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Masters Studies

Master’s Managed …


What a day !!! What a day !!!

We hit the sack early last night, because bright and early this morning we were up preparing to go listen to Hubby defend his Master’s Thesis on the Tea Party.

But before that all happened, I did not sleep much at all last night, and I got out of bed around 5 a.m. because I got a bug up my ass … And I should know better than to get up out of bed to do what I thought would be easy and painless …

I’ve been singing songs from old movies lately, to myself. And I thought, why not download the tunes for my phone. So I did that. Now my SD card in my phone, a 2 gig SD, is very itchy. It is tempermental when I try to add or subtract music from it, and I should know better then to try doing this while hubby is still in bed, or when he just goes to sleep late at night.

After several failed attempts to get the two files moved from my hard drive to the sd card, my computer crashed and fucked up my sd card. I don’t know what I did to it, but it wouldn’t work. Hubby was not having any of my drama this morning because it was all about him.

He set off around 8:30 for the college and I went over about 9:30. It was a small gathering of panelists and guests. Hubby had printed out his 20 page presentation to follow. And it was a full stop SUCCESS !!! He blew his readers and his adviser out of the water. There were two rounds of questions from the panel and on the first round, one of his readers just twisted him up and was on this “Debbie Downer” trip.

Needless to say, Hubby fought tooth and nail for his defense. The second round was much better. Lots of compliments and kudos. In the end they granted his Master’s Thesis Defense. His supervisor said that he did far better work than an M.A. researcher, and it was good enough for PHD work. And after their consultations after the presentation, they accepted his thesis fully and without any needed revisions. Which is quite a feat of academia.

We were all so proud of him !!!

After the ordeal we went our separate ways, I had errands to run to drop off our rent for the month of May. It was lunch time, so I missed the secretary. But it got paid. On the way back through the tunnel and the mall, I stopped at the Telus store to try and get my sd card fixed. That was a no go. They said that I could reformat the card on hubby’s laptop, but he didn’t have a reader converter. UGH!!!

I did some sundry shopping on the way in, had some lunch and went to bed around 2:30. It was a great nap because at the end I was having this massive technicolor dream about Christmas and as someone asked me a question like, “are you coming for Christmas??” I woke up.

Actually, hubby was woken up first. Me thinks we have a ghost in the apartment. Because things happen, the tv turns on by itself, not all the time, and not predictable. So about a minute before my alarm clock was set to go off, the tv turned on by itself again !!!

I got dressed and departed for the evening event, which was a trip out to St. Michel to pick up our new cabinet for the group at the church. The cabinet is beautiful. Just what we needed. And just the right size.

On the way out I stopped by the Telus store because I had called them to see if I could buy an sd converter card for the laptop, and they said that a brand new sd card comes in the packet. They don’t sell separately. The girl that helped me earlier was still there and I asked for a 2 gig sd card, and she sold me a 4 gig sd card for the price of a 2 gig sd card … SCORE !!!

Hubby left me some directions on the way home to shop and get groceries and now we are home, he is having Chinese food for dinner and I am having Subway.

Later on, I need to reinstall ALL my MUSIC AGAIN !!! UGH Kill me now ! Albeit on a larger sd card so that should be painless, Let Us Pray !!!

All in all it was a great day.

More to come, stay tuned …

Never Write in the middle of the night when the commmitte is in session …

My spirits are sinking fast. I don’t know where I stand at the moment academically. The warning signs are there, but no contact has been made in the form of punishment, but I don’t think it will be very long before it happens. Maybe someone in the department will step up and lobby for me to continue. But I am not going to lobby, it just doesn’t seem right to do that. Seeing that I rewrote those two papers on a lark and ended up with C grades…

I had complained to one of my spiritual advisers that I was not enjoying what I was doing, and the more I pray and think about it I am coming to the conclusion that a change may be in the works like the inevitable.

