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Tuesday – A Mish Mash of Many Things …

tumblr_m5c3yfETXv1rv6vzdo2_1280The last assignment that Rafa had for me prior to begin writing was to read The Odyssey of Homer. He had a translation which he said was probably the best translation he had ever read, and I have to agree, this book was translated by Richmond Lattimore.

The photo above, is from the 1997 production of The Odyssey, starring Armand Assante, as Odysseus. I read the book, then downloaded the movie. I had once seen it, and I think I even had a copy on film. But my VHS player has long since gone to its grave…

We had discussed the idea of Nostos, or The Homecoming.

Odysseus goes to Troy to fight in a war, and ends up on an Odyssey that takes him many places, from one island to another, from Circe to Calypso, the Cyclops and a trip down to Hades, after which he finds respite and is conveyed home to Ithaka.

After reading the book, I have some further insight as to how I am going to write. I’ve come to the realization that there are people I just want to write out of the story, or at the least, give them minimal attention, because they are merely players in a narrative that is all about me, and not them.

I had at one time, thought that writing about people, based on a story that could be construed as merely conjecture, because I really don’t know the personal details to a degree that I should, and I could write that into my story, but the simple answer is, “I don’t know …”

I’ve constructed a narrative that I have built after a lifetime of study and still, I can’t say that my take on how this story began, is plausible? But if I take into consideration, sexual mores, and religious practice of the times, and the Catholic beliefs that were also a part of family practice, if I take all this into consideration, in building my story, there is a thread of knowledge, but only to a certain degree. I would need to have a conversation with my aunt and run my theory by her, before I decided to set that story line to paper.

It would not be good, to have a book published, and have someone read it and come back and say, “That’s not how it went down at all …” UGH …

The things we must do to tell a good story.

I’ve worked on chapter titles, but my title still eludes me.

The publishing house I contacted when I started this project has been on my case. I have an agent who calls frequently to see how I am coming along, and he wants me to sign a publishing agreement with them. But that is a $2000.00 plus contract. That’s $2000.00 out of my pocket, not theirs.

And I still need to discuss it with hubby first, before I sign on the dotted line.

2015 Fall Haul Episode One …

falcon three aThe theme of this summer has been sporty, chic, based on what everybody else has been wearing all season long. I spent a fair chunk of change on sporty t shirts, and pants in assorted colors to go with my baseball themed clothing line. I have not put on a pair of jeans in months. Because once it does get cold, it is back to the standard warm weather gear. My summer collection consisted of three pairs of sport pant in grey, black and white. All of the t shirts I bought all match and are interchangeable. I splurged on these Adidas, Falcon Three Trainers, all the way from Amsterdam, Netherlands. They are sleek, well fitted and have a certain flare to them.

sk82I don’t shop retail here, unless I have to. And for everyday tops, bottoms, and everything in between, I have a list of European sellers that I buy top quality clothing from. Most of their collections are distinct from Germany, the U.K. and the Netherlands. You can’t get them anywhere else, because their clothes lines are one of a kind, and only produced and sold from point of purchase. Sk8erBoy has been a German site that I buy from. I’ve found that their sock line is the best line that I have ever worn. I have an entire collection of short and long socks that I wear from season to season. They are warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Just this past week, they came out with their “soccer socks line.” The soccer socks trend is a Euro push.

Most sport gear is sold off continent (read: North America) You can’t get sport gear on any site here on the continent, that is just not their market. So in the end, if you want sport gear, you have to go to Europe (read: Germany and the Netherlands) or the U.K. But for the Europeans, sport gear is a serious money spinner. Soccer is not a North American commodity.

I also buy soccer gear from U.K. Soccer Shop. They are top dollar, top of the line, authentic soccer gear for every major team across the board. Their prices are really nominal, and they will personalize whatever gear you buy, for a small fee, then ship worldwide.

The sporty look has been very popular worldwide seeing how soccer has skyrocketed in popularity since the last World Cup. European teams are making a killing with multiple million dollar merchandise sales points across Europe. The brand new 2015-2016 kits have been released for the fall season, which makes last seasons jerseys, one of a kind and now collectors items, and I have several in my collection now. One day they may end up on Ebay and will fetch some serious cash.

Some of my friends have been shopping like mad men as of late, and doing show and tells on You Tube of the latest and greatest must have’s for Fall 2015. I don’t usually shop in fashion houses, like H&M or Top Man, or any of those great shops, however we do have them here.

We really just recycle jackets from year to year. Last year we splurged on new winter gear for both of us, and that seems to do the trick when it gets really cold, and then I just layer t shirts and shirts. I had bought several long sleeve t shirts to go along with my sporty pants sets. When I buy clothing, I have to take into consideration that it has to fit several seasons, meaning it can be worn year round, one way or another, and that they can also look good layered.

Having a handful of long sleeve Henley’s or Under Armour shirts that will go well with an over shirt layered in the winter is a good buy. Two layers usually suffices, but when it really freezes up, adding an extra layer usually works well too.

Just a few notes i wanted to write about tonight.

Time for bed…

Page 10 of 365 … I’m a SK8ERBOY


Today’s post is brought to you by SK8ERBOY …

Guess what came in the mail today, all the way from Germany?

Well, not today, I got the drop notice in my letterbox yesterday.

After all that farting around to get my name on the drop sheet downstairs, they did not even attempt a drop.

We have these post offices in pharmacies located all around the city. We also have dedicated post offices for mail (out) only. But if you visit any major pharmacy here, they usually will have a mail/drop facility.

