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The Needs of the One …

A couple of days ago I had a conversation with my friend Tina. I have known Tina since I began Junior High School in 1979 … 1979!!!
That’s 32 years we have known each other. We have been friends for all this time. And lately my friend has found herself in dire straits after breaking up with her boyfriend who bled her dry of all her money and now she is homeless and living in her car.
That is unacceptable. We must do something.
State assistance is in the pike and may take longer than is necessary to get her out of her car. So we set up this chip in widget and are asking all of you who can to make a humble donation to help her. If this were you, what would you do? Winter is coming and being confined to a wheelchair and living out of your car is problematic. So please, give if you can, and if you are able give generously.
“When you have done this for the least of my brothers and sisters, you have done it for me.”
Click the widget to the right of the blog and follow the prompt to make a donation. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
*** *** *** ***
Tina needs our help!

Hopefully you have reached this site because you are a friend of Tina’s and/or know about her story and want to help her out of a bad situation. I can tell you I have known Tina since 9th grade and she is a self sufficient working type who has never let her disability hold her back (she has been in a wheelchair all her life). She has found herself, as a result of trusting the wrong person, (who took her for everything) now living in her car in the upstate NY area. It’s cold there and it is October. She is pursuing avenues to get help from the state, but that is slow. She has an application in for an apartment. Her family is in their own crisis and cannot help her. If you are able to give anything at all it will help, and she is grateful, as am I.

Blessings to you, together we can help Tina. Let’s get our friend off the street and into a warm home. Thank you!!

Love, Trish

Year End Review … 2008


I’ve been collecting data for my year end review 2008. So here are some stats for you to take a look at. What will you be doing tonight???

  • I wrote 595 posts in 2008, this one would be number 596
  • I have taken 8 classes for my Pastoral Ministry Certificate this year
  • I have read 53 books this year [some more than once]
  • I pondered the possibility of walking Compostela
  • In Canada, Parliament has been Prorogued
  • Stephane Dion lost the Liberal Leadership
  • Michael Ignatieff was elevated to Liberal Leader
  • Justin Trudeau became a member of Parliament
  • The Anglican Church of Montreal [diocese] approved same sex blessings at the Synod this year [rites to follow]
  • In the US, Barack Obama became the first African American President elect
  • I joined Facebook and reconnected with 57 people from my childhood and several other bloggers from this community
  • The World financial crises has affected both the US and Canada
  • I am 4 classes away from my Pastoral Ministry Certificate
  • I turned 41 this year [am I more the wiser now?]
  • I survived another year being HIV positive [that makes it 14 years now]
  • My Mentor Circle has been an incredible success this year
  • Only one person who reads this blog donated to Miss Piggy
  • I am still working for free [read last bullet point]
  • I have written a total of  1571 posts for the blog in 2008
  • Written 70 pages of stories and personal writings
  • 360 categories logged
  • 51 tags logged as well
  • We have had 266,764 visitors to the blog
  • Our best day was August 12, 2008 [Beijing Olympics Coverage]
  • And we have collected 700 comments
  • It is (-14c) outside / the low tonight will be (-20c) and the wind chill will feel like (-29)
  • We will be at home watching the Ball drop tonight
  • We will listen to Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM with his second night of predictions for 2009
  • I celebrated 7 years of Sobriety this past December 9th 2008
  • It has been a year since I joined IMVU the virtual reality community online
  • I have posted 3 videos to my YOU TUBE channel
  • I have “Stumbled” thousands of internet pages
  • There are 1452 images in my photo library
  • This year Hubby and I celebrated 4 years of Marriage
  • We have been together now 6 years in total…
  • I tested 4 new AIDS medications for the Clinic
  • I hit 1365 T-cells – that’s higher than any one else in the clinic’s  history
  • I have proven that faith makes a difference when it comes to healing
  • I have learned a lot of lessons in sobriety
  • At my home group over the last 52 weeks, I set out 2600 chairs
  • I have made 104 pots of coffee
  • I have meditated over 2600 faces that have come to the room in the last year.
  • My sis Amy won her battle against Lymphoma
  • Adam has survived [to date] his battle with aggressive cancer

I guess that about does it for this year. I am pondering a more spiritual post to come later, but I am waiting for inspiration to hit me so we’ll see if that gets written.