I’ve sent a couple of emails to several ministers in the city to sit down and talk with them about what I should do next and to see if they can help me reorient my life in another direction and put to use the 2 degrees I already have in some pastoral ministry capacity.

I am going to be canvasing the AIDS groups here in the city, I also thought about going to Toronto to see if I could find a job there, which would mean a dual household, not sure if that is feasible at the moment, but an English province is better suited to me than a bilingual province that demands bilingualism …

I also am going to check with the hospitals in the area to see if I can find a position in the pastoral ministry field at these locations. Lots to think about and ponder over the next few days.

Summer classes start on Monday and I am not sure I should show up and face someone telling me that I am no longer welcome. So there are still two days this week for news so we shall see what happens.

I know that there are jobs waiting for me in other provinces, but I can’t ask hubby to uproot when he just got accepted into the MA in Sociology for the fall. That would not be fair. But maybe I can find a good job that pays the bucks we need to be able to work where ever I want to work.

Any of you with suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

More to come, stay tuned…

Hunker Down …

Monday has come and gone. And I have had enough time to think about this entry and it has come to me in the last few minutes what I want to say. For the last two months I have been paralyzed with fear … Performance anxiety you might call it. After my poor showing last semester I ventured into another semester not knowing whether or not I would leave the program.

I finally got the chance to sit down with my MA adviser to talk about my paper that I wrote for him last semester, but he did not even have my paper in hand to talk about. He wanted to make sure that I had not decided to ditch the program. I think he was genuinely interested in my staying. He used words like “Anything you need” and “you may take all summer to complete your work if it becomes necessary” it seems that he is willing to make any concessions that need to be made to guarantee my remaining in the MA program.

I told him that I was paralyzed with fear and that I had spent a good deal of time freaking out about being an MA student. I still find it difficult. I find my peers to be somewhat standoffish. Many of my fellows from last term are less interested in being friends and more apt to talk to each other because they are in other classes. I don’t know if it is me or not. I go to class, I am cordial, always polite and accommodating.

We talked about my classes this term. He is watching me from afar and he is talking to my profs this term as well, making sure that I don’t fail in my task as a student. And I find that my Old Testament Prof is keeping me on a short leash, so to speak. She handed out the paper requirements to night and I almost had an anxiety attack.

We spoke about Hermeneutics and I told him what I was hearing and that although I may not agree with some of the comments I have heard, it does nothing but create animosity between the students. There is a divide between the first year MA students and later MA students. And I think that my being older and more amenable turns a few of my fellows off. What can I do, I am powerless over them.

I went to class tonight and I felt really odd. I am not an Old Testament scholar nor a student of but I took this class because it was necessary. I sit in class and I listen to the others talk and it seems, at times, that I am a world away. There are 5 of us in this class. One is the TA. I am the odd man out when it comes to Hebrew and Old Testament knowledge. But I must persevere. In for a penny, in for a pound.

I have a lot of work to do. And sometimes I don’t know where to start. So I am doing little things every day. Like researching books, working on bibliographies and getting my ducks all in a row so I can sit down and work straight on as “reading week (read: Spring Break)” is upon us next week and the library will be closed so I need to get all the books I need this week. I’ve reserved them online hopefully they will come in before Friday.

I need to see my Gnosticism Prof. again to touch base and get some direction, since the last time we talked was in December. For the moment all I can do is breathe. I have the resources of the department at my disposal, if need be. But for now I have to stay on target, and try to meet all my deadlines on time.

They say it doesn’t get easier. My adviser spoke about the MA thesis and Project, I am on for the project option right now. He made mention of that and I told him that I was far from that point and I don’t have the ability to think that far ahead at the moment, and he was good with that.

He wants me to stay and I want to stay, even if I am full of fear. At least I know that people are covering my back, who knew I’d need that at my age. We are all adults in this program, there are a few younger people who don’t necessarily want to get cozy with older fellows. I have more conversations with my profs, then I do with my fellows. I find that Odd. There is a lack of comradery amongst the troops.

