute loop with the pod cast.

The next run is Sunday, but I may add one tomorrow, I will see how I feel then.

See ya later…

Sunday Morning Breakfast – Dorval …

Courtesy: Followeed

It was a glorious day today. The sky was blue and there was a breeze which made getting up at 7:45 for a morning meeting very easy. Grasshopper suggested the other day that we go to Dorval this morning for a meeting.

So Grasshopper, Andrew and I set off for Dorval early this morning on time for breakfast which was fantastic. For three dollars you got a freshly cooked breakfast by a member volunteer. Eggs, Ham, Pancakes, Toast and fruit. It was all spectacular. Breakfast was served for an hour before the main meeting began at 10:15.

The room was packed with people, those who got up on time with the time change. They say that close to 80 people show up on a Sunday morning, but we weren’t that many today. It was a discussion meeting and the topic was sponsorship.

It was also fun to see so many familiar faces. Many of the people who have shared at Friday West End over the past couple of months are members at this group on Sunday. We’ve heard a good handful of them share their stories.

It was a good meeting. It was good to hear how people came by their sponsors or how they were looking for sponsors and for some they had problems with understanding what a sponsor was supposed to do for them.

Grasshopper shares about his sponsor and he and I have a special relationship covering many bases of life, not just alcoholism. I not only monitor his sobriety, I monitor his life, as I do my own.

I shared about my sponsor – that he is a quiet man, and always has something to teach me and if he doesn’t have an answer for me, he goes to his sponsor who is sober almost 50 years now. So we have grand sponsor, sponsor, sponsee and grasshopper. It is all a blessing.

I also picked up a brand new March Grapevine for two bucks. They order Grapevines at 10 a month from the Grapevine office. We are looking to get them for our group on Tuesday. Since the office sends them out in bulk, we need to call and get a quote at how much it will cost us for a year of bulk mailings.

I also picked up a new book called Emotional Sobriety II. The Next Frontier. Stories from the Grapevine. Moving forwards with our educational theme, Grasshopper is reading Pass it on, because we have been discussing Higher Power as of late, I thought that learning how Bill W. Came by “God as we understand him” would help him see what he should do with his own.

It was a great start to the day. We may revisit this group again in the future.


The Needs of the One …

A couple of days ago I had a conversation with my friend Tina. I have known Tina since I began Junior High School in 1979 … 1979!!!
That’s 32 years we have known each other. We have been friends for all this time. And lately my friend has found herself in dire straits after breaking up with her boyfriend who bled her dry of all her money and now she is homeless and living in her car.
That is unacceptable. We must do something.
State assistance is in the pike and may take longer than is necessary to get her out of her car. So we set up this chip in widget and are asking all of you who can to make a humble donation to help her. If this were you, what would you do? Winter is coming and being confined to a wheelchair and living out of your car is problematic. So please, give if you can, and if you are able give generously.
“When you have done this for the least of my brothers and sisters, you have done it for me.”
Click the widget to the right of the blog and follow the prompt to make a donation. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
*** *** *** ***
Tina needs our help!

Hopefully you have reached this site because you are a friend of Tina’s and/or know about her story and want to help her out of a bad situation. I can tell you I have known Tina since 9th grade and she is a self sufficient working type who has never let her disability hold her back (she has been in a wheelchair all her life). She has found herself, as a result of trusting the wrong person, (who took her for everything) now living in her car in the upstate NY area. It’s cold there and it is October. She is pursuing avenues to get help from the state, but that is slow. She has an application in for an apartment. Her family is in their own crisis and cannot help her. If you are able to give anything at all it will help, and she is grateful, as am I.

Blessings to you, together we can help Tina. Let’s get our friend off the street and into a warm home. Thank you!!

Love, Trish