Happy New Year to you and yours. Be safe, Be sober and Be careful out there, they say New York City will be wet, cold and blustery tonight. May all your wishes for 2009 come true and may we all survive another year together. I would like to thank all of you for your continued support and encouragement it means a great deal to me.

Thanks and Blessings on your heads…

We Begin …


He has showed you, O man, what is good.
And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8

They tell us that it is going to snow, and SNOWING, they mean over 10 to 20 cm of snow over the next few days. February is going to go out with a bang. I woke up yesterday and I was not feeling myself. I slept a good portion of today away because I feel like someone has sucked the life out of me.


I had to go to class tonight because another guest lecturer was coming in to talk about The Evangelical Tradition, Discovering the Word-Centered life. Tonight’s presentation was by a secular Franciscan man who talked to us about St. Francis and the ways of the Franciscan Order.  So we mention firstly the 3 Paths: Purgation, Illumination and Union…

I am reminded of my prayers to Anthony of Padua, and the connection that David Eskries and I had to the saint when we were in Seminary/Monastery back in the day. When I was in San Francisco I visited the Mission Churches, this was after David died. I walked through the church graveyard and there in the garden was a lifelike statue of St. Anthony, our patron saint.

I heard a voice tell me to walk further, so I followed. I was led into the Mission Sanctuary and I stepped up to the altar and I was standing at the lectern, thumbing through the lectionary when a voice called to me and he said look up and when I did, there was a stained glass window up in the back of the church. And there before the window stood David, he greeted me and smiled. That was the second time David had appeared to me after his death.

Still to this day, I never leave the house without wearing my Miraculous Mary medallion that David’s mother gave me when he died. Blessed Be my friend and angel…


I got a letter from an old friend today, the man who was the Youth Minister from the parish that I belonged to when I was in High School. After so many years, we have been reconnected due to the illness that has impacted my circle of friends today.

I want to Quote what John wrote:

Your email and your blog brought tears to my eyes.  I had no idea what you have had to go through!  It’s obvious to me that your inner strength comes from your struggle.  It seems that at my age (turned 50 in November), reconnecting with folks usually means some sort of tragedy has occurred.  I always wonder if we can pray our way out of another one! 

I remember our days in “New Life” with great fondness.  I continue to see that time in my life as an anointed time.  It’s still a rare thing when you can see and feel such a strong presence of the Spirit… the letter continues… 

Now you can see why your story has touched me so much.  I will continue to read through your blog – and hopefully to stay in touch with you as you pursue the next big thing in your life.  I, too, believe that you are called to share your struggles and your faith with others.  You are in my thoughts and prayers, my friend.

John mentions strength and struggle. Two things I am vividly aware of because they are two of the most important words in my vernacular. I was to talk about the sick and suffering, because I believe in the salvific value in suffering. The Late Pontiff, John Paul II speaks about this topic:


“I have always been very conscious of the fundamental importance of what the suffering contribute to the life of the church. I remember that at the beginning the sick initiated me. I needed a lot of courage to stand before a sick person and enter, so to speak, into his physical and spiritual pain, not to betray discomfort, and to show at least a little loving compassion.

Only later did I begin to grasp the profound meaning of the mystery of human suffering. In the weakness of the sick, I saw emerging every more clearly a new strength — the strength of mercy. In a sense, the sick provoke mercy. Through their prayers and sacrifices, they not only ask for mercy but create a “space for mercy,” or better, open up spaces for mercy.

By their illness and suffering they call forth acts of mercy and create the possibility for accomplishing them. I used to entrust the needs of the church to the prayers of the sick, and the results were always positive.”

Rise Let us be on our Way, pgs. 75-76

There are many topics that I am a student of. But today I can confidently speak about and know what true suffering is. I can write about it because I have walked that road. I can identify with you and I can know for sure that God sees all and knows all. The one thing that blossoms from the garden of suffering is the act of compassion. Because only through true suffering can one really grasp, understand and know what true compassion is.

Inner Strength that is borne out of suffering is something that I know very well. And I write about this issue many times. It came to pass that one Sunday my friends brought me to mass, I was really sick, during these years.  I stood in my pew and waited on the procession to begin and low and behold a new priest was saying mass, he had crutches and his name was Fr. Jeff.

