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Lisa Laflamme

“The Chair …”

The last weekend of Summer has come and gone. The kids should be in bed already so that they can get up on time for school tomorrow. Backpacks should be packed and lunches made and new school clothes waiting to be worn.

It was always an exciting time getting ready for school back in the day. Lots of good memories shopping for new clothes and getting ready for new school years. I am reminded of what it was like tonight since most of the news casts had stories about going “back to school.”

This week marks new beginnings in the News World. With Lloyd Robertson’s departure from the CTV National News chair last week, we welcome a new anchor to the chair tonight.

The new CTV National news with Lisa Laflamme began tonight with a new desk, new graphics and a very exciting news reporting. Lisa has been a fixture at CTV covering world affairs from all the major hot spots around the world. It was an exciting news cast and I think that she will do well in her new role as the main anchor for the National News. Lisa writes a new column called “The Desk:”

Hi everyone,

This is a big day for the CTV National News team. The first, in our new story as we step across the bridge and into the future.

Tonight, I will sit in ‘The Chair’ for the first time as Chief News Anchor and Senior Editor. It’s a new role for me, but I’m happily surrounded by the same team I have been part of my entire professional life.

People have asked me, what will change?

Well, let me tell you first what will NOT change: what we do better than anyone.

Acting as witness to events in our own country and around the world.

Making sense of facts – some of which are easier to establish than others, so at the kitchen tables of Canada, EVERYBODY understands.

Investigating beyond the bare facts – we nail bad guys and celebrate the good guys.

So what will change? The truth is, it already has.

The dizzying pace of the daily news cycle online and on TV is only going to accelerate.

I see this as good news because 140 characters does not a news story make. It means that at the end of the day, more and more people will NEED what we do best. Context, credibility and basic reporting have never been more important than they are today.

We’re already using social media to share our stories with an even wider audience, to alert you of breaking stories and as a place we can see YOUR crucial feedback and ideas. I’m excited to take greater advantage of all the digital tools at our disposal in order to tell our stories in new ways, on exciting new platforms. (Have you checked out our new FREE CTV News iPad App!)

Back to today, or rather, tonight. So many people have worked so hard to make this launch a success. From the editorial brainstorming to the production artistry, to the magical construction of the incredible new set – our own Special Forces!

And finally, I want to thank you all for your incredible support. Your notes, tweets, and emails have been overwhelming, and I promise we won’t let you down.


*** *** *** ***

Tomorrow the local CTV news channel here in Montreal begins its new news casts from their new Studio twelve. There are no photos of the new studio up yet and my local reporter friend has not updated his news stories feed just yet, so maybe I will be able to post some of those shots in the coming days.

It is going to be an exciting week for all. Hubby goes back to teaching next Monday in the department of sociology at Concordia, he and a few of his friends were hand picked to teach tutorials for the department this fall. It is a new chapter for him in his commitment to his education and the education of new students in the department.

It being a holiday today – we did not have to be anywhere so I slept in again and hubby went out to meet with his fellow teachers for a few hours. When he got home we prepared some dinner and that is always fun.

I’ve been noticing a lot lately that my hair has been steadily going grey in many places and I don’t fathom going grey this early in my life so the other day I went by Pharmaprix to get some Loreal Excellence hair color. This is my only vain vein in my body … grey hair is unacceptable. So that’s one thing that got done tonight.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and it will be an exciting day. Hopefully the sun will shine because it is raining a bit tonight.

Sty tuned, more to come…