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One of my boys remarked last night that I haven’t written anything of substance in a few days. And I told him that I don’t usually write unless I am feeling inspired. So here is a stumble image I came across in the last week, I have files and files of pictures from all over the sphere that I have yet to use. I liked this one.

Now we have some music, courtesy of SEA 89.5 Worldwide, I just love this radio station out of Seattle Washington. You can stream it right from their website or like me you can use your Vurtual DJ listing program to find it on the dial under “Dance.”

The rains have gone and the clouds parted this evening and now the sun is setting on the city. Everything looks so much greener after a good rain. This being “planting weekend” here in Canada, along with it being a holiday weekend, Vitoria Day. We get our holiday early – you Americans get your Memorial Day Weekend next weekend, and the official start of Summer.

We have adopted another boy into the family circle, and last night we had a long conversation about a great many things. He is very passionate and all my kids have similar commonalities. It seems that Bi-Polar is becoming a common thread in this family of mine. I have always said that it takes two heads to care for someone who is Bi-Polar.

One of my boys got a new car yesterday and I was very excited for him, as this was a new venture trying to figure out how he was going to afford paying car payments and insurance and keep the bills from overtaking him – he had another heart to heart with his room mate to try and nail him down to some responsible activity like work and paying all the bills on time and taking care of his share of the home responsibilities.

I’ve been hanging out in my virtual world a lot lately. You can join us at IMVU here. I’ve found that you can download the IMVU Toolbar here. It allows for easy access to the site and your personal settings and inventory and the funnest button “FREE SPIN” where you can win credits every day if you play. I’ve been getting lucky in the last two weeks I have won over 1000 credits which I have used to buy some new clothing – one can never have too many outfits and pairs of shoes…

Tomorrow I have my mid term exam in my Wisdom and Tradition class which should be alright. You can’t fail an essay exam, it is highly impossible unless of course you have not studied the material. Then it is off to my weekly meeting home group.

The discussion of politics came up last night with Damien and we talked about Barack and Hilary. Politics will be what they are as we talked he said that he would like to see Hilary restore the name of Clinton as president. He also shared that he thought that Bill Clinton was crucified for his marital indiscretion while in office, meanwhile, if we look back in history John F Kennedy screwed many women Marilyn Monroe’s name came up in the conversation and it seemed that the world overlooked his indiscretions. Yet in the 20th century Bill Clinton got hung out to dry.

We also talked about the present administration. I think – along with many others that DUBYA and his minions should be impeached and sent to the Hague for War Crimes against humanity. That would be the right things to do.

It seems that Barack Obama is an unstoppable force of nature. The news is reporting the following at this hour:

NEW YORK – A top strategist for Barack Obama has reached out to Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s former campaign manager about joining forces for the general election, the latest sign of political reconciliation between the two rivals as Obama begins consolidating his position as the likely Democratic nominee.

Clinton has vowed to stay in the race through the final primaries June 3 even as she trails Obama in the popular vote and among pledged and superdelegates. She has also pushed for a resolution of disputed primaries in Michigan and Florida, whose results were voided after the states violated party rules by moving their contests to January.

Obama is expected to secure the majority of pledged delegates Tuesday after primaries in Kentucky and Oregon.

We shall see what this news bodes for the future of the Democratic party and the possible look of the ticket come November. A lot could happen before then. Barack Obama should be the next U.S. President…


That’s about it from my corner of the world. I don’t know what else to write at the moment. Here is my IMVU Avatar with his new Canada outfit. I liked this one a lot. Good night from Montreal…

Angel Wings …

Ever wonder what you would look like with angel wings? I earned enough credits to buy me a pair this weekend. So here they are…

Happy Sunday!!!

IMVU – Gift Update …




I feel like a rock star!! My own tour bus… You can see me in the drivers seat.

You can come join us aboard the Highway Palace on IMVU [Link Here]. The bus has enough seating for 8 occupants, a dining and living room, a full bath with tub and a patio seating area in the rear of the bus, kind of like a DOME CAR on the Trans Canada railway. What is a Canadian, without his Winnebago???

So that’s where I am hanging out tonight. Join, it’s free, and then come look for the AP Room called “Jeremy’s Highway Palace” see you around the drive…

A Titanic Night…


The Biggest room on IMVU is The R.M.S. Titanic. Tonight Danny took me aboard Titanic and he played the song for me. It was a very Celine moment… How much more Canadian can you get, I ask you? You can actually stroll the decks, and sit in the lounges inside the ship, we stood on the stern where Rose attempted to jump ship and even, if you look at the photo above, stand in the crow’s nest at the front of the ship.


I’ve spoken often about IMVU, the virtual community that I belong to. You can click the IMVU Link and join up yourself if you feel inclined. Tonight was a special night. One of my oldest and best friends is a builder in that community and He created for me my very own nightclub which I am going to show you below. There are cars and trucks on the first floor, a spinning dance floor with lights and sound.


This is another wide angle view of the first and second story of the club, where one can sit on sofas and look down on the main floor and watch plasma tv’s. It’s really cool. I am standing next to the sports car that is in the club.



And this is my Canadian Made Avatar…

A fun night was had by all.
That’s all for tonight, it’s quite late already…