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Year End Review 2008

Year End Review … 2008


I’ve been collecting data for my year end review 2008. So here are some stats for you to take a look at. What will you be doing tonight???

  • I wrote 595 posts in 2008, this one would be number 596
  • I have taken 8 classes for my Pastoral Ministry Certificate this year
  • I have read 53 books this year [some more than once]
  • I pondered the possibility of walking Compostela
  • In Canada, Parliament has been Prorogued
  • Stephane Dion lost the Liberal Leadership
  • Michael Ignatieff was elevated to Liberal Leader
  • Justin Trudeau became a member of Parliament
  • The Anglican Church of Montreal [diocese] approved same sex blessings at the Synod this year [rites to follow]
  • In the US, Barack Obama became the first African American President elect
  • I joined Facebook and reconnected with 57 people from my childhood and several other bloggers from this community
  • The World financial crises has affected both the US and Canada
  • I am 4 classes away from my Pastoral Ministry Certificate
  • I turned 41 this year [am I more the wiser now?]
  • I survived another year being HIV positive [that makes it 14 years now]
  • My Mentor Circle has been an incredible success this year
  • Only one person who reads this blog donated to Miss Piggy
  • I am still working for free [read last bullet point]
  • I have written a total of  1571 posts for the blog in 2008
  • Written 70 pages of stories and personal writings
  • 360 categories logged
  • 51 tags logged as well
  • We have had 266,764 visitors to the blog
  • Our best day was August 12, 2008 [Beijing Olympics Coverage]
  • And we have collected 700 comments
  • It is (-14c) outside / the low tonight will be (-20c) and the wind chill will feel like (-29)
  • We will be at home watching the Ball drop tonight
  • We will listen to Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM with his second night of predictions for 2009
  • I celebrated 7 years of Sobriety this past December 9th 2008
  • It has been a year since I joined IMVU the virtual reality community online
  • I have posted 3 videos to my YOU TUBE channel
  • I have “Stumbled” thousands of internet pages
  • There are 1452 images in my photo library
  • This year Hubby and I celebrated 4 years of Marriage
  • We have been together now 6 years in total…
  • I tested 4 new AIDS medications for the Clinic
  • I hit 1365 T-cells – that’s higher than any one else in the clinic’s  history
  • I have proven that faith makes a difference when it comes to healing
  • I have learned a lot of lessons in sobriety
  • At my home group over the last 52 weeks, I set out 2600 chairs
  • I have made 104 pots of coffee
  • I have meditated over 2600 faces that have come to the room in the last year.
  • My sis Amy won her battle against Lymphoma
  • Adam has survived [to date] his battle with aggressive cancer

I guess that about does it for this year. I am pondering a more spiritual post to come later, but I am waiting for inspiration to hit me so we’ll see if that gets written.

Happy New Year to you and yours. Be safe, Be sober and Be careful out there, they say New York City will be wet, cold and blustery tonight. May all your wishes for 2009 come true and may we all survive another year together. I would like to thank all of you for your continued support and encouragement it means a great deal to me.

Thanks and Blessings on your heads…