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Moving Day July 1st

Montreal prepares for moving day garbage


The city of Montreal will increase recycling services to divert garbage that will pile up in alleys and on sidewalks this weekend, as thousands of Quebecers get ready to move homes.

While the rest of Canada stops to enjoy July 1 celebrations with parades and barbecues, Quebecers have to sweat through the province’s annual moving day.

The ritual usually leaves mountains of garbage, castaway furniture and clothes collecting pollen in back alleys and under stairwells.

But this year the city is putting more recycling trucks on the road to pick up some of the refuse.

“If the citizen decides to hide it in his back lane, then we’re going to have a big problem,” said city of Montreal executive member Marcel Tremblay.

Quebec’s annual moving day has fallen on Canada Day since 1973, when the provincial government decided all rental leases should start on July 1, to minimize disruption for children in school.

Montreal residents can call (514) 872-3434 or (514) 872-2237 to find out when extra recycling pickups are scheduled for their neighbourhood.


Montreal still suffers from affordable housing shortage

Quebec tenant groups are angry the provincial government won’t fund an emergency rental supplement this year for families forced to move to apartments they can’t afford.

With Quebec’s annual moving day just 11 days away, affordable housing activists say a growing number of families will have to move into apartments they can’t afford.

Until last year the provincial government offered emergency rental supplements to low-income families to help buffer the affordable housing shortage that saw vacancy rates drop to below one per cent in Montreal.

While vacancy rates have since stabilized at about three per cent in Montreal, the Quebec Coalition of Tenants’ Association says there is still a need for the program because many families still won’t be able to find affordable homes.

The “lack of large apartments at any price” is the problem, coalition spokesman André Trépanier said. “But for sure, there’s more apartments that are expensive, and the few large apartments available are very expensive.”

Many Montreal families will find themselves living in temporary shelters run by the city after July 1 because they can’t find a suitable apartment, Trépanier warned. The city also offers free storage to families struggling to find new dwellings.

Montreal has set up a housing hotline for residents seeking assistance. The number is (514) 868-4002.



If You Don’t have to Move


Then DON’T !!!


For Christ’s Sake …


What to do next???


Yesterday was sweet. Now since I have no classes to attend I can catch up on my sleeping and not have to get up in the morning, since I an a nocturnal creature. I’d rather sleep during the day and have the night free to do whatever I pleased.

I went to have coffee with Ms. Nikki and we had fun. As always. I brought my diploma to show the rest of the group at the meeting and we had a little party before the meeting to celebrate. I got some really kool gifts. Ms. Nikki bought me a few boxes of Laura Secord Chocolates which are the best chocolates in Quebec. Their chocolate covered cherries are to die for!

She also gave us gift certificates for Provigo, our local grocer, seeing that the government had screwed us out of much needed financial assistance, which we have learned this week will be reinstated over the next calendar year. We set off on this huge odyssey with the government and even got a letter from the Minister of Education in Quebec City only to find out that the person who had the power to change this situation was at the institutional level. People in high places who choose to do nothing until they are backed up against the wall SUCK!

She also gave us two booklets of movie gift certificates which were very timely and appreciated. My in laws sent a nice card and some cash which we used to buy groceries. All in all, those people I counted on for support rose the the challenge and stood by me even if the institution and her students did not. Thank God that I don’t have to bother with any of them in the coming year. Good riddance.

It rained last night, and today the sky is blue the temperature is 23c which is cool and comfy and there is a breeze blowing which has cooled off the city quite nicely. There is rain in the forecast for the coming days. We watched a Thunder and Lightening storm cross the south shore yesterday afternoon but it did not rain on the city at all until late last night.




Montreal Pride Information can be found
at this link


I know that many people will be going to Toronto this week to celebrate Pride – they have set out an ambitious advertising campaign on television. Most of our Toronto affiliated stations here and as well on Montreal channels are running the TO Pride ads around the clock. We have commitments here through the next week, and getting to Toronto is pricey since we don’t drive and finding a place to stay at this stage of the game would be futile. I hope that they have a wonderful week, I’m sure you will find plenty of writers talking about it over on many of my Canadian Gay Blogs over on the sidebar —> over there.



What’s on the telly tonight?

So You Think You Can Dance!!

Woo Hoo!!


Neil Haskell


Kameron Bink


Pavel Pkovalev

And let’s make honorable mention of a very popular dancer cut last week, Sad, Ricky isn’t going on this week, because he was so talented and not to mention he was a cutey!!


Ricky Palomino

Last night friends of mine called from Texas and we laughed and giggled about boys and men, Beverly you are a strong and faithful woman. Like I said, what people think of us is none of our business. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. The divorce is final and the papers are signed and you can move on with your life. Now it is time to put those new sheets to good use. Ooops did I say that!!!

It is good to have the Kahuna in North America proper. I am hoping to make a pilgrimage to Texas in the month of August after all of my boys are situated in their new digs and by then the Kahuna should have a place for me to stay, or I can crash on Beverly’s sofa! So Sam and I can have some fun ‘gaming’ and playing frisbee golf! I’ve never played frisbee golf before.

This is for Michael and Tom: Karl is in Houston and he got there yesterday and he is with the family now at their home in Katy! So he made it across country safe and sound. I am supposed to call and check on him tonight. Now all I need is for Jon to make his move to San Antonio and we will all be set.

The great thing about having the Kahuna around is that if you cannot go to church because people are nosy and judgmental and opinionated, well like I said, we can give the Kahuna a lectionary and you can have church in the backyard, since he is an ordained minister!!

I can’t wait to have church at home when I get there. The two preachers and the woman with the scarlet letter on her dress and the other groupies from the lot. YAY!!