Oh well, I think I’ve said enough now. Pray for me. We also need to pray for Louise who is having her breast biopsy tomorrow – I hope it’s not cancer again.

Let us pray …

Tomorrow is Tuesday. YAY !!!

Scripture Disconnect …

“We must first explain the way to discover whether an expression is literal or figurative. Generally speaking, it is this: anything in the divine discourse that cannot be related either to good morals or to the true faith should be taken as figurative. Good morals have to do with our love of God and our neighbour. The hope that each person has within his own conscience is directly related to the progress that he feels himself to be making to the love and understanding of God and neighbour.”

St. Augustine … Christian Theologies of Scripture, pg. 43

Luke 10:25-28

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus. “Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?”

“What is written in the Law?” he replied. “How do you read it?”

He answered: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”

“You have answered correctly,” Jesus replied. “Do this and you will live.”


We’ve been speaking about discourse in Hermeneutics as of late. And this week we had to read from our text about Augustine. One of the great Church fathers who wrote a plethora of commentary on scripture, faith and practice. And since I sit on the far side of the circle in class, I was next to last to share from my journal. As I listened to my fellows each had their ideas and comments on the reading and I appreciate all of them immensely.

When it came my turn to speak I spoke:

I am moved by the humanity – the human approach that Augustine writes about. Inviting his readers to come to God in human terms and to transcend scripture through practice. Again and again the stress is upon transcendence to overcoming our preconceived notions and attitudes. Letting go of our egos and attitudes to approach the scriptures from the “right” direction.

He speaks of the humility of man, and humbleness of person and spirit. All very important aspects to reading, interpreting and the living of scripture. It seems to me that Augustine had a humanly divine experience, one that taught him transcendence of spirit.

I don’t think that one could relate teaching in the way that he has to us, without first experiencing the divine in the way that Augustine had. There could be no witness and or teaching without first visiting that place as teacher, minister and man.

Augustine speaks about Love of God and Love of neighbour. These two things must happen before one can approach scripture. And I muse, if we are Christians do we obey this commandment? Are we half Christians? And if we are half Christians, then we are not Christians, because we do not obey all of the commandment. How can we call ourselves Christians if we cannot follow the most simple of directives from Jesus himself?

In today’s day and age, when it comes to public discourse and also in religious discourse there are men who say they are Christians, yet they disobey the commandment. If we exclude people from community then we are not loving our neighbour. If we are exclusive then we are not inclusive.

I challenge my Christian brothers and sisters with this challenge of obeying the great commandment. If you cannot – then can you call yourself an authentic Christian. Can you honestly say that you cannot obey the words of Jesus in this context? And if you can’t then what are you?

How can Christian community be Christian community if they do not obey the simple words of Jesus Christ? That’s where transformative discourse comes in. Discourse and conversation is pointless unless some form of transformation takes place. Conversation is wasted on people who hear the words and do not obey. Can we allow ourselves to be transformed by the words of scripture?

I wonder …

Hermeneutics and Ecclesiology …

Everybody who has been following along the blog for the last little while will know that I have been conflicted with where I am in my university career and that I have been pondering leaving the program, but I have been waiting for a sign from God to tell me what to do next.

So I prayed, and I prayed…

And I have been seeking the advice of the spiritual people in my sacred circle and they all have given me good advice, I have shared that advice here. I have been taking this term one day at a time following the syllabi for my classes like I should be. I have an annotated bibliography due on Monday and reading to do for next week. All along waiting for the voice to come, because like I told the Rev. the other day that I have been following this path all along by the grace of God, picking up the puzzle pieces as they came to me, and knowing when to wait for them to appear along my path.

A long time ago when I moved to Montreal, it was because of family and faith. It began with a visit to Notre Dame Cathedral in Old Montreal and the happened upon visit to the Grey Nuns mother house that I was reunited with my great aunt who was still alive and living at the Grey Nun Mansion on Guy.

