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Sunday Sundries: Birthday Pre-Show

IMG_0311 - Copy

Sometimes you just have to tell people to just “FUCK OFF !!!” My phone has been ringing off the hook, with a very needy, self-centered woman, who thinks I exist to serve her day and night as her beck and call boy.

NOT !!!!

I have a rule about reciprocity, if you fail this requirement, you loose …

I spent the balance of the day with my best friend, eating good food, and decadent desserts, at Jeanne Mance Park. Jeanne Mance Park is within earshot of Mount Royal Park, across Parc (road) where the Sunday Funday Smoke Some Weed and Play Your Drums, Tam Tam’s takes place weekly.

On our left was a badminton game going on. On our right, was a biker, who was smoking weed, he asked us for a light, with a huge DUBE in his hand. He didn’t ask us if we wanted to share, just a light, for himself.

Not that we would have partaken anyway.

You cannot go very far in Montreal, in the park system and not have to smell weed in the air all around you.

How often does your best friend come to Montreal to see you ? Not often enough. We pledged to change that. I will be going to Ottawa next month.

Good conversation was had.

On the way home, we stopped in a very dangerous shop. A RECORD STORE !!!

I haven’t seen a record player since I left the Night Club business some years ago. I knew records existed. But I have not owned a record player in more than thirty years.

But I bought three records for myself. Which means, I need a RECORD PLAYER …

Xanadu is self-explanatory. I have the music on my phone already. I remember, as a teen-ager getting both my parents to take me to see the film. I’ve seen it several hundred times over the years.

Level 42 needs a little bit more explanation.

When I was a young man, not yet twenty-one, I was working in a travel agency. I was the Manager of said agency at the time. Auspicious? Maybe, maybe not. It was a career that I could have prospered in. Save for the rampant alcoholism that was already present.

That particular year, business was especially good. Pan American ticket sales were through the roof, and we traveled as often as we could. First Class at that.

Because, who flew coach, when First Class Passes were handed out quarterly.

First stop was London, England. Don’t remember much of England. But I did some serious record shopping while I was there. I had a walk man in my carry on luggage and I shipped all my packages home, because we could not check luggage when traveling stand-by passes.

I bought a Level 42 Cassette of Running in the Family … Record Above …

I have a copy of that album on my phone as well. And I listen to it often. One particular cut on that album, “Children Say” has a sound that is reminiscent of trains over tracks.

Every time I listen to it, I can shut my eyes, and JUST make out a visual memory of the over night train we rode from Munich, Germany to Rome. It was an overnight, sleeper car journey.

I know both records I bought today. Just finding these little gems of records is sweet.

I could really do some damage, money wise, if I started collecting records again.

Which means, I need a player to play them on.

My best friend gave me a John Coltrane CD called Giant Steps.

I am told that it was one of his best creations, after he got sober. A little JAZZ to accompany my meditation practice.

Last year, or was it the year before, I got John Coltrane’s Love Supreme CD. He was still living in Montreal, before they moved to Ottawa. We used to sit on the deck out back, and listen to music, and eat fattening food and talk for hours upon hours.

Something I really miss today. And he came up for a concert on Friday, which coincided with my birthday quite nicely.

I’m really grateful.

In 4 hours … I will technically be 50 years old.

Linkin Park star Chester Bennington’s hurt made beautiful music


Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, who died aged 41 on Thursday, had helped lead the group to critical acclaim.

Bennington’s distinctive vocals – added to the group’s blend of rap, metal, and electronic music – spawned a string of chart-topping hits.

The son of a police officer in Phoenix, Arizona, Bennington was born on 20 March 1976 and had a troubled youth.

After years of intense drug use, he got sober and joined Linkin Park in 1998.

“Growing up, for me, was very scary and very lonely,” he told Metal Hammer magazine in 2014.

“I started getting molested when I was about seven or eight.”

His parents divorced when he was 11 years old, and he went to live with his father, whom he described as “not emotionally very stable then”, adding that “there was no-one I could turn to”.

The singer quit hard drugs after a gang broke into a property where the future star was getting high and pistol-whipped some of his friends.

Bennington moved to Los Angeles and successfully auditioned to join Linkin Park.

Later in the 2000s, as the band’s success took off, he again began using drugs before returning to sobriety, telling Spin Magazine in 2009: “It’s not cool to be an alcoholic.

“It’s not cool to go drink and be a dumbass.

“It’s cool to be a part of recovery.

“Most of my work has been a reflection of what I’ve been going through in one way or another,” he added.

Formed in 1996, Linkin Park’s debut album Hybrid Theory surfed the popular wave of nu-metal, Rolling Stone magazine writes.

It eventually sold more than 30 million albums and became one of the top-selling albums since the start of this millennium.

The band has sold 70 million albums worldwide and won two Grammy Awards.

Linkin Park had a string of hits including Faint, In The End and Crawling, and collaborated with rapper Jay-Z.

Bennington was said to be close to Sound Garden’s Chris Cornell, who took his own life in May 2017.

As well as a hole in Linkin Park’s line-up, he leaves six children from two different marriages.

Linkin Park Loss: Chester Bennington is dead … Oh My Freaking God !!!


I cannot begin to tell you what Chester’s death means to my life. Linkin Park has been the sound track of my life for more than a decade. I have every album on my phone. I listen to them constantly. Chester is my voice of rage, anger and angst.

I love this band. I love Chester Bennington more than any other artist on my playlist. This is a HUGE loss for the music industry and his band. It is a HUGE, SAD, loss for me. They were supposed to play here this summer.

There will NEVER be another Chester Bennington.

Nobody comes close to the artistry and voice that Chester had. He was unique and totally and completely a fine artist and singer.

I will miss you terribly Chester. May God Bless you and Keep you forever.