He made his way into the church and up the stairs and I stood there amazed. He said mass and it was as if God spoke to me that Sunday. I watched this man get around with his crutches like a hot knife runs through butter. I swore on that day that I would never ever complain about my suffering again, and I have kept that promise to this day. Fr. Jeff had M.S. and I came to know this holy man of God, he became my spiritual director at St. Louis Catholic Church. He took me on a journey that changed my life. And I will forever be grateful to him for that.

In the Pinball Game we call life, I was not insulated from suffering. My ball has been in play for decades, and it seems that I remain in play today. Aids, depression, abuse, near death experiences, addiction, alcoholism, mental health issues, I have seen it all. And so with what I know, I can minister to you. I can tell you [Evan] that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You just got to keep walking and know that I am walking with you.

There is No TRY – Only DO!!!

I speak to my friends every week. I check in with them because I need to hear their voices. I need their encouragement and support, like I need air in my lungs. I have never felt such grace, as I have felt it as of late for many a year. Prayer and silence gives rise to grace and peace. We must continue to pray and believe that miracles are still possible in the 21st century and that God can move heaven and earth for us. I have faith that God will do what God will do, In His time, and on his timeframe.

We start with simple prayers once again…

The Gathering:

Almighty God,
to you all heart are open,
all desires known,
And from you no secrets are hidden.
Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts
by the inspiration of your Holy Spirit,
that we may perfectly love you,
and worthily magnify your holy name;
Through Christ our Lord, Amen…


The Metro is Open


As of 9 p.m. Sunday night we are told that the Green Line through the Downtown Core is now Open and Safe for Traffic. Which means the Metro from Lionex Groulx to Berri Uqam is running safely. So we are told tonight. There has been no tunnel incursion or damage and the mayor opened the Green Line tonight for the media.  

And the barricaded streets are open as well, save for one small section of De Maisonneuve. Which means life can return to normal, well, as normal as normal can be for the circumstances faced by the city.  Privately owned buildings will have to submit inspection reports of their foundations as repairs to the breech under the Bay are continuing. The News reported that the reinforcement of the cracked slab have taken place and that the metro tunnel is safe for travel.

Anglican Bishop Michael Ingham on blessing same-sex unions

Globe and Mail Update

Canada’s only Anglican bishop to authorize the blessing of homosexual unions says the refusal by his fellow bishops to approve the rite for the national church is the product of institutional inertia rooted in homophobia

Bishop Michael Ingham of the Vancouver-area diocese of New Westminster says homophobia, hiding behind interpretations of scripture, remains an acceptable prejudice in Canadian Anglicanism.

“There are members of our church who staunchly defend that. In my view, [it] is a total misreading of scripture and a misuse of the Bible to oppress people. But they clearly want to continue to do that.”

A recent motion before the church’s triennial general synod — or governing body — to allow individual dioceses to permit blessings of same-sex unions was approved by clergy and laity, but vetoed by a slim majority of bishops, who voted 21-19 against it.

The Rt. Rev. Michael Ingham, Anglican bishop of New Westminster

The Rt. Rev. Michael Ingham, Anglican bishop of New Westminster

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Earlier, however, the bishops had voted by the same margin in favour of a resolution stating that the blessings were not in conflict with the church’s “core doctrine.”

Bishop Ingham has kindly agreed to take questions from the readers of globeandmail.com this week on the issue.

Your questions and Bishop Ingham’s answers will appear at the bottom of this page no later than Friday.

globeandmail.com has also invited a bishop who voted against the motion to approve the blessing of same-sex unions to take your questions.

The Rt. Rev. Michael Ingham has been bishop of the diocese of New Westminster since January 1994. Before that, he was Dean of New Westminster and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver.

He was born in Yorkshire, England in 1949. He studied at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, receiving an M.A. in Politics and Philosophy and a B.D. (First Class) in Theology.

Before being ordained, he did postgraduate work at Harvard University where he studied contemporary American theology. He also spent a semester at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem studying Judaism.

Bishop Ingham was ordained as a priest in Ottawa in 1974 and has served in parishes in Ottawa, Burnaby and West Vancouver. From 1989 to 1992, he was the principal secretary to the Primate of Canada in Toronto, and in that capacity travelled widely throughout the Anglican Communion.

