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Motocross Boots

Sunday Sundries …

You can’t have a Sunday without some photography. Try a little Alpine Stars Tech 8 photos from one of my fellows. It has been a very quiet weekend. The weather has cooperated. We got spared the brunt of Winter once again. It seemed that all points south of us got slammed. There are flurries in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

There are some things stewing in the pot, one of my friends found a lump in her breast and is waiting to see the Doc in the coming days. A biopsy is planned soon. I haven’t talked to her since last week so we will catch up real soon, as it is too late to call her at this hour. On the other hand I don’t know what is going on with our fearless leader and the situation with his parents and the airlift back to Canada. I am waiting on a phone call from him tonight.

We’ve watched a lot of tv this weekend. And we have been piping in Coast to Coast via the internet every night. I am not pleased with this fact, I wish we had radio once again, the running of wires all over the apartment is a headache and it totally disrupts my nightly routine. Dinner is almost ready so I will cut this short for now.

More to come, stay tuned…

Newest Aquisition …

It was a logical move on my part. Something that I have wanted for a long time but the moment escaped me until tonight. And now they are mine.

ONEAL MX/ATV Motocross Boots

Just in time for Christmas.