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Books are Good …

The weather outside is frightful. But I did get out of the house for the first time, in as many days. I had a gift card sitting on the desk for Indigo and so that’s where I went.

The store has changed so much since the holidays began. They have huge displays of really nice things on the upper floor. They have shifted the locations of entire categories of books to other places in the space. They moved the entire religion / new age / philosophy section to another location upstairs, it seemed to me that they got rid of a good portion of those books.

I did browse the fiction section, I thought that I’d find some books by authors that I got for Christmas from Amazon at the store but alas, they weren’t on the shelf.

I did pick up a few titles that look interesting.

The first book I picked up is called “Why He is a Saint” The Life and Faith of Pope John Paul II and the Case for Canonization. By Slawomir Oder with Saverio Gaeta. This new book will go nicely in my collection of John Paul II books.

The second book is “All Those Things We Never Said” The number one international best seller, by Marc Levy.

The third book I picked up is called “Room” by Emma Donoghue, A novel, shortlisted the The Man Booker Prize 2010. The cover has glowing reviews, I am looking forward to reading all these books over the next few weeks.

At checkout I had to renew my Irewards Card, so this entire purchase ran me about $100.00 less the $40.00 in gift cards totaling like $60.00 some odd dollars.

I love books – now that I have some time on  my hands before classes start on the 17th, I can read here and there.

Thursday Thoughts …

It’s another Thursday. I got off to an early start this morning to meet a friend for coffee at the Indigo cafe at the mall. It is all so prettily decorated and people hustling and bustling about getting last minute Christmas gifts.

The extra large Christmas tree at the mall is as beautiful as ever. It has characters that move and a train encircling the base of the tree, I am not at home at the moment, so I can’t upload a photo right now.

Around 11:30 I left the mall to come up to intergroup to do my monthly phone shift and got here earlier than I expected, since there were intermittent stops on the green line. We got hung up a few times on the ride out of town.

It has been a quiet couple of days with hubby in Ottawa until tomorrow, I have to meet him at the bus station tomorrow afternoon to bring gifts home, probably by taxi.

We had a light dusting of snow last night, but there isn’t going to be snow for the weekend, maybe at the start of the week next week. That big storm they are watching in the U.S. is moving eastwards towards the weekend, so that might bring us some more snow.

Now I am sitting here at intergroup twittling my thumbs and playing on facebook. This is the first time that the computer here has been unlocked for us to use. Which is nice for a change.

That’s about it for now at the moment.

More to come, stay tuned…

The Moonlit Earth …

I completed my read of “The Moonlit Earth” two nights ago. I must say that Christopher Rice gets better and better with each successive book he pens. There is a running theme throughout all of his books that deal with gay relationships. And he did not disappoint me in this book.

What starts out is a bomb attack at a Hong Kong hotel, and Cameron, a young beautiful flight attendant is a prime suspect of what authorities are calling a terrorist attack. His sister Megan goes on the offensive trying to clear his name, and is taken on a whirlwind tour of Hong Kong and the South Pacific.

What is truth and what is fiction, who did it and why? All these questions and more get fleshed out in this thrilling read of intrigue, mystery and friendship. The story of Aabid and Cameron’s friendship is beautifully written, in what we think might be an inappropriate indiscretion turns out to be Cameron’s saving grace.

“I know the truth, and if you don’t tell her, I will…”

There are so many twists and turns in this book, that if you skip one word you might miss something crucial in the telling of the story. Which brings me to my next comment… This book is a true page turner and had me caught up in the story so well, that I spent almost four hours reading the other night, I couldn’t put the book down.

Rice writes like a seasoned author. His ability to weave characters and story lines are a master stroke. Like his mother, Anne Rice, he really knows how to build a back story and fill in all the spaces with detail with his effortless story telling.

This book is a beautiful work of art, bringing together the East and West, and even a bit of Middle Eastern tradition and religion. You will not be disappointed by this book. Christopher Rice has written, I think, his best work yet in “The Moonlit Earth.”

Summer 15 …

A project was introduced on You Tube over the past couple of weeks called the “Summer 15.” It is a reading project for the summer. I did not go out and buy 15 books … too much money. But I have bought some new books in the last month. Here are the books that I have read so far in the past month or so.

1. beatrice and virgil – Yann Martel
2. Life of Pi – Yann Martel – winner – The Man Booker Prize
3. John the Baptizer – Brooks Hansen

The next two books I just bought today from Indigo.

4. The Bishop’s Man – Linden MacIntyre (CBC 5th Estate journalist)
Giller Prize winner.
5. Fall – Colin McAdam – Giller Prize finalist

Linden, Colin and Yann are all Canadian authors. I think this is a trend, that I picked up these two books today, they sound like good reads. I will keep you posted.