He is the author of two books. Rites For A New Age, an introduction to the Book of Alternative Services, which was published in 1986, and Mansions Of The Spirit, an introduction to inter-faith dialogue, which first appeared in 1997.

Bishop Ingham is married to Gwen and they have two daughters.

Finding Jesus


In all the stories I have told you about my teen age years and the youth group and especially the retreats at “Camp Get Away,” here is the picture of Jesus that welcomed us to the first “One on One” retreat of the school year. After riding that bus for hours, arriving at the camp after dark, we would walk down the path through the woods to the meeting hall where this face was on the large screen.

When I started at Concordia and I visited Sister Michelina’s office, she had this same picture hanging on the wall, and that just freaked me out because I had not seen this face for decades and it brought me right back. I have never been able to find this picture in any of the Christian book shops in my area. Maybe one of you have seen it and can get me a copy. I don’t know the title of this particular shot.

I was over on one of my community message boards reading over at Revolution Church, and I saw that someone had this picture as their avatar. So I captured a copy and made some augmentations to the brightness and contrast, here is My Jesus…

I really Love this picture, because it captures the spirit of an entire segment of my life. This is the Jesus I met over 25 years ago.

Justin Trudeau wins bid for Liberal nomination

Canadian Press

Globe and Mail. com

Montreal — The most famous family in Canadian politics celebrated a victory Sunday as Liberals chanted their name and waved red-and-white posters emblazoned “Trudeau.”

Justin Trudeau hugged his mother, brother and wife after securing a first-ballot victory in his battle to represent a Montreal riding in the next election for the party his father led through 16 years and three majority governments.

The 35-year-old called his win at the nomination meeting a reminder that he’s more than just Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s son.

The outcome on the crowded floor of a college gymnasium came after a weeks-long fight in the gritty Papineau riding that Mr. Trudeau now hopes to represent in Parliament.

He received no endorsement from the party brass and defeated two challengers with deep roots in a lower-middle-class community that is an economic galaxy away from his own upbringing at 24 Sussex Drive.

“Listen, I’m carrying the Trudeau name, yes. I’m also carrying my own name,” he said after the results were announced.

“I think what was achieved here in this process was to demonstrate that I’m not just a last name. I’m someone who has a first name, who is able to reach out and represent people.”

He ducked behind the stage to take a congratulatory phone call from Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion once the results came in.

His win was a slim one — with 54 per cent of the vote and just 56 ballots more than he needed — but averted a second ballot amid rumours that his rivals might join in an anybody-but-Trudeau alliance.

The long-time municipal councillor and Italian-language newspaper editor he defeated both said they would support Mr. Trudeau’s bid to dislodge the Bloc Québécois incumbent in the next election.

To the left of the stage his younger brother Alexandre was locked in a celebratory bear hug with a family friend, after spending much of the day wandering through the gymnasium and cradling his four-month-old son. The boy’s name is Pierre Trudeau.

Alexandre joked that the late prime minister would have had a mixed reaction Sunday.

“He would have said, ‘I guess I can’t control my son,’ ” Alexandre said.

“My father would be worried about his son going into politics but he would have blessed him, of course. Politics has its ups and downs — it’s good and bad.

“But he would be proud, of course.”

Dressed in a smart white business suit, his mother Margaret energetically worked the bustling room and signed her name on campaign posters.

Mr. Dion said Mr. Trudeau would be an asset to the party and that he was pleased the candidate entered politics “by the front door in a very proud way.”

Earlier in the day, Mr. Trudeau’s opponents at the nomination meeting drew attention to their long-standing ties to the area in an unspoken reference to his newcomer status.

But the former drama teacher and current environmental geography student reminded the crowd during his opening speech Sunday of something they had in common: pride in his father’s legacy.

In the fall of 1965, he said, Pierre Trudeau ran in the neighbouring Mount Royal riding — part of which is now in Papineau.

He told the crowd that some of the people present Sunday helped nominate the man who eventually gave Canada one of the most evolved tools for human rights in the world, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“What you were part of 40 years ago changed Canada forever,” he said.

“We are all children of the charter. You can understand how fiercely proud I am to be able to say that your prime minister was also my dad.”

But he quickly pointed out that his political dreams are based on future ambitions — not nostalgia.

He said he wants to wrest the riding back from a Bloc Québécois that seeks to “divide and destroy Canada.”

