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METRO Issues

Stranded on a Tuesday Night …


This post brought to you by the STM

Today was D Day. Shopping, paying bills, getting tickets and getting on with my Tuesday schedule. I was up and out early because it was the anniversary of Vendome Beginners – so I stopped at the store for some sweets.

I went to Pharmaprix on my way to the Metro to buy some things and get tickets for my Opus Card and headed for the platform. We got on the Green line headed for Lionel Groulx to switch to the Orange line to Vendome. The train departed the station and as we pulled into the St. Henri station, the tones of death rang.

We stopped, waited, no movement. The train went dark, and we waited some more, after 20 minutes I walked up out of the station and called home, to see how to get from where I was to where I wanted to go. That was a bust. I hopped on a bus BACK to Lionel Groulx hoping the Green line would be up and running.

It Wasn’t …

I’ve now used several tickets for nothing. I walked down to the platform of the train I wanted to take, and I asked a police boy if the Green line was down as well and he said yeah it was. I walked to the end of the platform and sat down and waited for a bit.

The announcement came on saying that the interruption was indefinite so I walked out of the station which was now barricaded at the entrance, and I walked up Atwater to Alexis Nihon. It was too close to seven to start down the Westmout tunnel to Tuesday Beginners, so I came home.

So much for my Tuesday Night…

Twitter said that a computer glitch downed the entire system. The city was fucked because of a computer glitch. Do you know what it is like during rush hour for the entire system to go down?


Three Tones Friday …

Courtesy: Natsack

It’s Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday !!! I can’t believe I just typed that.

The week was a big success. We had a full house on Tuesday. And the rest of the week followed without a hiccup. Last night I went to class and it was all joy. The week prior we had our first essay exam. And from the remarks from the prof, out of all her classes, it seems we are high on the bell curve. Grades went from perfect exams to those who did not do so well. In my case I was pleasantly surprised to see that I aced the exam. 19.5 out of 20. It was good that all the topics on the exam, I was well versed on. Thanks to lots of Discovery programming, all those shows on familiar topics were of use.

*** *** *** ***


Last night I was farting around on You tube and I went to listen to some Lady Gaga and on the Vevo page was a ticker for Adele. Her new single was coming out on Vevo and so I clicked on it. Can I just tell you that if you don’t know who Adele is, you should. She is a young woman from London England. She has such a sultry, strong and unique voice. you can almost hear tones of Motown in her tones and lyrics. Her Freshman album ( 19 ) is very down beat. Not many up beat songs. But on her latest work ( 21 ), there are a number of upbeat songs.

You gotta listen to her. It is well worth the time. Some of my favorite tunes are “Rolling in the Deep,” And “Set Fire to the Rain.” There are a bunch of her videos on You Tube from acoustic performances, The Graham Norton Show in Britain and even on David Letterman in the U.S. And her great ballad “Someone Like You, is haunting. She performs this at a Brit Awards Show. Rolling in the Deep, Set Fire to the Rain and Someone like you are all on You Tube.

Fantastic …

*** *** *** ***

This week and next I am on set up for Friday West End. There are supposed to be two of us to set up but only I showed up. I left home plenty early to get around city traffic on the bus route. We unloaded the meeting supplies and I just cranked out chairs and tables. It did not take me long to get everything done. I don’t see why you need two people to do the work. Once I get started I don’t stop until I am finished. I just crank away.

Before the business meeting Dave, myself and another member sat in the kitchen while Dave made sandwiches for the meeting. We serve food after every meeting. It keeps people around for coffee, food and conversation. We also had a 13 year cake tonight as well. It was fun fun all around.

I volunteered to do set up for the next month, since it seemed nobody else wanted to do it, or was available. I need to hit my three month membership requirement before I get to do any other job at the table. There is a woman who is a member there who has bad blood for me. She comes and goes, and refuses to acknowledge me, like tonight she walked up and hugged the chairperson who was sitting right next to me and did not even pay me a hello. You can’t change some people.

The meeting was packed. The speaker was great. Another 30 year sober person in the chair tonight.After the meeting I helped put everything back where they should go and set off for home.

I made the 10:30 bus on Sherbrooke and made it to the Metro on time. And I checked through the turnstile and got to the platform and the train was just pulling into the station. And then it happened…

The Three Metro Tones of Death …

You know the tones that harken a hold/stoppage on the line. Two trains were in the station as we were sitting there on the track. And the little voice of the Metro Lady comes on in French and says ………………….. rough translation: There is a stoppage on the “orange line” in the direction of Cote Vertu (on the West End).

Another message will follow … Now you don’t know how long you are going to sit in the station. The stoppage wasn’t on our line as we were going in the other direction, towards Montmorency on the East end.

The train remained on the platform for about 10 minutes and then we started on our way. Thank god there wasn’t something bad going on up the line.

I got to Atwater around 11 o’clock. I was walking home through my usual path, through Alexis Nihon and then cross Atwater and into the Forum around the corner and out Ste Catherine’s Street exit and on towards home, up the street. While I was in the Forum I was walking by Future Shop and standing there out front was my History prof from Thursday Night. She had told us about wanting to hit the movie on a rain night, because it rained on Thursday night, but she came to teach instead. Not that it was a choice, but she enjoys movies on rainy days.

We said hello and I went on my way.

We had a nice dinner and now it’s 12:30 as I am finishing this up here.

More to come, stay tuned …

The Metro is Open


As of 9 p.m. Sunday night we are told that the Green Line through the Downtown Core is now Open and Safe for Traffic. Which means the Metro from Lionex Groulx to Berri Uqam is running safely. So we are told tonight. There has been no tunnel incursion or damage and the mayor opened the Green Line tonight for the media.  

And the barricaded streets are open as well, save for one small section of De Maisonneuve. Which means life can return to normal, well, as normal as normal can be for the circumstances faced by the city.  Privately owned buildings will have to submit inspection reports of their foundations as repairs to the breech under the Bay are continuing. The News reported that the reinforcement of the cracked slab have taken place and that the metro tunnel is safe for travel.