So what are you reading this summer, leave a comment below.

More to come, stay tuned …

Thursday Thoughts …

What a day it was today. I was up with the little birdies this morning. I had to meet with my academic adviser over breakfast on campus. I am mulling over my list of things to do at the moment. I have set a date of September to either find a job doing something I want to do, or apply for a place in the minor – Interdisciplinary studies in Sexuality. It is a minor right now, but will be becoming a MAJOR in 2012. So I have to now find out if I can apply to the minor and be a minor student and get financial aide, or evolve into an independent study in the minor program and take classes.

Right now – I really have no desire to do anything academic. I don’t want to write another paper right now. I got my course pack for my Christian Iconography class this morning and wouldn’t you know it, fuck me, I have to write another paper…I might drop this class, I haven’t decided yet. I have to think about it right now.

So that was my morning.

I came home and farted around until I laid down for a nap. This evening I went to Indigo Booksellers for a meet and greet with Yann Martel, writer of “Life of Pi, and “Beatrice and Virgil.” He did a reading of the latter book, and answered questions, then he signed our books. I got there in plenty of time so I was in the first group of signees. I bought Will a copy of Life of Pi, I know he has one already, but this one is inscribed to him. A nice collectors item for his book collection. I am going to read it before I send it to him.

I got my copy of Beatrice and Virgil signed as well. On the way home, I walked through the Eaton Centre and stopped off at Burger King for some food, I was craving a burger…

Now it’s almost 10 and I need to boogie.
More to come, stay tuned …

Book Reviews …

this is how

So I waited to review these books until I had finished both of them. I have to say that I enjoyed reading “This is How” it was a good read. Although I was troubled by the main characters choice of actions partway through the book then the storytelling became just a journal read, which I found to be really boring. You have to read the book to understand why I just said that. If I tell  you why, then I will spoil the whole book for you. Needless to say it wasn’t wasted money.


Here we have Wally Lamb. A most prolific writer and a good one at that. This story was a LONG read. It took me over a week to finish it overnight in bed. It tells the story of a couple (a teacher and a student nurse) who are married and living in Colorado during the Columbine tragedy.

The story narrates what happened to them on that fateful day and just how a series of really bad events can screw up a life in more ways than one. Wally tells a really good story. He weaves missives in between the main story line and connects the dots with pin point precision. I found in the read that he tells us a series of connected stories to enhance and enlighten the main story line.

It all wraps up into a really fine work of art. As I reached the end of the book, the story heads in a number of different directions and ends with a finality that brought tears to my eyes. I was saddened by the way that Wally ended the story.

But there was no way to really end the book in any other way – because of the story line and what was going on for most of the read. It had a lot of similar lines of “This is How” it was a fluke that I picked up BOTH these books at the same time, because they are so similar in story line.

There in the book was love, loss, death and destruction, and recovery and grace. Wally wrapped up all the major emotions into a really good read. I would recommend this book to you with high points all around.

READ THE BOOKS – I Highly recommend them.

What am I Reading…

indigo books

I went to my favorite bookseller this evening because I finished reading another book from my home library. “Ghost Light” by Frank Rick was a really good book, I enjoy reading from time to time.I can’t go to bed at night without having something to read. And I was tired of rereading old books, hence the trip to the book store.

With school beginning next week, I don’t see myself having much time to concentrate on side reading, I am told that reading for a graduate is something I better get used to. Hopefully it isn’t going to bog me down.

I try not to take academia to bed with me at night. I like my couple hours of reading of something other than religion or theology. So what are these two new books?

This is How – by M.J. Hyland

this is how

“When his fiance breaks off their engagement, Patrick Oxtoby leaves home and moves to a boarding house in a seaside town. But in spite of his hopes and determination to build a better life, nothing goes to plan, and Patrick is soon driven to take a desperate and chilling course of action.”

Sounds like a good read. I saw it, picked it off the shelf and kept it in my basket while I walked around. I am looking forward to getting into this story.


New York Times Best seller – The Hour I first Believed

By Wally Lamb – author of  “I know this much is True” and “She’s Come Undone”  … From the front cover of the book:

“Audacious … profound and moving … A soaring novel as amazingly graceful as the classic hymn that provides the title.”

I like Wally, he’s a great writer.

Both of these books are HUGE, so I am sure I will be kept busy for some weeks to come. If you want to read along with me – I’d like to hear from you. The last time I put my reading list up, I got a few readers who left comments here on the blog.