And he also wants the Liberal party to defeat the Conservatives, who he described as plagiarists stealing policy from the U.S. right-wing and dividing Canadians over social-justice and environmental issues.

But his carefully choreographed speech hit a snag when he tried switching from the podium to a handheld microphone that would allow him to roam the stage.

“And just who am I? I am . . . .”


Then there was dead air as the microphone failed.

After an awkward pause, Mr. Trudeau recovered and went on: “I am Justin Trudeau. I am a man with a dream for our riding, our province, and our country.”

Canadian dies on Kilimanjaro

Globe and Mail National Online

Canadian Press

OTTAWA — CARE Canada says a volunteer died during a fundraising climb on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

The agency says Marcel Bujold, 65, of Carleton, Quebec, died Thursday as he was being evacuated from the mountain due to illness.

A. John Watson, the president and C-E-O of CARE Canada, said they are devastated by the news.

Andrea Lanthier-Seymour, a CARE Canada spokeswoman, said after suffering some distress Wednesday, Mr. Bujold was provided oxygen and was accompanied by one medically trained guide and four porters to return to the base of the mountain.

Marcel Bujold, 65, of Carleton, Que., died Thursday as he was being evacuated from Kilimanjaro due to illness.Marcel Bujold, 65, of Carleton, Que., died Thursday as he was being evacuated from Kilimanjaro due to illness. (CARE Canada)

Internet Links

The Globe and Mail

But his condition deteriorated, and hours into the evacuation he died.

Former deputy prime minister John Manley, who is participating in the climb, said on his Globe and Mail blog Saturday the news of Mr. Bujold’s death was devastating for everyone involved in the climb. Mr. Bujold was climbing with a separate group from Mr. Manley’s when he fell ill.

“At this time, I still don’t know what was the cause of death nor whether it was mountain or atmosphere related. It was devastating news for everyone involved in the climb,” Mr. Manley wrote.

“We developed a plan to try to help as much as possible Marcel’s wife, Pauline, who was climbing with him. I contacted the Canadian High Commission in Dar el Salaam, which immediately began to take action to assist her by sending a consular officer to Moshi the next morning,” he wrote.

“Early next morning (we were wakened at 5) we informed the climbers of Paul’s departure, and of the sad event in the other group. Few in our group knew Marcel but one who did said that he loved mountains, he was deeply involved in CARE, and that this was to be the climb of his life. Many tears were shed, and we all resolved to carry on, dedicating our climb to Marcel’s memory.”

Four climbers returned to the base to be with Pauline Bujold.

Ms. Lanthier-Seymour said the climb up Africa’s highest peak – at 5,895 metres – is not complicated technically, but is at a very high altitude and “people respond to high altitudes differently.”

She said people on the climb told the agency Mr. Bujold was fit, and that people as old as 80 have taken part in such climbs.

An autopsy will determine the cause of death.

Snarf, Sniffle, Sneeze and Slurp…


It’s Thursday, and I’m a bit snarffled and sniffled…

YAY, New Grey’s Anatomy tonight… I can’t wait !!

I slept a lot yesterday. Most of the day and evening. I got up around 11 p.m. to eat some dinner, (I love stir fry) and watched the news and headed back to bed. I slept until noon today after missing my exam in Christian Origins, Sometimes you just gotta say I can’t!

I’m trying to give my sinuses a day off from these god forsaken pills I am taking and last night after dinner I got into the shower to try and steam my head clear, that so-so worked. I’m still snuffled… ugh!!!

They say it’s gonna snow in the next 48 hours. 15 to 20 cm of snow to fall through Saturday! It has been miserable and rainy here for the past three days. We had hoped that the rain would wash away the grime of winter and set us up for green grass to start growing, alas, more snow !!! UGH!! See I told you those fur balls were WRONG!!

Attention all Bigots, Homophobes and Assholes…

Stop sending me hate mail. Homosexuals are not immoral we are humans just like you, so you can keep your comments to yourself, because I will not post them, and actually I am marking them “SPAM” so any future comments will automatically go into the trash!!

“Annelle, you take you bible and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!!!”

“I am pleasant, why just this morning I saw Drum Eatonton at the Piggly Wiggly and I smiled at the son of a bitch, for I couldn’t help myself !!”

“I’m not crazy Mulinne, I’ve just been in a very bad mood for forty years!!!”