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HTC Hero

Blur …

Courtesy: Loveoncelost

Last night it rained. Cats, dogs, little fishes etc etc …

We watched the clouds come over the mountain from the North and West over the city. It was a microburst storm. Living on the 17th floor, when BIG weather hits the city, the windows buckle in their frames. We went from light of day to darkness of night in a matter of minutes. The rain fell in sheets, and lightening criss crossed the sky, it was all quite amazing.

And as quickly as it blew in, inside of 30 minutes the storm blew itself out.

It was much cooler last night which made it better to sleep. We hit the hay much earlier that usual last night, and around 5 am I woke up and I was in a downward spiral sugar down. That’s the first time I have hit a down in the middle of the night, so I got up and ate and drank almost a whole bottle of soda.

I was supposed to have lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time, but as I got in the elevator to leave the building my phone decided to up and die on me…

I walked to the restaurant and got a table, the server brought me a soda and I sat and waited for a while. I don’t know how long I waited because I usually use my phone as a watch, and because said phone was dead, I did not know what time it was.

In the end – my friend did not show, or I left before he got there. I set off for the Metro and headed to the mall to get my phone fixed. They took all the sim cards and memory cards out and we went around and around with a Motorola phone, they give you a loaner while your phone gets fixed.

They popped the cards in one phone – it would not read my SD card.

They popped the cards in a second phone – it would not read my SD card.

They tried a third phone and still it didn’t work.

They told me to bring it home and stick the phone on the USB cord into the computer and it would recognize the SD card. Well, I walked home from the mall, hubby got involved and in the end, we could not make the phone work either. We spent a good hour trying to find fixes online to no avail.

I walked back to the mall and said “give me a phone that works!”

I waited almost an hour while they tech who was helping me tried several other phones before deciding on a Motorola Blur. Its not an HTC Hero, but a smaller phone that is not as familiar in my hand than my own phone. They put the cards into the phone and it responded with (THERE is NO DATA on the SD Card).


Trying to make the card fit and work, somehow all the music, 8 GB worth of music, was deleted. So I brought the Motorolla home and started fiddling around with it.

I learned that the Blur won’t play WMA files. Only MP3 formats. Over half my music was in WMA format, so I could not put all that music on my phone. I did get a good amount of other music on the phone which was good.

Secondly, all my contacts from my old phone are stuck on the old one, they could not transfer the data because they could not get my phone to work. I reset all that info, downloaded all my apps that I usually use and reset my phone. It works. It did not cost me anything so that is a good thing.

It’s a bit humid and warm today.

I may hit St. Matthias tonight, I haven’t decided yet.

More to come, stay tuned…

HTC Hero Upgrade Android 2.1

My HTC Hero phone was tapped tonight for the Android 2.1 upgrade. So I am running the latest update on my phone, it looks really sweet.

It did not take long to download, but I waited almost 2 more weeks than hubby, his update came before mine.

HTC Hero Review …

I wrote about this HTC Hero phone on the day that we received them, and I had not spent any time with it at that point. Suffice to say that I am thoroughly pleased with this phone. Mine is the Hero HTC black. I have a blue phone cover on mine, and different apps and clock/weather on the home page.

The Android operating platform is one of the most stable platforms,

I have been told by a tech friend of mine that I will be totally blown away by what this phone can do.  Hubby puts his phone to much more work than I do. His phone is set up for email, web browsing, text and phone.

I find that my phone does a lot of thinking on its own. With the Google access, it syncs up all of my accounts across the web into the phone. I noticed the other day that it had imported all of my google contacts from my GMail account.

When the Google Wave accounts were created some time ago, I joined along with other  friends in London Ontario and a second friend in Australia and several others from around the world. It seems that the email addresses were synced into the phone. I like how smart this phone really is.

I am still getting used to the phone and how it all works so well. The way that the many social mediums are synced on the phone are amazing. I can Facebook, Email, Blog on my WordPress account, and browse the internet. I have several of my favorite tv shows bookmarked like Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and now Lawrence O’Donnel’s The Last Word.

The trackball on the phone is super useful when browsing the net or specific websites. The touch screen keypad is very user friendly.

The apps I enjoy the most are Four Square, a GPS program that follows you where ever you go. I find myself checking in throughout the day from where ever I am walking or visiting. The internal GPS system is incredible.

