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Summer Clothes

Thursday … Hell IN the Hallway

tumblr_npcrtajLBQ1rkbqteo1_500 whffboxCourtesy: Whffbox – There is a theme to this post …

Mother nature has been very good to us, as of late. The past few days have been stellar, tomorrow it will rain, then hopefully it will clear out for Montreal’s Marquis Event of the summer, and that event would be … drum roll please … “THE GRAND PRIX WEEKEND.”

This is the one weekend of the summer where everybody in the hospitality industry will make money hand over fist. Hotel bookings are up, there are thousands of people running between the track and Crescent Street where pit row is set up for folks to experience the cars and the race excitement, not to mention people watching along the various restos and bars.

Sunday is Race Day and as things are looking up, people will be flocking in for the race.

Montreal tourism rakes in the cash as visitor numbers bump up for the four day event.

**** **** ****

Since the weather has been looking up, that has facilitated changes in our wardrobe from the every day jeans to more exciting fare. I don’t own a great deal of sporty clothing that one can throw on and everything matches easily.

I was out shopping last week, and I found some sporty stuff at the Sports Experts and on Wednesday, while I was out shopping for books and stuff, (more on the later) I hit their other store downtown. (There is a store right up the street from home). I did not find what I was looking for, the trip was not wasted because Indigo is right across the street, so I had to have the final two volumes in the Temperance Brennan series, set here in Montreal.

I am reading “Deadly Decision” right now and as the story has unfolded, we are amid Biker Gang wars, who are they, what are they, where did they come from? And one of the main characters who has been a main character through all of the books, one certain detective, has been arrested for possession of stolen goods and drug offenses, he is currently in jail … as Temperance is trying to figure out why he is in jail, if he is guilty, and how that affects their on again off again relationship status. (read: not there yet in the read to get the answers).

I came home and went to the next best thing, if you can’t find it in a brick and mortar store, you go to Ebay to find it. I love the internet, because I have bookmarked several sites that I plan on shopping at soon. I hit pay dirt with the sporty stuff I was looking for. I had to find a way around the drab grey and white choices, and Ebay provided. I found a seller that had clothing in primary colors and a few others, which was a big hit.

When you live in a four season location, one must always take into consideration, the fact that seasonal clothing is nice while it lasts, but seasons change and your wardrobe should, if not always, be able to be worn throughout the year, that saves on having to buy more seasonal clothing when it gets cold. I made sure that whatever I buy, is useful all year long.

I got three pairs of pants, in primary colors. Then I had to find shirts, to match said primary color pants, that were year round wearable. I was two for two. I got three cotton long sleeve shirts to match said pants, and a Yankees shirt I bought as well. Sadly, it is coming from Korea … I was not diligent in making sure all my sellers were in North America. Since Ebay has opened up worldwide shopping on one page, like I explained a few days ago/

Half my order is already on its way and the rest, I think will be shipped soon.

This evening we departed for St. Matthias. I am alternating between Primary Purpose in NDG and St. Matthias on Thursday nights. It was our regular Thursday meeting. And our speaker was just a few months in, having been restored to life by our local community rehab, that he lucked into due to the ministrations of his grandmother, who convinced the rehab to take him, regardless of the ability to pay the price. Our man is sober tonight.

But it was something his sponsor said during the thank that I had never heard before.

Hell IN the Hallway …

There comes a time in our drinking/using life that things get really bad. And we hit that invisible wall that usually comes up as we are speeding towards it. We either stop and decide to get help, or we keep going.

If we decide we want to stop drinking/using, and we decide to shut the door of abuse, opting to have the next door open (that would be recovery) Where one door shuts, usually another door opens, it is our choice then to walk towards the door, and through it.

Hence, Hell in the hallway … The period of time (and space) that sits between the closing of one door, and the time it takes for you to decide to walk through the next door is

(The HELL in the hallway).

Things just don’t change overnight. One has to work towards betterment and sobriety.

The sooner you decide to walk through the new open door, dictates just how much HELL you are going to experience. Our man, as we heard tonight, is still in transition.

One day at a time.

That was my take away from tonight.

Tomorrow is the Best night of the week. And the Best Meeting of the week.

I’m opening and chairing the Monday night M.A. meeting. I was nominated by a friend, who is himself, now in South Africa for the summer. Many of our M.A. guys will be leaving for summer jobs in other places as the month progresses, so that leaves very few people to open/chair/run the meetings and keep the door open for the summer.

More to come, stay tuned …