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Thursday … Thou Shalt NOT …

title_ten_commandments_blu-rayThe Seventh Commandment – Thou shalt not commit adultery
The Tenth Commandment – Thou shalt not covet your neighbors wife

I must ask the question, “Where is the sanctity of marriage?”  And perish the little children in today’s world. The Christians stand up for the sanctity of marriage and they spend their time disparaging the LGBT community saying that we are going to upset the fine balance of sanctity and all that is good by getting married ourselves.

Then there are those who deny gay couples marriage licenses because of their beliefs, and add to that some providers who won’t serve a gay couple, once again because of beliefs.

I believe that if you need to go outside your marriage for anything, then you do not deserve to be in that marriage to begin with. But we know, across the board on both sides of the argument for adultery, or going “outside” ones marriage, are the some key non negotiables …

Sex, Self Esteem and Money or the lack of one or more of these.

These are those non negotiables that would push anyone to cross the line.

Cheating websites are a dime a dozen. And hookup sites are just as plentiful.

In today’s social media world the Gays and the Straights can have it all, just at the swipe of your phone.

You say your marriage is lacking, well, we’ll give you something else to play around with.

Cheat on your spouse. All in secret, nobody will ever find out …

Well, They got that one WRONG didn’t they?

What’s with these sanctimonious Christians who have problems in the bedroom, with their spouses, or the lack of enough of them, because for some Christian men, one woman isn’t enough and they need to have more …

Is this Odd or is this God ?

What do we know about the disease of MORE ???

One night, when I was in date mode, with hubby, there was a night that shit happened, and I saw a look on his face, that I knew, then and there, it would be the first and last time I saw it, because I then knew that if I ever caused that look to happen again, I would be in big trouble.

Over the years, I realized that I loved my husband. And that I would never want to be the one who broke his heart, in any way, shape of form.

The day we spoke our vows, we meant them. We spoke them in front of family and friends and before God. To this day, I’ve never needed anyone else, or anything else.

It is a sad statement looking at the number of star couples who have recently “called it quits.” Then there are those star couples who kept their private lives out of the media and they prospered, and some of them have new children.

I think the heterosexual community really needs to take a look at what they define as the Sanctity of Marriage. Because, right now, the sanctity of marriage is in the toilet. And all those secretly cheating husbands are all over the web.

The secret is out guys, you are all fucked !

Secondly, a little fame, a little money and a lot of secrets, what does that get you ???

An hour of Power, a little Ego, and maybe a Sense of Control and Invulnerability.

Eat a particular sandwich and it will change your life. It will change your life so much and make you so much money that you won’t know what to do with all that money. Well, now we know what eating a particular sandwich does to some (read: ONE man/men). They get thin, they get rich, they get married and have children, then add insult to injury,

One man becomes a lock, stock, and barrel pedophile.

They not only cheat on their wives, they fuck around with children (read:Minors)

Oh, its a sickness. A moment of stupid. Because I’ve admitted I have a problem, I can seek help and with that admission, get absolution for my crimes at the same time.

This is where I draw the line on tolerance for those with different struggles.

Um, NO !

Oh, we the public feel so sorry for you because you have a problem with not only sexual behavior, but also because you fuck young people while you are married with children.

Um, NO !

You’ve admitted to a problem. Good for you. You’re a DOUCHE BAG all the same.

You give all of us men a bad name. And you leave a great big taste of shit in our mouths.

There is no excuse NO EXCUSE as a man, that you should commit these crimes on those who cannot defend themselves. Just throw a little hush money at them and they will keep quiet, right?

We live above the Northern Border, and a lot of this shit is N.I.M.B.Y.

Discrimination, whatever that discrimination, affects us all, no matter where we live. We are all interconnected. And if you fuck over one of us, you fuck over all of us.

You treat us with disdain, you mock us and you belittle us, and say to us that you know better and that you have the definitive answers, and that you are sanctified by God and we are not.

Well, Straight folks, who has egg on their faces tonight ?

I think we all know what many men think about the sanctity of marriage. And the value of another human life.

We also know how fame and fortune can fuck over a human life and cause him to do unspeakable evil to another human being.

I’m sick to my stomach. Some men are seriously pathetic excuses for human beings and we should not have to share air with many of them.

And God Wept …