The biggest joy of this operating system is the on board memory for music. The most fun is that they gave us 8 gigabyte cards for our phones, it was a sweet deal. I loaded up my phone with a TON of music. I mourned the loss of my mp3 player a few months ago. Now I can do it all with one hand-held device.

I have a library of no less than 50 apps on my hand held device. From sound effects and ring tones to the entire collection of the assorted Google services. Everything that I can do on my desktop PC at home, I can do on my hand held device all neatly wrapped up on the HTC Hero.

Some of the apps I have loaded on my phone are as follows:

  • .977 music online
  • A Online Radio
  • Android Light saber
  • Bar code Scanner
  • Online Browser application
  • BBC News
  • Assorted Holiday/Movie ring tones
  • Dictionary
  • Facebook
  • Google sky map/Google voice/Gmail/Google Maps
  • Footprints
  • Foursquare
  • Paypal
  • Quickoffice
  • Sims toolkit
  • Tumblr
  • Weather apps
  • WordPress
  • You Tube
  • Stocks – not that I use it.
  • Twitter – I don’t use twitter (yet)
  • Star Trek/Star Wars ring tones
  • Camcorder/Camera

The only thing that isn’t synced on my phone is my email, which I decided not to import into my phone.

The app Market for the Android platform is huge. All of the apps that I have downloaded onto my phone were free apps. I won’t be using apps that are for pay. I am totally pleased with the selection of apps that I have on my phone right now.

We’ve never had issues with dropped calls. The only problem I had with my phone was the memory card. I had to reformat it once and reload all of my music back onto the phone because it got dumped the first time I loaded all the music that I have in my personal library. Here are the Telus specs on the HTC Hero.

Processor: Qualcomm MSM7200A, 528Mhz
Operating System: Android™ platform
Memory: ROM: 512MB, RAM: 288MB DDR
  • 3.2-inch 320×480 HVGA resolution
  • Color TFT LCD with LED back light
  • Capacitive touch screen
/GPRS/GSM Function:
  • Internal antenna
    • 850/1900 MHz
    • Up to Mbps up-link and 7.2Mbps down-link speeds
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE:
    • 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Band frequency, HSPA availability, and data speed are operator dependent.

GPS: Internal GPS antenna
Camera: 5 megapixel camera with auto focus
Connectivity: Bluetooth® 2.0 with enhanced data rate, Wi-Fi®: IEEE 802.11b/g, HTC ExtUSB™, 3.5mm audio jack
Power: Rechargeable battery — 1350 mAh
Talk Time: Up to 250 minutes
Standby Time: Up to 360 hours
Dimensions and Weight: (LxWxT) 4.5″ x 2.22″ x .54″; 4.5 ounces with battery

I am totally pleased with the choice we made to go with Telus for the plan and customer service plan that we have on the phones. I love this Hero Phone. Now that I have a cell phone I often think about why I went so long before getting one. I get a full days usage on the phone with the battery charged to full every night.

Imagine, growing up in the 80’s like I did, and seeing the first cell phone, (that brick of a device) that was the first cell phone compared to today’s technology.

I wonder what life would have been like had all these technologies, and forms of social media were around in the 1980’s. I have seen records in 78, 45 and 33 rpm come and go. I don’t remember that last time I bought a CD from a record store. In fact I can’t even remember the last time I visited an HMV.

Kids in today’s day and age have so much more to appreciate I can only imagine how far these communication platforms will evolve over the next twenty five years. How many kids today could imagine what life was like “before” technology came. Was life so much more simpler then? Who knew from computers and now these mass functional hand held phones that do everything in one spot.

Totally Amazing… I Love this phone.

Shop Till You Drop … Tuesday part 1

Courtesy: AWMF tumblr

It was a quiet weekend as I have said already. Monday I had class and it went well. Our comprehensive oral exam has been pushed back until next Monday … Thank the creator … And absent students from class.

I am having immense fun with my new HTC Hero phone. Hubby and I sat up last night and programmed them with news sites that we like in the bookmarks, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnel. We watch this line up every night, every night.

Yesterday my HBC credit line card came in the mail. It was a free $1000.00 card, good for the taking from the HBC website. So what does a good boy do with $1000.00 in his pocket of free money?


I went to Zeller’s, because I needed supplies for tonight’s meeting. Then I went shopping… like a mad woman, I felt like Wilma Flintstone yelling “CHARGE IT !!!”