Goodbye Chester …

My heart is broken into pieces.

**** **** ****

Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington has died aged 41, LA County Coroner says.

The coroner said Bennington apparently hanged himself. His body was found at a private home in the county at 09:00 local time (17:00 GMT) on Thursday.

Bennington was said to be close to Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell, who took his own life in May.

Formed in 1996, Linkin Park has sold more than 70 million albums worldwide and has two Grammy Awards.

The band had a string of hits including Faint, In The End and Crawling, and collaborated with the rapper Jay-Z.

Its album Meteora topped the Billboard 200 chart in 2003 and is regarded as one of the biggest indie rock records of all time.

Bennington leaves a wife, and six children from two marriages.

He is said to have struggled for years with alcohol and drug abuse, and has talked in the past about suicide as a result of being a victim of abuse as a child.

Friday … Fragments

tumblr_lw1917Zipj1qzw1qeo1_500 elleusine

I have finally entered the digital age. Max is a fantastic computer, because he can do many things all at once, in the blink of an eye. The processing speed is unlike any computer I have ever had.

I had not opened I tunes yet, fearing that it was going to be as wonky as it was before, but I was pleasantly surprised. Before Rafa arrived, I fired up my I tunes, and like lightening, the computer (read: I tunes) scanned my entire Hard Drive, looking for music, and brought it into my I tunes. It found stuff I had long forgotten was there.

So in the end, in total was more than 800 tunes, some in album form and over 200 in single form. There were duplicates of much of my library that we had to delete and organize. Right now I have more music on my phone than I know what to do with.

We are synced with the wifi and from the computer to the phone so any additions will automatically transfer from one to another, without me doing anything. It is all automatic.

Last night, on the way home, I was passing through the Forum (read: Cineplex Theatre) and a song was playing in the room. The melody was familiar and I stopped to listen to it as it played, and I wondered if I had that particular piece in my library.

This afternoon, When I looked in the library, it was there …

I am very happy with new technology. I had files upon files of music, I had folders inside of folders, in many places, where I categorized music for the old drop and drag system in my old phone ( read: HTC ) So it was scattered all over the place.

I tunes knew exactly where to look, and pulled all of it together, in one spot.


Rafa and I headed out to the meeting. Tonight, unlike other nights, was very cathartic. Sometimes that happens. We talked about “Fragments.”

Slogans, One Liners, Sayings and simple mantras.

Things we hear in the rooms ad nauseum. Fragments, like readings, are repetitious. They are hung on the walls, they are shared about in meetings. They are probably tacked up in every meeting room around the world.

One, because they are familiar sayings
Two, because they are useful
and Three, you might not know you will need them until you really need them, which is why they are there.

  • Live and Let Live
  • Easy Does It
  • But for the Grace of God
  • Think, Think, Think
  • First Things First
  • Do the Next Right Thing
  • Stay in your Day
  • One day at a Time
  • This too Shall Pass

These are but just a few.

Tonight, after the read was read, the discussion was fast a furious. Funny, how our young people are learning their lessons, and are USING the tools. These fragments, short sayings and slogans, are simple to memorize because we hear and see them every night.

And we know back in the days of Marcus Aurelious, Roman Scholar, Emperor and Military leader, employed this kind of practice, ages ago. One of our guys studied philosophy and he told us this story about him. Amid his busyness, and role as emperor, and military leader, Marcus, needed to still his mind, when things got crazy for him.

And back in the days of ROME, he was repeating mantras, and fragments, to still his mind and center himself. This is not a new practice whatsoever.

I love the practice of Stay in Your Day. That was the one that took me ages to learn how to do in the beginning. And I use it to this day. And my “people” use them as well, even when they don’t want to, because bringing back simplicity into their lives, things make sense and they can think on their feet, and stay grounded in the day or in the moment.

**** **** ****

Zealot – The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth
By Reza Aslan

I started reading this academic text a while back, and put it down for a time, and over the past few nights, I have been reading religiously. Pardon the pun …

In the book is an entire chapter devoted to the end of Jesus’ life. His entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, through the Garden and his eventual crucifixion.

Appropriate that we are approaching Holy Week very soon.

And if I read this correctly, he cites 2/4 Ezra and the Similitudes of Enoch. In addition the gospels, that were all written after the fact, by authors living in a particular city, writing for particular people, for a particular reason, a long way away from the story.

He tells us that not many scholars know the mind of Jesus, nor what he thought about himself, as in being, “The Son of God, or The Son of Man.” Where did these saying come from, and who are they attributed to.

Jesus uses phrases, but we don’t know the particulars about what HE was really thinking about himself. You just have to read the book, because there is so much to write.

The story I came across last night, talks about Easter Weekend. From the Garden to the Cross. There were, in reality, certain Jewish proscriptions, and prohibitions, as to personal conduct, prohibitions of actions, legal rules based on Jewish texts, the Mishnah and Sanhedrin laws, on certain days, that were sacrosanct.

Each Gospel writer tells his story, mind you, writing to a particular community of their time, for specific reasons. The Synpotics are similar, but John is not one of them.

We read that probably, NONE of the things the bible tells us about that night/next day took place. Based on Jewish ritual and practice. Then the entire scene before Pilate, and the supposed conversation that was had between Pilate and his wife, Jesus and the Jews in the crowd, were embellished.

The fact that we read Pilate giving Jesus, specific attention, and having particular conversation with him, he wanted to free Jesus, but in the end washed his hands of it, and freed bar Abbas, and sent Jesus to the cross.

Read: For Sedition…

This read turns the entire read of the bible and just what really happened, based on Jewish Law, the Mishnah and Sanhedrin practice.

It turns Easter weekend on its ear.

The read continues …

Some things make you go HMMMMM….