I met a priest who told me that “Montreal was where it all starts…” He gave me my first puzzle piece to put into a greater picture which is still not complete. Over these many years I have been following this path looking for puzzle pieces and they have come – on God’s time, and not on my time. That should tell you that I have learned a great deal about patience over the years.

God doesn’t speak in loud voices and it usually comes in a whisper or from a source that I never thought of it coming from. Listening for God is a fine art. Knowing what the message is when it comes is another fine art. Parsing the words, letting them come like fresh fruit.

I heard his voice tonight in class… From a woman.

We were talking about discourse. The discussion went around the room about this topic before coming to her about the topic of transformative discourse and if it was possible to have transformative discourse and if we would be open to that transformation and this was her answer:

My prof asked one of the women in the class a question and for a brief few minutes I was transfixed. She said that she wasn’t here for a degree, or a piece of paper, that she was following in the program to learn more about herself, about others and the human condition. She was here to transform. It wasn’t about papers or letters or something that would spruce up a CV…

It was about humanity…

That answer has stuck with me – I know that’s the answer to my prayers. I know what I have to do now. I know what I want to do. Spinning the topic of my prayer and looking at it from a different perspective is what I needed to do. We entertained a little Thomas Aquinas and his refutations which was fun. We will be reading Thomas Aquinas in the coming weeks.

For now, I think I know what I need to do, and how I need to approach my academic work. It isn’t about the paper, it’s about learning something about me and others. To engage in the human condition. Our prof has the hope that if we came to that class with a perspective that by the end of term we would come out of this class with new vision. Brilliant …

If you are praying to God for something make sure you ask the right question. And then be prepared to wait for the answer. Sometimes we don’t get an answer, and sometimes the answer comes …


And then in some cases the answer is a yes… Or the answer might come right out of left field and knock you flat on your ass… Whatever the answer be prepared, because it might not be what you expected, and with God No means No – it is best not to ask why, when God says no, it’s no, for his reasons. And sometimes that reason is not for us to know right now, and maybe not ever.

That’s the mystery of God.

Good night from Montreal…

5 More Pages !!!

What did I do today??? I worked on that god damned paper on The Role of Sophia in Gnostic Cosmogony. I worked all evening long. More than three hours worth of reading, typing, checking and double checking.

I went over all of my quotes to make sure they were in order – I even begged my prof for less pages and he said NO! I need 5 more pages. I spent an hour going through the EBSCO services and JOURNAL features at the library looking for shit to fill 5 pages…

God give me strength …

I also pulled my book review together and I think it is finished to the best of my ability, with that reading at least. It isn’t spot on and I could not compete with the language of the text, I just don’t write that “high” at all. So I may have to reread it and do some quick revisions before Tuesday night.

I am working on Origen. I like Origen, but I need more source material. I spent last night reading a book I pulled from the library, but it only gives hints at the material that I really need – that would be Christology according to Origen.

I have an appointment tomorrow to meet with the department scholar on Origen at 2, so maybe he can help me with my source material.

We are so close to the end I can taste it, but not before I finish Origen. Classes end on the 9th of December. That’s when the last paper is due. I need to squeeze my ass and get this paper written sooner than later … If I get pointed in the right direction tomorrow then I can pull it together. I got some good advice from a few of my readers so thank you all for your academic advice.

I missed the parade today… And I didn’t get to watch any football…

Did you see Glee last night??? Did it make you cry?

Only two episodes left until the very very very long hiatus until April 13th

More to come, stay tuned …

Sad Days…

sleeping boy

Sad news came this evening. One of my colleagues in the Department of Theology and a good friend for many years, lost his husband to cancer. Here is the obit:


THOMASSIN, Vaughn 1965-2009 Surrounded by his loving family, passed away November 2, 2009 at the age of forty-four. He leaves to mourn his spouse Johnny, his parents Hugh and Linda, his sister Heidi (Mark and family) and many other family and friends. Visitation on Wednesday, November 4, 2009 from 3 to 5 p.m. and from 7 to 9 p.m., Thursday from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. at 1255 Beaumont Ave., Town of Mount Royal (between l’Acadie and Rockland), The funeral service will be held on Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 12 p.m. at St. James United Church, 463 Ste-Catherine Street West, Montreal followed by interment at Les Jardins Urgel Bourgie, St-Laurent. The family would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to Segal Cancer Centre (Jewish General Hospital) and Cite de la Sante Hospital for their kind and devoted care.