**edit** I just got a note from the bank that I need a code to set my re-payment app on my online banker. They are up late …

Oh my god, where do I start… I really needed a new wardrobe. I’ve been wearing the same jeans for months now, and I am loosing weight so I needed some new duds. I bought 7 pairs of jeans/pants/dockers. 2 really nice button down shirts. Hubby thinks they are fashionable… I bought more undies and sox. One can never have too many pairs of either. At least in my case…

And I bought a Conair, professional hair straightening iron, like my hairdresser has at the salon. My hair is getting long and is too wavy and I can never duplicate a hair dressing look when I go to the salon, so hopefully, this little gadget will help me perfect my beauteus looks.

Oh yeah, and a pretty cool hoodie … One can never have too many hoodies in the closet, with fall approaching, it will start getting cool at night. They haven’t put all the winter coats out yet, although there were some on the racks already… I didn’t like them, so we shall wait for the booty to get put out soon.

Well the day is young, I need some food and maybe a nap. Stay tuned for part Two to come later this evening…

So So Saturday …

courtesy: Slowly Coming Out

Don’t you just love photography…

Little by slowly I am coming to LOVE my new phone. We have been downloading apps and getting to know all the abilities of these phones. The Google Operating systems for android work really well. Most of the apps that I have downloaded into my phone work, save the Harry Potter ringtones. They don’t seem to work, although you can use them as a soundboard. Sites online that I have searched don’t have correct fixes and the sounds are copyrighted so I haven’t found another site that offers the number of “quotes” that I have already sitting in my phone.

We got out of town for our meeting tonight. We went to the New Saturday Night Laval meeting off island. It was in a huge church and it was a new crowd of people that we don’t see in the city. Since I am chairing this month for the 8 pm meeting, I had to look for a speaker for next week. Rick and I spoke about someone to ask, and he showed up at the meeting tonight, so I have my speaker for the meeting.The meeting tonight was a speaker format, and the space lent to the speaker. We enjoyed our visit. We will be going back next week for sure.

The weather has definitely changed today. It is 15c out right now with clouds and rain coming and going. There is rain in the forecast for the rest of the week coming.

If you know of a good reliable site that hosts a download for Harry Potter ringtones, let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.

Tomorrow we will hit the Sunday Nighter’s at 6:15 for the literature discussion meeting. Hopefully the crew will show up. We gained another groupie this week, so we are all busy with meetings and step work.

Well, that’s all I have tonight.
More to come, stay tuned …

Hero …

My hubby is my hero. I just have to say that first …

What happened today? It is Wednesday and last night I went to bed as usual around 3:30 a.m. and I slept until mid-afternoon today. While I was out cold, hubby had been running all over town paying bills and today we graduated into the 21st century.

Hubby had been to the Telus store up the street at the mall. He has been talking about this purchase for a while now. He did all the research online, looking for the best deal in town.

It came down to Telus as cell provider and the HTC Hero phone is what he bought for both of us. It is all a little too much technology in a hand-held device. But I think I am loving it already.

I went to class and I imagine hubby spent the entire afternoon and evening up until about 20 minutes ago programming phones. It is 2:22 a.m. right now as I am typing this.

I got  home around 9, and my phone was waiting for me to play with. We have a plan that includes all of our favorite numbers, I’ve only got a handful of numbers in my phone so they are covered by the plan.

We added a bunch of apps like:

  • Weather
  • Banking
  • Facebook
  • You Tube
  • Flash light
  • Google
  • STM (Metro Info)
  • Video

The most fun is that they gave us 8 gigabyte cards for our phones, it was a sweet deal. I loaded up my phone with a TON of music. It is sweet, I mourned the loss of my mp3 player a few months ago. Now I can do it all with one hand-held device.

It has a nifty camera and does all kinds of things, that I have yet to learn about. We spent all night long researching apps and programming both of our phones. We stopped mid way to eat dinner, and that was short and sweet. Hubby got a purple phone cover and he bought me one that is blue. (The one pictured above is an Orange).

We have web browsing, music, phone calling with voice mail and a ton of apps. I haven’t fully figured out how it all works, I only got as far as hubby could teach me how to use it. Tomorrow is another day, I am sure there will be further additions to its functionality.

It’s all very exciting… more to come tomorrow …

Goodnight from Montreal.