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Tom Daley

Giving it all away …


What a day …

tumblr_mx79yoqZXL1qj5gd3o1_500 tom daley

Well done young man. On his own terms. On his own time.

In his own words.

So it has been a full day of goings on.

Last night we hit Golden Slippers for our meeting since our room was closed last night due to a concert at the church.

I was up early today because I was expecting a pick up from The Salvation Army… that was 9 a.m. this morning. They just got here at almost 5 p.m.

So now the great purge of 2013 is COMPLETE !!!

2 boxes and 4 bags full of clothing, a bag from a friend and a couple of coats were donated to charity. Someone will have a Merry Christmas, I am sure.

There is at least $1000.00 dollars plus of clothing that went to charity.

I spent the afternoon IN my mobile office running errands this afternoon. I bought these new Christmas Cards. In fancy little envelopes. I addressed them and on some I put my return address on the back …

WARNING … do not put your return address on the back of an envelope you are sending, because the reader machines may spit them back.

I had a stack of cards going all over the U.S. and Canada.

I took them to the Post Office and learned that the envelopes were to small, therefore not regulation, and the little address problem.

I took them back and headed to the church to pay rent and pick up a new key for the church, because I am rotating off the Sunday group soon.

And none too soon…

I have new headphones for my phone and they work really well when making calls on the fly. If you aren’t at home, your cell phone is a good tool.

On the way OUT I stopped at Target for some manila envelopes which are bigger and regulation. And took the tunnel through Westmount Square.

I did my business at the church and I had spoken to a friend about tonight’s district meeting, which meant I had to make a second stop at Target on the way home, and then on to the supermarket for some safari.

I got home around three, and sat down and RE-Addressed all my cards to go out in the mail tomorrow.

And just now the guys from the S.A. came to get the clothes.

Thank God. Because when they did not show this morning, I rescheduled the pick up for Friday, but here they were this evening. I didn’t want all those bags sitting in my living room for a week. UGH !!!

Almost time to go …

More to come, stay tuned …


Tom Daley … more more more …

You know we just can’t get enough of Tom. The hopes of all Britain are on your shoulders young man. No pressure at all …

Olympian … Tom Daley …

Courtesy: The Ministry of Pleasure

I ran across this post on a blog that I read from London. It is an important post on many levels. That bullying comes on all sides and that no one is immune, even an Olympic Athlete. Tom is a great young man who is deserving of respect and hopefully those kids who wanted to do him harm will stand up and recognize that greatness was within their midst.

The Olympics have begun now going on day three on Monday. We wish Tom well and all the Olympians that are competing. So enjoy …

*** *** *** ***

So the final countdown has started, just under 24 hours left before the XXX Olympiad, let me present you Thomas Robert “Tom” Daley, the boy wonder of British diving.

Tom, 18, is an amazing teen from Plymouth who is skilled at high board diving, he’s also the second youngest British Olympian of all time. He was ranked 7th in the Men’s individual 10m platform in the Beijing 2008 Olympics and he is (one of) Team GB’s best hope for medal(s) in this year’s Olympics.
He graces the cover of magazines shirtless, makes playful music videos and commercials, has 254,000 Twitter followers and has girls screaming every place he appears. He was also mercilessly bullied as a younger teen, so bad that he had to change schools.
Tom did a big spread for the British magazine Fabulous, dressed in a torn wet, open shirt that exposed his tight diver’s body. He talks about the good (having female groupies), the bad (the death of his beloved father from cancer two years ago) and the ugly (the bullying at his former school). Said Tom about the bullying,

“It started off gradually and got worse. It got to the point where if they are taking my legs out in a rugby tackle. Well, that’s not very funny.”
“It does knock your confidence, and that’s why it’s so important to have someone to talk to. For me that was my parents. I know lots of kids go through it and I hope they have someone to speak to. Don’t be afraid to tell someone.”
Amazingly, he was bullied in 2008, months after competing in the Beijing Olympics. Being a star athlete did not make him immune to the taunts, with one bully saying to him, “How much are those legs worth? We’re going to break your legs.”

In a scenario that plays out a depressing way too many times, Tom says school administrators did nothing to stop the bullying. Things only got better when his parents moved him to another school.
“One of the things my dad taught me was not to worry about what anyone thinks. And as long as I’ve got my friends and family right behind me, then that’s all I need.”
“The friends who helped me are still my best friends today. It helped me realize who my true friends were. It made me stronger. I look back and think, ‘I came through that,’ and I think I’m a better person.”
Given the fame and attention he is receiving, Tom must feel like the bullying happened eons ago, but I doubt he will ever truly forget. He is getting the last laugh and those bullies must be green with envy when they see him rising above their taunts and thriving. Tom has a ton of pressure diving in his home country, but he will be among athletes I will be rooting for big time! GO TOM, you are sexy and you know it!