Donations may be made to Segal Cancer Centre (Jewish General Hospital, Pav E, 3755 Cote-Ste-Catherine Road, Montreal, H3T 1E2) in the memory of Vaughn.

I had heard whispers that he was ill over the last few months, but this came as a shock. It will be a busy Thursday for me with a funeral in the afternoon and a lecture to attend that very same evening.

I took today off because I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. I have been spending hours every day reading and every night I read up to 30 pages of material before bed, and I am just mentally FRIED !!! I took a nap this afternoon and when I got up to get ready for class, I just couldn’t do it so I went back to bed and slept until after 8 this evening.

We are awaiting the news on Maine’s No on 1 campaign.

That’s all for now. More to come, stay tuned…

Theology …


I have been telling you as of late how difficult classes are this term. And I am feeling the pressure. I got into the Masters Program because of my GPA and the fact that I did my prerequisite in Pastoral Ministry. But now I am beginning to see that I lack some of the schooling that many of my classmates have.

I have a B.A. in Religious Studies. I spent the last 2 years working on my Certificate in Pastoral Ministry, taking the assorted classes that were required. None of them, today, are paying off dividends in my MA studies.

I was not schooled in Theology. I did not major in Theology. I am not versed in the Patristic Fathers or the Fathers of the Modern Church or the Early Church for that matter. I took one Introduction to Theology class, that was a terrible waste of time and money, it did me no good, nor did it do anyone else any good either, because of the temp professor that did nothing all semester, but I digress…

Today I sat in the group listening to one of my classmates make a presentation in class, which I will have to do in a few weeks, and then the ensuing discussion, and I was totally out of my league. I felt so much tonight, like an outsider. I wasn’t anywhere near the loop.

I have a midterm exam next Tuesday and I must pass it. Failure is not an option. So I am doing my best with my studies. As well as I can do. I wonder if I am in the right place? Did I make the wrong decision? Did I bite off more than I can chew?

Lots to pray about for the next little while.

Taking care of me …

buid63 copy

Today, I took care of me.

I went to bed early last night, after repeatedly rereading an email I got last night and weeping a bit, and after watching Madonna over and over again … This morning I got up and went to drop labs.

Here is hoping the universe is on my side and the numbers are still up there. I want to believe that taking ‘all these pills’ every day is doing something for me.

I guess we will see…

I got a fast bus on the way up the mountain and got in and out of the clinic in record time, then I made the downhill bus too, and I didn’t have to wait for my return bus, so I didn’t have to walk down the mountain on foot.

Tonight’s class on Gnosticism was a mind bender. We read some texts from the New Testament:

  • The Gospel of John Chapter 1
  • 1 Corinthians Chapters 1, 4, 8, 12
  • Ephesians Chapter 4
  • Colossians Chapters 2 & 3
  • 1 Timothy 1, 6
  • 2 Peter Chapters 2 & 3

In our reading of these texts we were supposed to notice any particular wording or phraseology that might have a Gnostic shadow in them. And if you read these passages, you will see them. Especially in the letters of Paul, Paul is writing to the church in Corinth because they have asked certain questions of him about certain people in their midst. It’s all very interesting.

There is the “Anathema Iesous” -vs- “Kurios Iesous” …

Is this a Christological statement?

There is more I could write on this but I do not want to transcribe all of my notes here like I usually do. Read your bibles and join the discussion.