Today is a quiet day. Hubby had some things to do today and now he is seeing his doctor and he should be home shortly. We went grocery shopping and cleared $100.00 in foodstuffs in less than 30 minutes! We love grocery shopping. But I must admit the price of food has risen considerably here in Montreal over the last few weeks. Meats have more than doubled in price, and milk went up as well. They warned us that the fresh fruit shipments would go up this summer and they weren’t kidding. I bought a bunch of grapes which cost me almost $6.00! Strawberries are running between $5 and $6 a quart. We had a run on raspberries last week – they were 3 pints for $5.00 which was sweet.

Have you noticed that the price of cereal has risen to insane levels? Since we have these certificates we splurged of foods that we would not necessarily buy because they are just too expensive. So a box of mini, mini, mini, mini wheats was $7.00!!! Ice Cream is running between $5.00 and $7.00 a carton. It’s just insane the prices they are charging for food these days. We usually stick to staples and flyer sales each week to do our shopping. We buy in bulk when there is a sale – but for the most part we don’t pack the cupboards when prices are running too high. So what did $100.00 but? Dinners for a week, lunches for a week, a few odds and ends, some cleaning and health a beauty supplies, and some veggies and fresh fruit.



Moving Day is July 1st!!!

Here in Quebec we have a yearly tradition. It is called Moving Day. This day falls on July first, since most leases run June to June of any calendar year. Early in January and February landlords send out rent renewals and then follows the annual rent increase that happens here in Quebec. This is when landlords get to rake us over the coals by raising rents to insane amounts and we tenants fight with the Rental board and landlords to negotiate a more manageable settlement on the next years rent. We are still paying less than $700.00 for a one bedroom apartment. In Quebec speak, I think that qualifies as a 2 1/2. I can never get that straight. I wouldn’t move from here because we have a 17th story view West over the city into Westmount and we can see 35 miles on a clear day from our windows and balcony.

So Moving Day, I digress…


This is the time (now) that people are looking for new places to live. It is a far gone conclusion that in the next 2 weeks we will start seeing furniture being thrown out on the sidewalks and massive garbage heaps all over the place as landlords clean out left over furniture and tenant stuffs. It is worse in other areas of the city where mounds of furniture litter sidewalks and alleyways.


AH! The good thing this year is that recently the mayor passed new city legislation giving his authorities to write tickets for littering and they have teams going out to explore alleyways and sidewalks around businesses to try and clean up our streets because after last winter there was SO MUCH TRASH under neath melting snow that Montreal got a Very Dirty Report from visitors and residents of the city.


So the idiots of the city who do not renew their leases nor continue at their present locations are running around the city like mad people trying to find new lodgings. We get a rash of abandoned pets on the streets, the influx of garbage and furniture piles and dirty streets. People are so adamant about moving here in Montreal that they creates such drama for themselves by moving YEARLY!! Which is just insane to us. It is very simple;




All this drama gives us all a great big headache. The shelters are opening en masse to accommodate people who become homeless, you can’t bring pets to shelters so they get abandoned on the streets. Kennels are packed collecting those abandoned animals, and the move crisis will get worse as July 1st looms near. It is very INSANE! For weeks coming the news here will be reporting on the statistics on homeless tenants, the rental board will be up in arm, landlords will be gouging new tenants. All those new tenant rules will come into affect now that they are turning over vacated properties and fixing up new ones. It is just a serious travesty of monumental proportions.


Landlords in Montreal have no scruples. They are belligerent, rude and obnoxious. They only think of themselves and their families and fuck that so many people are going to soon become homeless that rents will not be negotiated as they are not every year. All the city landlords will be hiking rents astronomically so that middle class folk will never be able to afford those hiked rents and they will be forced to move off island and into the burbs to find housing. It is really sad. If you don’t have to move THEN DON’T!! Save yourself and us a lot of insanity and sleepless nights. It is all about the Almighty Dollar where rents are concerned.


Add to that the hike in Hydro billing, the merging of telecommunications giants here, Rogers and Sprint and the massive amounts of cell phone charges. Everyone is playing catch up on their bills especially HYDRO Quebec, because of the massive charges that we accrue yearly during the Winter for heating – they cannot turn off heating or electricity during the Winter for nonpayment. It is a law here, so now we are all playing the “pay the bill off now game.” Then Hydro will calculate the increase and modify our billing agreements and our payment plans for the next calendar year. UGH! Lord, give us strength. We are all pressured to pay off past balanced before the end of the Summer because it won’t be long after that that we start using heating into the Fall.


This has become quite a missive on Montreal, hasn’t it! I did not mention that there are new build apartment buildings that have gone up all over the downtown core. I’ve seen some of their pricing sheets and I must say that the rents in these snooty tooty buildings are astronomical. But I am sure they won’t have any problems filling those empty units. A tall building in the middle of the downtown core looking in any direction are classy digs. The higher up you are in the quarter the more beautiful the view. Especially in the Winter.


Well, I think I’ve written enough for now. So I am off to contemplate my navel and take a power nap, until later my babies… ta ta…


A few homo thoughts:

If you are drinking and driving, drive another fags car, because you might hit a bump and spill your drink!

Remember to wash your fruit before you eat it…


Bhaddekaratta Sutta

Buddha with a view

‘Do not pursue the past.
Do not lose yourself in the future.
The past no longer is.
The future has not yet come.
Looking deeply at life as it is
in the very here and now,
the practitioner dwells
in stability and freedom.
We must be diligent today.
To wait until tomorrow is too late.
Death comes unexpectedly.
How can we bargain with it?
The sage calls a person who knows
how to dwell in mindfulness
night and day
‘one who knows
the better way to live alone.’

Text: Adapted from the Bhaddekaratta Sutta,
translated by Thich Nhat Hanh
Seen over at: All Things But None