It is easier to drop at a drop location than to carry around packages to individual homes or apartment blocks. So you get a drop slip with the location of your drop which you then have to go pick up.


These have been on my “want” list for some time, and I just never got around the putting in an order mainly because of the currency (the Euro) and the foreign website (which is in English, but the store is in German).

Thanks to Google Translate, it made the whole purchase worth it.

I don’t think I’ve paid so  much for six pairs of sox in my life, you would have thought that I’d go for some exotic underwear that would cost just as much, but we don’t do exotic underwear here.

My collection of exotics just grew by six. You see it on Tumblr. You put it into Google, and you come out with a website or Ebay store. Every exotic shoe/sock purchase I’ve made originated on Tumblr.

The weather is a bit iffy today. Flurry snow is falling, and they say freezing rain is going to follow, which will only complicate the icy conditions on the roads and sidewalks.

I think I am coming down with a cold. I’ve got that I want to sleep and achey feeling going on, so I may nap this afternoon.

I did some safari on the way home from the post office but I didn’t get anything for lunch, but I have frozen chicken in the freezer I could bake up, but I am not hot and bothered about it just yet.

I think that’s all for right now.

More to come, I am sure …

Christmas Roundup 2013 … The Day That Was

tumblr_mfk9yqSOZE1qa5p65o1_500 JTM

Courtesy: Lauren Marek Photography – John Thomas Marek

The day turned out to be very stress free and calm.

My massive dinner preparation in my tiny studio kitchen (really, you can’t open the fridge and the oven at the same time) was a success.

The 15 pound turkey went in at noon and was promptly done baking at 3:30. Hubby whipped up some green beans, and I cooked the gravy and stuffing. Add to that some cranberry sauce and black olives (an old family tradition) and the table was ready.

*** *** *** ***

Meanwhile, during the baking time, hubby bought me an 8 gig memory card for my phone. I had one, but it up and died on me a few months ago.

I took my phone to Telus to weep incessantly over my loss, and the kind girl at the shop took pity on me and sold me a 4 gig card for a 2 gig price. Which was sweet.

That’s the one I’ve been using. BUT I have more than 4 gigs of music on my hard drive. And I’ve been wanting the 8 gig. Voila I got one.

Hubby schooled me in the whole transfer all my 4 gig data back on to the hard drive file on my desktop, replace the 8 gig card in and transfer all my 4 gig files onto my 8 gig card. Which took about 30 minutes. I then piled on everything I had in my files onto my phone.

Now I have more music on my phone than I can listen to in a years time. Not that I travel all that much from point A (home) to point B (my meetings). But good music comes in handy when setting chairs and tables several times a week. So that was a success.

The HTC Hero is a very user friendly phone. All you have to do is drop and drag your folders into the memory and it all works itself out. After I un-docked the phone from the computer the phone did all the heavy lifting and sorted all that music out for me.

*** *** *** ***

Our guest arrived while the turkey was resting. I made a savory turkey this year with butter, onion salt and poultry seasoning. Mix the dry goods with butter and spoon under the skin over the breast meat, and with the rest of the butter, smear the top of the turkey cover with foil and bake at 325 degrees for 3 1/2 hours.

We have a handy electronic meat thermometer/checker thingy, that you program “turkey/or other meats” into the screen/display and it monitors your baking until the turkey/other meat reaches the proper temperature.

It also helps to have a massive broiler pan with lift out basket. It makes baking a breeze. The juice drops to the bottom keeping the bird high and dry.

Dinner was a success. For dessert we had profiteroles.

They are a Canadian delicacy. Small puff pastry balls filled with whipped cream. Very yummy. Thank my Mother in Law for the introduction!!

While hubby regaled our guest with conversation, I was able to wash all the dishes, put them up to dry, desiccate the  bird into storage containers, it all went very smoothly.

We took an evening nap around 6 for a few hours, because we were all stuffed to the max, and very sleepy ! And it happened again today, I went to sleep and I was having this really intense dream, I was lucid and paying attention to how it was turning out and I had reached the climax of the dream and wouldn’t you know it … hubby had set his alarm clock and as always happens, that damned buzzer always gets me in the end, and I never got to finish my dream !! UGH …

We got up around 9 and watched more tv. Really, there was nothing we really wanted to watch so we settled on the marathon of “All you can Eat” with John Pinette. I’m sick of food now.

*** *** *** ***

I have been looking at the Sk8erBoy site for ages. I’ve had it bookmarked for ages as well, but I haven’t shopped there, because they are in Germany. And I can’t read German. I looked at the site tonight and they have an Ebay Store in Germany.

I opened a second/third window and tuned in Google Translate and Paypal, and with a little effort I was able to place an order from Canada to Germany for some crew sox that I really wanted. A few dollars later, well, a lot more dollars later, I now have two bags of sox on the way from Germany.


It is after 1 a.m. now and Me thinks it is bedtime. We will load up the laptop with 940 Toronto radio station to pipe in Coast to Coast because they are playing all that Christmas shit on our local radio station that usually carries the program.

It was another successful HoliDAY.

Hubby got his mega pay for his vacation and we earmarked it for new glasses for me, so tomorrow I have to call an re-re schedule my appointment for this weekend if I am able.

YAY new glasses for me !!!

Boxing Day Tomorrow, for all of you brave enough to venture out to shop till you drop, Good Luck with that. Better you than me …

More to come, stay tuned …