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By The Numbers – Sept 18, 2013


It is a glorious day today. A little cool, a lot of sun. And a great morning to travel for my fall clinic visit.

I arrived early and a very gregarious nurse did my triage and (she chose to use a side room and not an exam room) which led to a conversation that went long, and another nurse came in and interrupted us and said there were other patients waiting…

My visit with the doctor was stunning. It seems this new G.O.M.B.S. diet is working.

(Greens, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, Seeds) See Joel Furhman

I’ve been on this diet for 5 months now. I’ve lost a few pounds, and there is promise that if I loose more weight, my diabetes medications will be pulled.

My numbers are WAY up.

My cardiac test at Hotel Dieu came back normal.

My blood tests for cardiac numbers was normal. (read: Lower that usual)

My sugar number was 4.5 – BUT my Triglycerides are up at 11. Strange that my sugars are so low and the triglycerides are up so high??? Doc doesn’t have an answer for this and aside from my dietary changes, they should come down.

My T-Cell numbers are as follows:

12 Aug 2013  VL 39 copies cd4% 43 (low) cd4ABS 1591 cd8% 42

16 Apr 2013  VL  39 copies cd4% 45 (mod) cd4ABS 1080 cd8% 42

03 Jan 2013   VL  39 copies cd4% 45 (mod) cd4ABS 1440 cd8% 39

All the numbers were spot on. Doc was happy. He said I had the highest t-cell count in the clinic. Must be the pills…

It was a good start to the day.

Now I am doing laundry … UGH !!

More to come, stay tuned …

February Medical Update …

It is a slushy, cold and messy day out today. All that beautiful snow that fell last night is all dirty and slushy all over the place. It is (-5c/-10c w.c.) And freezing rain is coming. It will be dicey and dirty as the day goes on.

Last night I got to bed around 2 a.m. And I had set my alarm to go off at 8 this morning so I had time to shower and prep before going to the doctors since one of my friends offered to drive me up the hill again. And I was up well before my alarm went off, which is funny because usually I never get up that early and need the alarm, but when I set said alarm, I always get up before it goes off. Go Figure …

First stop was the diabetes clinic. My doctor is a little bumbling. I noticed that his hands shook more than usual. While I was sitting in his office, he was talking to someone on his cell phone … “oh don’t mind. I’ll wait till you’re finished!” My numbers, he said were very good. However, my triglycerides are really high.

And he thought that I could get onto one of his studies and he made the call to the research office to get me in, but because I am HIV+, that is exclusionary for the study, so he said to go to the pharmacy and ask for Salmon Oil and take that every day and see if it doesn’t bring down that number. I’ll do that on the way to class.

Then it was down to I.D.T.C. for my HIV appointment. I was early and they made me wait. It is always like that. And doc had in intern in tow with him which I was like “oh, no, Not another intern, please God …” The appointment went painlessly. I was in and out in a few minutes after we finished with story time.

Doc saw that I was reading a book called “In the Country of Men” by Hisham Matar, about a family in Libya and the resistance movement. This book was written some time ago, before the fall of the dictator. And now I am reading it again, and of course my doctor had a story to tell about meeting the dictator over a medical issue in their country. He has had so many stories to tell me over the years.

Numbers, yes, let’s get to the numbers …

10 Jan 12  VL 39 Copies  Cd4% 43  CD4 Abs 1333
13 Oct 11   VL 39 Copies  Cd4% 45  CD4 Abs 1395
19 Jul 11    VL 39 Copies  Cd4% 44  CD4 Abs 1364
01 Mar 11  VL —   Copies  Cd4% 44  CD4 Abs 1232

So you see the T- Cell numbers are all over the thousand mark. That is a long term 5 year trend. I have numbers all the way back to August of 04.

All is well. Doc is happy. I see him in 4 months time.

After I went to have coffee with a fellow (Hello You !!!)

A good time was had by all. More to come, stay tuned …

Imagine Just for a Moment …

If scientists can take T-cells from someone who is sick, be it from Cancer, AIDS or any other such disease and are able to genetically modify T-cells to turn them into super fighting cells that when reintroduced into the body find, attach, attack and eradicate tumors, infected cells, etc …The possibilities are endless.

If doctors can harvest T-cells from patients and make this work, we could see the really first scientific progress in medical history. A very long time ago I was sitting in a news conference and was told in no uncertain terms that medical science would never get its cure for AIDS before the sciences learned how to fight and eradicate Cancer first. It would have seemed then that people with AIDS were placed on the back burner so to speak.

I was looking at a medication poster at the clinic in my exam room and on that tablet it listed all the AIDS drugs that have been produced in the last 15 years. And I noticed as well that I think I have at least at one time or another taken every drug that came down the pike even before they started publishing these information posters.

Medical reports such as these give us hope that genetic modified solutions could be brought to bear to fight disease is promising. T-cells, I wonder if you could manipulate them like Stem Cells? I have to ask my doc the next time I see him. Which won’t be until December.

Imagine, just for a moment we are on the precipice of medical history…

Could it be???

We need to get the drug companies to fund more studies. Because this report that I posted earlier tonight aired on Canadian News this evening and the scientists who made this discovery got their funds from a charity, not the drug companies who wouldn’t fund this kind of research.

I hope that once these studies are published in their respective journals, that the medical and drug companies will take notice and get on board. It is time to get the pharmaceutical companies to start funding new studies and stop monopolizing the data and availability of drugs and medical studies.