I am hoping in the coming months to make a train trip to T.O. to see a friend, which is something that I am hoping will happen before the holidays. I could not be happier to know that he is not so far away. What a blessing…

That was my day today …

Let us pray for Adam who’s cancer is on the move again.
Let us pray for Carmi, who lost his father last week.
Let us pray for each other, because we should.
And let us be better neighbors, because that is what Jesus told us to do.

Hump Day Thoughts …

where are you going

Do you remember the other day when I had to go to Campus to fix my financial aide file for the 4th time? Well, they sent the updated status to the government and they gave me a calculation of $12,243.00 which was correct.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, I got up this morning and checked my mail as usual and didn’t the government send me an email saying that they rescinded my last calculation because I was not registered for the fall…


So I pick up the phone and called financial aide, which they put me on hold for twenty minutes then directed me to leave a freaking message, which I did not and I got dressed and marched my happy ass down to Campus “For the FIFTH time in 2 weeks” so that I would get my calculation again for the fall.

Lets all say it together …


With 5 days to go till the end of the month – they still haven’t cut my check which is going to the school first so that they can take my tuition for the past summer, then I get what is left, so I don’t know when that check is going to come down from Quebec City. I swear, if I have to do this again, someones head is going to roll in Quebec City and I am going to go freaking POSTAL !!!

I was pooped early on this afternoon but I wanted to get to the Gym so I took a shower and got dressed and went down to Campus AGAIN – and the place was jumping. My little latin loverboy was there with his buddy, we exchanged parting glances to acknowledge each other which was a first…

I did a couple miles on the treadmill and my abdominals on the Atlantis machine. There were too many people on the weight side and all the bar bells were being used so I did not get my lifting in today. I did not feel like waiting for a bench and tools. So I came home early. Even if I can’t see results on the outside, Karl told me that I should keep going because it helps on the inside. And I guess I agree with that.

I think I am gonna go take a power nap for a bit.

More to come, stay tuned …

Toosday … Fear …

justin and brian

Hello Peeps…

Sorry I have been MIA for so long. I just haven’t had any material to write about lately, besides the 30 page paper I am writing for my Certificate at the moment. I have been taking full advantage of not having anything to do during my days to sleep – and read like a madman.

I have been re-reading all of my Christopher Rice books in my library as of late:

  • A Density of Souls
  • Blind Fall
  • Light Before Day
  • The Snow Garden – presently reading …

If you have never read the younger “Rice” I highly suggest him. He’s a great writer. I have a love of all things “Rice.” Anne and Son…

It is grey, grey, grey outside. I think mother nature is going to take a dump on Montreal tonight. We could use the rain. But I guess we’ll see. At least it isn’t so humid and miserable – I commented to one of my friends tonight at the meeting that I think Montreal may escape sweltering miserable hot summer days, as there are only a couple more weeks in July – August is just around the corner, so we will be making our way into another season real soon.

This would happen to be my favorite time of the year, this entire shift from Summer into Fall into Winter … Lots of trees means lots of color. And I will be photo documenting the change as it happens here.

I really did not want to stay for the meeting tonight. My sponsor called earlier today to tell me that she was not feeling well, so she would not be going to the meeting. The topic was FEAR …


I’ve spent this month keeping my words to myself actively listening to people in the group share each week. It’s not like I haven’t had anything to say, I just haven’t felt the need to share as of late.

A lot comes to mid when I think about fear. Memories I choose not to give energy or power. Things that linger in the back of my mind. They never really leave you, things people say and do, the sting just gets less and less as the years go by. I can’t change them, I can only change myself. And I have done that.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with my Academic Adviser to celebrate my acceptance into the M.A. Program. I wrote to the University web master to tell him of my academic promotion into the MA program. We’ll see if they change my status on the University Blog Page.

My birthday is in 10 days … YAY !!!

