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They Put Him in a Cage, and BURNED Him ALIVE !!!

Muath al Kasasba Burned aliveHis name was Moaz al-Kasasbeh… He was a Jordanian Pilot. He was a man. He was Human.

Burning human beings alive, is a historical truth. There were humans who did that to other humans.

Terrorists, not only just kill, indiscriminately, Let’s add it all up for you.

  • Killing
  • Beheading
  • Throwing from the roof of a building
  • And Now they burn humans alive
  • Crucifying CHILDREN
  • Burying Children Alive
  • Torturing Children
  • Conscripting children as suicide bombers

What kind of human being puts another human being in a cage, douses their clothing with accelerant, of some kind, lights a fire, and watches them BURN to DEATH ???

Who does that, how could any human being be so barbaric?

This is NOT Ideology. This is Barbarism at its worst.

What kind of GOD would ever condone this kind of atrocity?

Why can’t we find these people and kill them? Why can’t we repay these types of atrocities with our own justice of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth?

All this posturing and asking for a prisoner swap, then upping the ante, and killing a soldier in the most inhumane, cruel and EVIL way one can think of. Bastards …

They say that bombing is not the answer, Then, what IS the answer to eradicating these animals from the face of the earth. This is what we need to do. And it needs to be expedient.

Update: Overnight, the Jordanian Government has executed two Iraqi Jihadis by hanging. This is but the beginning of their response to the murder of Kasasbeh.

An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth has begun.

Je Suis Charlie

o-JE-SUIS-CHARLIE-facebook - quebec huffpost ca

Courtesy: Quebec Huffington Post . Ca

As a writer, I must stand in solidarity with those who died for what they did for a living.

And to offer my prayers and thoughts for all those who have died today.

Eternal Rest grant them and may Perpetual Light shine upon them.

God, Where art Thou, While We Weep for our Children ?

_79779611_460551980Courtesy: BBC.Co.Uk News

I try and do stay away from stories of tragedy and killing. What can I say that the world hasn’t already said about these things over the years and most recently, the past few months ?

The killing of any child, in ANY case is reprehensible.

The line between personal safety and a kid who supposedly threatened a cop has blurred.

The line between prudence and good judgment is gone.

What becomes of killing a kid, by an adult who has a sticky trigger finger?

Cops are not above the law. ANY law. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, because they are supposed to serve and protect, not become judge, jury and executioner …

Pity the white cops who killed all those young men, reason or no reason. It just isn’t fair.

And today – Allah, Praise Be His Holy Name, wept …

And Today – God wept for the little children…

And Today – the first day of Hanukkah – Yahweh weeps for the children…

A man proclaims that he kills for Allah, praise be his holy name. To avenge the war on terrorism so he goes for the soft, easy target, CHILDREN. A man who proclaims that all who threaten the Holy Warrior of Islam, He will kill the infidel. It seems Innocent Children are infidels as well.

I think their judgment has seriously evaporated. They kill with impunity because the people of Pakistan and Peshawar don’t usually fight back.


Those thoughtless, honor-less, terribly deluded men who claim Islam and revenge as the reason to kill innocent CHILDREN.

Today those men chose to MURDER innocent children. Generations of Children.

All in the name of Allah, praise be his holy name.

I have no pity for those men. And all my religious belief of forgiveness and redemption go out the window tonight.

The Merciless killing of generations of Children is reprehensible, This IS and SHOULD BE treated as An EYE for and EYE and a TOOTH for a TOOTH.

Cowardly men who live by the SWORD and kill INNOCENT Children, should DIE by their SWORDS, with NO MERCY, NO FORGIVENESS and NO HONOR and no 72 virgins in paradise.

You will not change the world or the way it sees you by continually killing our CHILDREN because you have no honor or scruples. But what would backwoods, tribal militants know about honor or scruples?

For every drop of innocent child’s blood you spill, the people will grow weary of doing nothing, and sooner than later, I am truly hopeful of this, that they will rise up and annihilate you and all who follow you and all of you who proclaim to kill in the name of Allah, praise be his holy name.

Tonight the world weeps for more than a hundred children killed in Peshawar. And in the United States our millions have been weeping for our dead young men, killed by the guns of white police officers, one as young as TWELVE !! What the FUCK is that ? Why isn’t that man’s balls not hanging from a tree somewhere where we can all see them ?

For all those cops who think they have brass balls to kill kids with guns, should have those balls removed and they need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, bar none.

How do we comfort a people half a world away on the other side of the globe?

There might be a lull in violence while they bury and mourn their dead, but rest assured, the Taliban is waiting in the wings to make their next hit, the question is, whose children will they kill next ?

Malala was right, this day was atrocious.

Rout them out and kill them all. Sooner than later.

The killing of innocent CHILDREN must stop, yesterday…