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T.R. Knight

Say it ain't so Dr. O'Malley !!!



Say it ain’t so Dr. O’Malley…

He wasn’t getting very good story lines. And his unrequited love story with little Gray wasn’t panning out. And if they cut the lesbians out, hell, they sure as hell weren’t going to bring up a male romance for George, had he wanted to go there.

I will be sad to see him go, but the good thing is that he asked to be let out of his contract, and that unlike rumors of late, wasn’t being fired or let go for some other reason. I agree with some that he should take Denny and Izzie with him when he leaves the set.

National Coming Out Day – Totally O'Malley!!

TR Knight’s National Coming Out Day PSA

Dr. O' Malley I presume …


He said…”I love you too…”  



DR O'Malley Emmy Nominated!!





 YAY, Dr. O’Malley is nominated for a supporting actor Emmy !!!

Congrat’s T.R.