I have been on this diabetes diet for now 3 months and I am dropping weight really nicely. I think if I eat any more bananas, that I am going to start swinging around the apartment like a monkey. I have gotten off the soda treadmill in opt for water and crystal light. I eat fresh fruit every day. I stay away from sugary foods. I can’t have them really. But I can eat pretzels and the occasional cup of ice cream.I broke down and bought a box of ice cream sandwiches tonight on the way home. Me so bad… My numbers have been really good over the past couple of weeks. So it’s all good.

Did I mention  my birthday is in 10 days ?

I made it another year, who knew ???

It’s kinda like a great big FUCK YOU to the man (my father) who used to tell me that I was a mistake and should never have been born. One day he will die and we will all mourn his passing. But like I have said before, there is NO love lost there, not one little bit…

any who … more to come, stay tuned…

I did it…

MA Pic

I’ve just put the rest of my life in the hands of the University. I finished my online application for the Fall semester to start my M.A. in Theology. I also registered for my second session class Theo 298t – my paper writing course on Pastoral Ministry – working in Task Groups.

Let Us Pray …

The End of my Certificate…

MA Pic

Six weeks ago, I filed paperwork with the university to get into a class (late) mind you, that’s why I filed a permission slip with the AHSC department.

This morning I needed one more class to graduate with my Certificate in Pastoral Ministry. That class was AHSC 232 Working in Task Groups. I got a set of emails this morning from some woman on campus saying that HAD I gotten into the class and did all the work, they would assess my transcript, with a note from that prof that I completed all the work. HELLO!!! I didn’t get into the class, and their email is six weeks late.

I sent her a note “Sorry you are a few days late and a  few dollars short. It seems from the time I sent her that note – that SHE emailed my department and got nasty with the former chair of the Certificate program.

I had an appointment to meet with Professor Bright at 3 o’clock, she is co-teaching my “Trinity” course this session. Prof. Bright is also my Certificate adviser.She’s a classic lady with classic wit and old world charm. She is considered the Matriarch of the Theology Department.

I told her about the emails I got from the University and this strange woman and that my successive attempts to get into AHSC 232, has as of late, failed for both the summer and the fall – she was not pleased.

She then made me an offer that I could not refuse. She offered to supervise a class for me. Just for me. They are building it into the system right now. I told her about my history and my Pastoral Ministry work and a little of my life story and that I work in a mentors circle.

So here is the deal … Second Session Summer I have to write a 30 page paper on Pastoral Ministry – working in a task group. Prof. Bright and her husband are going to France for a few weeks and she said that I could write this paper and have it completed for her when they return from Europe. This little class will be certified by Professor Bright and I will graduate in the Fall with my Certificate in Pastoral Ministry and I don’t have to set foot in another AHSC class, so help me God…

We left Prof. Brights office and sent downstairs to talk to the secretary who is doing all this work for us to assign this section and class for me. The secretary says “look at this…” and she prints out pages of correspondences from the strange woman at the University and her conversations with the former chair of the department. It seems that the Applied Human Science Department has broken their agreement with the Theology department. Professor Bright is not happy, because other students are having the same problems that I was having and you know, you just don’t mess with certain brilliant Professors. Heads are going to roll over this …

I need to pay off my summer fees in the next three weeks so that I can apply for the M.A. in Theology by the end of the month. If all the stars align and God is good I will be able to pull this off cleanly. We shall see…

More to come, stay tuned …

Evolution (Fall Photo Essay #1)

Sunday 9 September 2007
Temp: 18c
Cloudy – Cool
Today marks the beginning of my Fall Evolution Photography Project. Here you have three shots from my balcony of the trees in the neighborhood and at the bottom, Cabot Square. If you notice on these photos that the trees are starting to “lighten up,” I will be posting this series of photos over the next few months to photo document the seasons changing.




As you can see – I have updated my blog photos and I will be taking other shots of the neighborhood and my travels around the city. So stay tuned for much more photography in the coming months.

Photo Essay #9 Storm Clouds and Color


The sky was leaden as the sun set behind the dark clouds. It was the colors that attracted my camera. I just had to get the shot, before the light faded.